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The next few days will be all about the Leica M9 and Leica X1. I will use this opportunity to check the pulse of NikonRumors. This is the time where I am going to ask you for ideas, suggestion, critique, etc. Based on your previous feedback, I have started the NikonRumors forum (now 1172 users strong), the Nikon Price Watch section, introduced the post rating system and organized a giveaway. The latest project is a NR Photo Wiki (still in beta) which was requested by some folks from the forum.

How about the background color? I am aware of this issue and unfortunately the solution I had did not work so well. I am currently exploring some other options, but it will be a while until I find a good soliution. In the mean time you can read the full text RSS feeds on white background:

and the all the comments:

You can also get an email subcription of the full text posts:

The main problem for now is the server/database performance. I am sure some of you have noticed the "cannot establish database connection" error. I am working with my host to resolve this issue.

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  • NikoDoby

    I like the black background. I think an all white looks too much like the canon rumors place πŸ™‚

    I would however like to figure out a way to bring in more member participation in the forums. Threads really move very very slowly in there. If we have over 1000 members then why only the same group of 5-10 posting discussions. That NikoDoby guy is really good looking but he’s kind of annoying πŸ™‚

    There are often more comments on the main page then in the forums.
    How about instead of having 270 plus comments to a story on the main page, close comments and then link further discussion to the forums.

    And the error connections have been getting worse lately.

    • NikoDoby

      I wonder if “Naomi” is going to give you some smack on this rumor site πŸ™‚

    • Tabitha Green

      I would personally prefer an all white background for the forums, and even the main rumors site. I know the Dyxum and Nikonians forums are rather annoying because of their black backgrounds.

      It really would not be all that hard to give your users a choice between a light-colored theme and a dark-colored one. I, for one, would very much welcome this.

    • I like the black better myself. But like Tabitha said, let the users decide- make it an option. used to have that option. Haven’t been there in awhile, so don’t know if it’s still there or not. Was nice being able to choose black. White was just too bright for me.

  • Personally, I love the black background and would hate to see it changed. Keep up the grand work, I certainly appreciate what you are doing.

    • Ennan

      I prefer black too. Keep it or die. LOL

  • The black background could still work fine, if you just change the text color from white to light grey. That will increase a lot its readability.

    • I can do that – it was grey before, then I changed it to white, don’t remember why…

      • Neil

        Actually gray on black reduces contrast and thus readability. Every study shows the most readable form is black and white which is why every book is black text on white background. I would suggest that and then change the font to perhaps something like Verdana instead of Arial.

        • Sloaah

          Books are black on white because that’s the cheapest way to print them.

          “Most studies” actually find that it is most comfortable reading white on blue (a particular type of blue), especially on computer screens, but this colour is not really very suitable for websites.

    • Ronan

      No it will not.

  • Nau

    black 4tw ! its a photo related website
    should really be black … everything else on a web is white already…

    better forum thats what we need : )

  • Callum

    I’d love to see a mobile page, Canon Rumors works very nicely but whenever I go to Nikon Rumors I have to zoom in to get it to fit to screen.

    • WoutK89

      zoom in? or out?

  • Mikael Willberg

    There is no need to debate about website backgrounds, users can change them and have been able to for the last 15 years that I have used the web. Firefox : Tools -> Options -> Content -> Colors -> “Allow pages to choose…” should be set to disabled and user is free to choose the most readable colors. And the same goes for fonts. Install Toolbar Buttons addon and you can have buttons switch these more easily.

    I personally have overridden website settings for a very long time, lastest thing has been coding few GreaseMonkey scripts to modify the most braindead (cool ?) web desings and scripts.

    Why not to maximize usability and readability for yourself ?

    • Tabitha Green

      Oh wow! I did not know that trick. πŸ™‚ Very nice!

    • Thanks! I did not know that either.

    • Zorro

      Firefox on a Mac: Firefox -> Preferences -> Content -> Colors, and uncheck “Allow pages to choose.

    • Neil

      That option has been available for many years but it isn’t a cure-all. On many sites it would potentially create problems with colors/styles applied in other areas.

  • Poop

    The black background is fine. But the white text I think can be a little closer to grey. So it’s a little easier on the eye.

    • I completely agree. The black background could still work fine, if you just change the text color from white to light grey. That will increase a lot its readability.

  • I’m glad you’re aware of the black background/white text. It’s horrible!

    • WoutK89

      he’s been aware a long time already

  • Alex

    Dunno if it helps, but the graph here shows some of your recent up/downiness:

  • martin

    The colour is great aswell as the layout. Love this site πŸ™‚

    Not very constructive but why fix something that’s not broken πŸ™‚

  • Gordon

    What I’d like to see added to the site is historical table that lists when Nikon has announced new body releases and another for lens releases. It be handy to refer to to check for release patterns when rumours of new gear start turning up. We have all these rumours but don’t keep any record of when these actual rumours eventuate into reality.

    Thom Hogan maintains one on his site that I find particularly helpful (

    • If Thom already has it, does it make sense for me to do it again? I think wikipedia has one too. Can I do better than Thom and Wikipedia? Don’t think so, but I can add something so we can use it for reference. I may use the price watch section.

  • rad

    I have really enjoyed this site. However, personally, i would like to see the “like post/ do not post again” be removed. Its your site post what you like, you’re never going to post stuff that everyone will love. Personally, I enjoy that you include news and other non rumor articles so long as its not selling us crap and still related to nikon. (yes i like the iPhone stuff) Keep up the good work! I’m sure it would be hard, but I think it would be cool if eventually the site was like
    just my thoughts,

    • Agree that the Post/Do Not Post bit is unnecessary. There will always be articles/threads that people do not like. It’s the internet. No one is forced to read everything. They can just move along to the next one if they don’t like it. Easy.

  • sgts

    Yeah – i like what you post anyway – it’s all a bit difficult with nikon’s present terrible release schedule though.

  • jbl

    Remake the forum interface, there’s a lack of quoting feature and stuff like this.

    Update the forum to today’s standard

  • Yes…grey text would reduce the contrast and make all the cool thread and info so much easier to read.

    The alternate white side is soooooooo much better! I actually wanted to stay on longer cause the site was that much better and easier to read. There all are sorts of options to override yes but for working professionals like me who come to here to check the latest cool info its about getting the information with the least amount of headaches. I often check this site while shooting on location and the studio. Its good to have a pleasant site to review with ease. IMHO, black with contrasty white is not that and that is the reason why I no longer spend time reading Nikonians…just to visually assaulting. Great site but looks like somebody used a very outdated Microsoft Outlook to produce.

    • Neil

      Nikonians does have a white background (v2.0) skin which is basically black text on white background. I’ve used it since the day it was released. Every study has shown that white text on black background is harder to read but people refuse to believe it.

  • NikoDoby

    So what about keeping the black background but adding white text boxes with black letters? Just like on the Post a comment boxes.

    • I tried that once and did not look so good, Maybe gray boxes with white text? I will setup few external sites and we may have a vote.

      • NikoDoby

        Isn’t that how dpreview has it? I think it would help to separate the ALL black look that bothers some.

  • We want more lens rumors!!! πŸ˜€

    Even fake ones!!! πŸ˜€

  • Avenger_isd

    Could please increase the font size as reading small white text on a black back ground is an eye killer.

    • Have you tried pushing Ctrl + using the wheel on your mouse? Give it a spin. Most modern browsers are able to increase/decrease text size this way, IIRC.

      If you’re using a Mac, I’m not sure what the equivalent would be. Apple key + scroll wheel?

  • Gustav

    A simple javascript and a cookie would allow users to choose. That seems to be win-win.

  • Alex

    I want numbers on replies on these blogs. I want to easily identify what comments are new, so the next time I check, I can skip past the stuff I have already looked at. Admin, if Nikon doesn’t make the D700x/D800 the way we want it, I want you to still tell everyone it is coming in November, and tell everyone to hold off their new purchases until the camera is released – that way Nikon will have to release it πŸ™‚

  • Ryan

    Can I just say… i’ve never had a problem with your website ever. Im not sure what the problem is with not being able to connect, but my internet has struggled the past year now, and i still have no problems. Will accept the new stuff for sure, newer is always better when u try hard enough, but i love the way it is now

  • Geoff

    I agree with the comment that it would be nice to be able to quickly and easily identify new posts.

  • kentucky

    Kanina u all… can u guys please stop kao pei kao boh? means cry mother cry father… nikon will release what they want to release, so can u guys stop guess here and guess there!!! u all really so free??

  • WIKI??

    Emphasize a WIKI more! I would LOVE to see this site develop a huuuge photography Wiki. Merge it with PhotoRumors as the Nikon section, and let’s rock that thing out! Catagories like tips and lenses and bodies, etc. Lets use this as a full resource! It could be great and also profitable. Is there any other huge photography wiki?? If not why dont we make it??

    • NikoDoby

      • kentucky

        go to sleep

        • NikoDoby

          Why? The suns just coming up where I live πŸ™‚

          • kentucky

            i dont care your time or my time, just look at this forum time will ya?

        • NikoDoby

          Mom is this you? Knock it off mom. I love you, but stop telling me to go to bed. I’m a grown man for crying out loud! Your embarrassing me in front of the guys!

  • NikoDoby

    Someone’s hitting the moonshine hard.

  • sgts

    what about a ban on the word ‘nikonian’ ??

    its the most incredibly wanky term i’ve ever heard.

    • NikoDoby

      Wait until you get called a “Noink” πŸ™

  • Love everything you’re doing with the site. Even the white on black!

  • ben

    Keep the background black but the wrapped body white. Nothing is going to happen to the place or fans if you do so. For people with bad sight it is much harder to read from text with black background, and the eyes easily get tired. The template can definitely use a facelift. It looks too dull to me because of two color usage, black and yellow.

  • Ken Elliott

    I’ve been involved in print layout and web sites for a few years. I do find black text on white background _generally_ easier to read. But one of the important issues is how much the screen brightness is turned up. If you overdrive the monitor, the white text bleeds, making it difficult for the eye to focus on the font. Turning down the brightness on the monitor does the trick. But a web designer can’t do that from afar, thus light gray fonts tend to help with that issue. This is somewhat of a patch for a monitor that may not be properly adjusted.

    The same effect occurs with white text on black, but the effect is less noticeable.

    I’ve had no problems with the site as-is. But I do appreciate the Admin’s attempt to get user feedback to improve the site. Highly admirable.

  • kentucky

    cut the crap.. go and eat your dinner..

  • kentucky

    sorry. i mean supper

  • Gary

    Where’s Nikon? Canon’s getting a ton of buzz…even Leica is getting attention…but it seems Nikon is not very front and center these days.

    Not it’s true that Nikon makes great stuff…and to a certain extent, many people just love and trust the Nikon brand anyway.

    But Nikon needs to release something to shake things up. Their D300s announcement was a yawner, and now that model has been upstaged by the Canon 7D. Speaking of Canon, between the 5dii and the new 7d, they have videographers everywhere singing their praises. At a recent conference, the DP for 24 and the DP for many movies, including Terminator: Salvation, were singing the praises of the 5dii.

    And yes, Leica manages to get in the act, and generate some excitement.

    Come on Nikon…give us a game changer!

    • Gustav

      A year ago everyone was saying “Video?!? I want a better still camera not a video toy! Nobody wants video!”

      Now it’s “Oh no! Nikon is doomed because Canon has better video in their DSLR!”

      Sorry, but I’ll take a D300s over a 7D any day. And I’ll take a D700 over the 5DMkII.

  • kentucky

    booo nikon boooooooooo! now canon rocks more … im switching soon very soon

  • Mosh

    black/yellow backgrounds are a bit too harsh. Stands out too much when I want to not attract attention to what I’m doing.

  • Tim

    So Leica have made a nice little camera. So who gives? This is meant to be Nikon Rumors isn’t it? We want more Nikon rumors! I just love them.

  • Zoetmb

    I think the black background here is fine because people (except for me) tend to type short messages. But on the postings forums, where people type longer posts, I think it should be black on white or black on light grey or something of the sort.

    One thing you’re doing correctly here, but not on some of your other sites is that these postings are properly left justified. On the Leica site, all the text is centered, which I find extraordinarily annoying. You must have a command where it doesn’t belong.

    I don’t find any issue with performance.

  • Zoetmb

    In the above, it deleted something I put in angle brackets. It should read, “you must have a (angle bracket) center command (angle bracket) where it doesn’t belong.

  • townerboy

    WHO IS A SLEEP AT THE SWITCH AT NIKON RUMORS? I want to see information good or bad about the UPCOMING D700x or s or D800 or whatever. U people have been sleeping on what da freak is COMMENTS!!! NO new post. The world is still spinning around. SO let’s get on this NOW. NR, Stop farting around and GET ON IT.

    The next post from NR better be about the NEW D700x OR s OR D800. What is this crude we have to endure!!!!!

    • Tim

      Actualy I think it’s a defection! Nikon Rumors is morphing into LEICA rumors! Urgh. M9, X1, M9, X1 who cares. Give me an afs vr ed if micro nic g pc nano cfc rumor any day. Zoom zoom baby!

  • Hey-nonny-mouse

    Surprised at the number of “Do not post again”s. Does this mean we don’t won’t NR to listen to our advice/requests? Interesting community we’ve got here…..

  • Jim

    keep the like/dislike. also, keep the ability to add comments to your blog entry.

  • James

    I’d love to see a mobile version of the site. I typically read the site on my iPhone and would love to be able to read it without zooming and scrolling so much. Content is great, that’s why I read it so often!

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