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  • NikoDoby

    Nikon should open up more of these little stores. I want one in my mall !!!

  • yes, then they can actually make me go to the mall 🙂

  • Zoetmb

    While the store seems very clean looking and the mall it is in looks very upscale with those bright marble floors and all, the store does not seem like a place where you could try out cameras in real world situations. I think a Nikon store should have many different areas setup in the store with different “scenes” and different lighting conditions where you could walk around with the cameras. Security can be managed by tagging the cameras. Then they should setup an area with computers (like the Apple store) where one could explore NX and Nikon’s other software and perhaps an “output” area as well where one could make sample prints. And then there should be an area for training and seminars.

    And if Nikon was smart enough to locate their stores right next to Apple stores (which Microsoft claims they’re going to do), I’d think they would establish some real synergy, at least in terms of audience.

    But outside of this instance, I’ve never heard of any plans by Nikon to setup retail stores, have you? Nikon used to have a showroom in New York City, but as I remember it, I think it was more of a gallery for photographers than a place to demo equipment. And they definitely didn’t sell anything there because they didn’t want to compete with their dealers. In the largest cities, where there are still photo dealers, I think that’s appropriate, but in places which no longer have photo dealers and only has WalMart and perhaps a Best Buy, I think Nikon-branded retail stores would make a lot of sense.

    • ET

      I was in Japan last year and remember seeing a Nikon store in Gotemba Premium Outlet. They had some display equipment. I was drooling over the D700, but couldn’t take any demo shots with it at the time because i use a microdrive in my d70 🙁

  • Andreas

    I looked in our computers at a large canadian retailer, and the price for the d700 (cost) is now 2450.

    • Segura

      What was the price before?

    • Minos

      IS that the cost in Canadian dollars? If so that’s the lowest price (US $2200 equivalent) I’ve seen for this camera. Buydig has had it for $2400 for a while in the USA, and I’ve seen it temporarily for $2350 at reputable stores.

      Prices for the D700 have to come down given the popularity of video and the introduction of the $2000 24MP Sony a850 with built-in antishake. While the D700 has superior flash, AF and low-light ability, the competition has standardized in higher MP, video and (in Sony’s case) in-body antishake. Since Nikon does not tend to ignore successful competitors it’s reasonable for it to introduce a D700s by Christmas with video, but they’ll have to lower the price if (as expected) they use the same sensor. I’m guessing that competition will force down the street price of the D700/D700s down to $2100 by January, with the D300s selling for $1500.

      • Andreas

        It is in canadian dollars, and it’s our cost. I wouldn’t be suprised if we sell it in stores for 2900 still.

        We really get ripped off for nikon goods up here.

  • eos

    Why nikon don’t have “L” lens?

    • Joe Boston


      • WoutK89


    • Ennan

      Canon like to distinguish their good lenses (the so called L series) from their absolute crap lenses (eg the soft as butter 18-55 or as I like to call it: The Holga Zoom)

      Nikon don’t need to do this because all their lenses are at the very least decent

      Also the pretentious Canonite L series fan W**kery is embarassing to watch and Nikon dont want to lower their customers to that level.


      • Mike

        Lol. Holga zoom. Now that is funny!

    • Tim Catchall

      You mean you want Nikon to produce lenses like Canon’s 14mm f2.8 L II prime? An L prime, Canon’s second attempt at this focal length, which isn’t anywhere near as good as Nikon’s 14-24mm f2.8 zoom…

    • Tim Catchall

      And you’ve also got to love the marketing rubbish that accompanied the new EF-S lenses that arrived with the 7D:

      “Both lenses feature Canon’s improved exterior lens design that offers an improved high-grade look and feel compared with previous EF-S lenses.”

      Right, so these new lenses might not look like they will break into three pieces the moment you put them on your camera, but they still will. And you will be all the more disappointed for it, your expectations having been raised by that ‘improved high-grade look and feel’. Sigh.

  • Gary

    Here’s a thought: what if their are no more new camera releases by Nikon this year?

    With the economy, is it really a time for any camera manufacturer to release a new model that’s going to cost more than $2500 or $3000?

    Also, any new release represents a risk and a cost for a manufacturer. Does Nikon want to absorb that given their financials?

    And it’s getting late…most vendors will probably want their new stuff announced by end of September, in order to allow adequate time for the holiday season…

    Could any vendor reasonably announce in November, as some rumors suggest, and have that be viable for sales in the holiday season?

    Re the rumored D700 upgrade, keep in mind the D700 is only about 1 year old…does Nikon really want to release so soon in the upgrade cycle?

    I’m just posing some questions, as I think sometimes we all jump the gun and want new stuff always.

    • WoutK89

      1. then there have been plenty announcements this year, and the goodies will be postponed till next year (the more the better :-P)

      2. Yes, now IS the time to announce new products, so people can save up for a new product or buy an older model if the new model is not what expected it to be

      3. Nikon doesnt bother, I think they are doing well still in the photography department or did I miss the financial breakdown of Nikon which will make them worldwide bankrupt?

      4. well, it might not be for the holiday season, but they already have plenty to choose from, announcing late will enlarge the chance of already announced products to be more likely bought

      5. Nikon can do whatever they want, see the D40(x), D60 cycle, which was a bit lengthened with the D3000 so why not with pro equipment, and a D700x will not replace but supplement a D700, see D3 – D3x

    • grumps

      A lot of photogs have made the D700 either their backup or primary (myself)!
      A D700X is simply to those who shoot D3 and bought a D3x and had a D700 as backup. Now the D700X can fill yet another slot and for those who didn’t go the D3 route!
      Also there are many who didn’t go for the D3x for pricing issues. This is the real economics if they release it.
      Each to their own (way of spending ;p)!

      • Ennan

        I use a D3 as my primary camera – I’d love to own a D3x and have those 24mp but I really don’t need them and therefore cannot justify the cost. A D700x however… I could happily justify one of those. This wouldn’t take away from D3x sales because I simply wont buy one of those even though I’d prefer one.

  • sigh, no info on lenses… as usual…. 🙁

  • Gary

    Interesting about that price drop. As you mention, perhaps a harbinger of things to come.

    I still believe that Nikon will need to drop the price of its D300s to compete against the new Canon 7D.

    And I still believe that Nikon may not want to introduce a D700x model, at over $3000, in today’s economic climate.

    • WoutK89

      The D7000 is coming, cant you tell, all the signs and the D90 is soooo 2008 😛

  • zzddrr

    See the table below, I think it tells the story about the success of the D300s. (It was retrieved from dpreview)

    Camera Click share Clicks
    (of 1,619,558)
    1. Canon EOS 7D 22.5% 363,721
    2. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 16.5% 267,730
    3. Canon EOS 500D 2.3% 37,270
    4. Nikon D5000 2.1% 34,252
    5. Olympus PEN E-P1 1.9% 31,324
    6. Nikon D90 1.8% 29,826
    7. Canon EOS 5D Mark II 1.8% 28,507
    8. Canon EOS 50D 1.5% 24,427
    9. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 1.4% 22,902
    10. Sony Alpha DSLR-A550 1.3% 20,257
    11. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 1.2% 19,403
    12. Nikon D700 1.0% 16,766
    13. Olympus E-620 1.0% 15,534
    14. Canon PowerShot G10 0.9% 15,288
    15. Nikon D300 0.8% 13,541
    16. Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR 0.8% 12,758
    17. Canon EOS 40D 0.8% 12,734
    18. Pentax K-7 0.8% 12,704
    19. Canon EOS 450D / Digital Rebel XSi 0.7% 12,114
    20. Canon EOS 1000D / Digital Rebel XS 0.7% 11,825

    • zeeGerman

      Hm, or maybe it tells the story about how interesting video (at least the known implementations) is?

      People shouldn’t think about the D300S as a new camera, it’s just a “face lift”, very common in the automobile industry. And the face lifted model never generates as much hype as a completely new model.

      It took Canon years to answer the D300! Give Nikon a bit time, and you can be sure the D400 will be released. With much more than just a face lift.

  • T140Rider

    At a photo shoot yesterday I canvassed the other photographers about the use of Video & still cameras.
    NONE, repeat NONE of the Canon users (1DsIII, 1DII, 5DII etc) wanted video.
    NONE, repeat NONE of the Nikon users (D700,D300,D90 etc) really wnted Video.

    Of those who had the feature, several had tried it, some more than once but decided it was not what they really wanted form a stills camera.
    One quote from a 5DII user was ‘Perhaps in the 4th or 5th generation it might get to be usable for real shooting. Until then, my Video camera will suffice”
    (He works for a TV Company as a cameraman)

    The general concensus was that ‘Yeah but not yet. It is a nice to have but not essential’

    • WoutK89

      sounds like you have been doing research for sony

    • Gary

      Of course there are many for whom video on a dslr is no big deal.

      But that doesn’t mean that the feature is not valued by a good portion of the buying public. It’s easy to find a number of users online who are thrilled about using video on a dslr.

      The indie filmakers love it, film school students love it…many amateurs love it.

      The feature is catching on, and with every advance in the technology, it gets even better.

  • Anonymous

    I think Sigma would have been smarter to release a new 70-200 F/2.8 with OS than to upgrade the 70-300. Who is going to buy this over the Nikon or Canon versions?

  • Mark

    I just checked B&H Photo and they got the Nikon D5000 with the Nikon 18-55 VR short zoom for $739 plus free shipping.

    What was the basic price before the news of price drop?

  • zzddrr

    Have you guys noticed that the number of rumors dropped for big time. This means that we should not expect anything soon. Most of the camera related rumors (and I am talking about Nikon) are not more than terrible guessing.

    Maybe we will not see anything new before 2010?

    • John

      They usually drop a new camera right before Christmas might not but an DSLR but it will be some type of camera.

      • zzddrr

        It must be a webcam. Nikon will compete with Logitech and Microsoft.

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