Hot Nikon news that might have lots of Canon gear going cheap (Nikon D700x)

Christian Fletcher is a well known professional photographer from Western Australia and has been a Canon fan for many years - his camera is a Canon 5D MKII. He shoots mainly landscape / panorama. This is what he wrote on his blog a week ago (direct post link):


Note that his post is labeled with the "Nikon D700x", "New Nikon camera release" and "Nikon Rumours" tags.

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  • Gary

    I agree with Nic. Nikon releases the superb D700 last year for $3000, but then Canon releases the 5dii w/ video for 2700. Now about a year later, the D700 has dropped in price to about 2300, whereas the 5dii still is selling out at 2700.

    Why? Because consumers have spoken, and the 5dii sells better. One major reason, perhaps THE major reason, is due to the video.

    We can all give our own preferences, as well as anecdotal evidence. But the proof is in the sales.

    This year Nikon releases the D300s..again, a superb camera. But then Canon releases the 7D, with a far more robust set of video features, for 100 less. Guess which one will sell better?

    I’m not knocking Nikon products…they are fantastic. But rather pointing out a flaw in the Nikon marketing strategy. Canon is paying full attention to dslr video, and it’s paying huge dividends.

    Nikon needs to do something radical…maybe a D700s with video for the same 2300, or better yet for 2000. That might shake things up a bit.

    Or come out with a D700x but for the same 2700 price as the 5dii.

    • WoutK89

      I can see the D700x for 2700 euro as a price happening, but that is only because D300 and D300s shared the same intro price. My main concern however is, Nikon is putting in the D700x probably a different sensor, so that might ‘justify’ them to raise the price with a slight premium.

      Wishlist to see within the year or so:
      D700x at 2700 euro
      D700s at 2100 euro (one can dream, Sony did too)

  • Abhinav

    why is “video” feature talked about so much ….. are we forgetting the basis of a DSLR…. isn’t the main aim of a DSLR is to click still images ??

    i have recently worked with a very famous cinematographer (bollywood,india) and he bought a Canon 5DmII just to shoot movies and not to take stills at all…he uses a D700 to shoot stills… i found it very interesting…. that even though the sales figure of a specific camera increased exponentially because of the video feature… it wasnt doing wat it was meant to do in the first place… im sure im wrong here… but then even if 1000 ppl in the entire world do this… DSLR has started transforming into a video device… technology is always welcome… but like this…i dont want it….

    hope atleast one of the companies (in this case Nikon) keeps focus on imaging rather than video as their main aim…

    • Man

      Yes it is. Still images much more important. But you don’t understand. If they start put video in DSLR, so improve it! Or better don’t put any video. Because that video mode, that D90 and D300s have – that’s shame! That’s why some photographers don’t use it, because it’s poor. If they started to put video in DSLR, a lot of people expect that in next model it will be emproved! It is obvious! But Nikon doesn’t doo anything in this question. That’s why there are complains on Nikon’ video mode. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about still images. We are very care about that!

  • Geoff

    I think you make a good argument here, but your logic can be used just as strongly to support the focus on still imaging quality.

    If the reason that the 5Dii is selling more units than the D700 is because it has video (maybe the best video via DSLR), that means that movie makers are buying the 5Dii.
    Well if Nikon was to focus on improving still image quality and offered THE best imaging quality, then more photographers would buy the Nikon product.
    I suppose only the marketers know if there are more photographer or movie makers buying DSLRs these days.

    • Geoff

      this is in reply to Gary, not Abhinav

    • Anonymous

      This is the most sane stance i’ve read here so far!

      Many people still don’t seem to understand that Canon is picking up a ton of sales from film-makers because the Canon DSLRs are the best option available to filmmakers on a budget.

      Since Nikon clearly can not compete with what Canon is doing video wise, perhaps they should focus on photographers and hope that Canon neglects their photographer user base.

      The only problem is, what if Canon out does Nikon for stills too?

      • Nic

        “The only problem is, what if Canon out does Nikon for stills too?”
        They already do and are cheaper at the same time.

        Canon 5Dmk2 24MP FX- $2,700
        Nikon D700x 24MP FX- $4,300 (expected)

        Nikon D300s 12MP 7FPS DX $1,800
        Canon 7D 18MP 8FPS DX $1,700

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that looks about right.

  • Gary

    It’s not a zero sum game. Camera manufacturers can make a great stills camera but also add a robust video feature. There’s no reason why one has to subtract from the other.

    There’s no reason why Nikon couldn’t add the video options of the 7D, for instance, to a D700; now that would attract some attention.

    Here’s the calculus: given a choice between a dslr w/ video or one without, many consumers will naturally choose the one w/ video, whether they use it alot or not, esp. if its perceived as adding no real cost. In fact, as noted previously, the 5dii w/ video came out less expensive than the D700 w/out video.

    The 7d, with more video features than the D300s, is also less expensive. Even the D300s w/ video came out at the same price as the old D300 used to sell for. So consumers are being trained to think of video as a feature added at little to no extra cost…just as a bonus.

    There will also be a robust market for those who want the camera primarily for video. The manufacturer doesn’t really care why someone buys their product, only that they get the consumer’s money.

    There will be very few people who will choose to NOT buy a camera because it includes video. There will be a large group of people who will NOT buy a dslr these days if it does not have video, given their other options.

    One more thing: if this D700x rumor is true, Nikon needs to announce it this month, if they want maximum consumer awareness for holiday sales, not to mention adequate stock at stores, etc.

    November is way too late…it takes time for word to get out that any new product is available, it takes time for consumers to learn about a new product and consider it, and it takes time for manufacturing and distribution to ramp up. It takes time for retailers to stock an item, and for sales people to get to know it so they can sell it.

    I hope this rumor is true, but that Nikon makes their announcement soon, if they want to max out the holiday season sales.

  • Man

    For those, who against video in DSLR. Why are you think that video shouldn’t be in DSLR? In analog age it was very difficult to arange in cameras. But we are already 9 years in XXI century. πŸ™‚ And I need both still images (90%) and video (10%), because I am more creative person than you are. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    • Gordon

      I’m against it because 1) I don’t need it and 2) it is taking development time away from developing better stills technology.

      If given a choice between HD video on a DSLR or the following camera improvements, which would you prefer?

      Live historgram
      RAW based histograms
      Wider dynamic range
      Multiple spot metering with memory and averaging function
      In-camera HDR blending

      I know what I’d rather see in my DSLR.

      • Jack

        How exactly do you know it’s taking development time away from developing better stills technology? Companies don’t have to take staff off of a particular technology because they want to develop additional technologies. In fact, they normally just add staff and resources if they need them. That’s one way jobs are created.

        • Gordon

          The current EC perhaps, especially in light of Nikon’s recent company report and the losses they’ve made. Most companies in situations like that shed workers or stop recruitment to contain costs. If that is the case with Nikon then there are only so many R&D people to go around.

          • Jack

            I understand that, but I don’t think Nikon would let R&D staff go, especially considering they’re the people that will bring profitable products to the company and get them through the global recession. Of course, I don’t know what they’re doing, but cutting staff who bring in profits seems unwise.

          • Adam

            Jack, they wont let their R&D staff go, nor would they hire more staff to do video.

            Like Gordon says, its better Nikon concentrate on trying to get better image quality as higher resolution goes up (cause the market kept demanding higher resolution), update its freaking FX primes, create f/4 FX zooms for future cheaper FF bodies (and for landscape photographer), and introduce more stuffs to aid still photography rather then trying to improve on a feature that was never meant on a DSLR to begin with (there really should be entry level camcorder by video camera manufacturers :@ ).

          • Anonymous

            I hope Nikon lets the market decide what they concentrate on and not Adam here…

          • Geoff

            @ Anonymous – Adam IS part of the market! I happen to agree with his views. Not all of ‘the market’ cares about video. I would hazard a guess that most of the photographers don’t care about it either.

          • Anonymous
          • Geoff

            I never said that I want video out of DSLRs. I said that I, personally, would prefer it if Nikon concentrated it’s resources on maximizing the still image quality and that there are probably many other photographers (not movie makers) who feel the same way.

          • Adam

            @anonymous : I dont care that DSLR have video and if you read my comment properly, I never said I wanted video out of DSLR, just that I dont think too much attention should be made onto improving video on DSLRs at the expense of slowing down improvement in lenses and photography.

          • Anonymous

            First of all, you have no proof that it is slowing down the development on the stills side of things. Second of all, the point I’m making is that there are now many customers who WOULD be willing to sacrifice the development in the stills in order to improve video…

          • Adam

            haha, define how many would be willing to sacrifice development of stills to improve video. I bet if you pose that question, many will say priority is still on stills. Those who want to improve videos, are videos ppl like you.

      • Adam

        oh you forgot to mentioned the way outdated FX primes and perhaps FX f/4 zoom

        • Gordon

          I mentioned that in another thread πŸ˜€ All the current FX primes date back to 94/95, they are way overdue for a refresh.

          • Adam

            yeah, its funny how ppl are bitchin about Nikon being behind Canon in Video but they forgot to mention that Nikon really behind Canon in their FX primes (in terms of technology; where are the AF-S primes, N coating and gold ringed primes! Not much complains bout the current prime sharpness)

    • STJ

      I don’t want that DSLR’s come with 6dedicated video buttons and a video-optimized sensor in 5years…. Niikon should make a video-only camera for video-makers that could beat all DSLRs with super video features AND hit Canon hard on their camcorder side AND leave normal DSLRs with simple video features (if any)…

      • Adam

        yup, video function on DSLR should only stay as an additional feature not as a replacement to entry level camcorders πŸ™

        • Anonymous

          Says you, but there are many more film-makers who disagree.

          • Adam

            and since when DSLR are designed for film-makers?

          • Anonymous

            I’m not too sure… When was the 7D designed?

  • Roy

    I heard a rumor from a very reliable local dealer that AP is planning to replace their Canon gear with Nikon when there is a full frame body with video. That’s all I have heard and I only heard it from one source (albeit a very very good one).

    If it’s true, that would explain a lot about the recent products that Nikon has released which are good but not overwhelming. If they really are working hand in glove with AP on a camera that will drive not only body but also lens sales in the 10k plus unit sales, then they’ve been very busy on one product family.

  • Zorro

    Would all those threatening to go to Canon please go now.

    • STJ

      Agreed – those comments are rediculous – if I think a Ford is better than Volkswagen I’ll not make threats to Volkswagen in an online forum – I’ll just buy a Ford – done deal….

    • PBibby

      Amen. And good luck with another camera that is way beyond your skills. (Not directed at the 5% of photographers for whom the current line of cameras is actually limiting them.)

    • low

      yes please all the whiners who want canon stuff, just buy canon!! the lenses and gear you want are there…stfu and please leave!

    • +5

      Best comment in this entire thread so far.

  • Mike&Ike

    I’m still waiting for my Nikon 50 1.2, and 85 1.2

    Anyone else with me?

    • STJ

      Honestly I could live with f1.4 AFS variants with less bulk and less cost. However, add a new 135mm f2.0 and 200mm macro to that. Someone will probably want to add 80-400 VRII and 24mm and 35mm as well – all FX… Than Nikon could finally make that cheep, small and lightweight 24MP FX camera I would like to have by leaving out the internal motor and assosiated cost, bulk and weight…..

    • Adam

      I’m with you πŸ˜€

      Also, I’m still waiting for an FX 35mm f/1.8 (cheaper) and FX 35mm f/1.4. I’m going to switch to Nikon but it’s sad that Nikon doesn’t have a faster 35mm instead of the f/2 and I don’t want to invest onto DX glass cuz I’m planning to change to FX in the future.
      Oh and not to forget that besides the AF-S 50mm f/1.4 (which is not that great), I don’t see any other Nikon primes with AF-S (besides the super telephoto). All of em are so outdated! (also FTM is awesome, sadly most of Nikon primes doesn’t have it)

      • STJ

        You hit the nail in more than one “bleading Nikon owner heart” there I think…. πŸ™ The Nikon zooms are arguably some of the best in their class but how come Nikon cannot fabricate fixed lens updates for so many years???? Is the market too small and they haven’t got the cash to bring them “up to date” with that in mind or is somthing else in play here?

        • Gordon

          I’m not sure why Nikon has not updated any primes in over 15 years, I suspect the demand for many of them has been replaced with demand for zooms of superior quality, such as the 14-24mm and 24-70mm. Another factor could be that people are unwilling to fork out money for a prime who’s design is so old, I know I would be. However they should update the 85mm lenses at least and the 200mm macro lens.

        • Adam

          well I love Nikon zoom, I love their Golden Trinity AKA Holy Trinity πŸ˜€ But the thing is, sometime I wish to own some primes cause of their aperture, low ISO > high ISO no matter what people say and one way to achieve that is by using a fast lens like f/1.4 (even f/1.8 is better then f/2.8).

          For me, I use zoom in events where I don’t really have the liberty to move around much and especially when the main subject gets too far and too near too quickly. I use primes when I got the time and liberty to move around πŸ™‚

          And yeah, I am one of those who refused to buy Nikon primes cuz they are too old (but I will buy if I got no choice πŸ™ )and using Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro FTM spoiled me =.* Besides that, I felt that primes actually helps the photographer to train their eye on composition :rolleyes:

          • if you want FTM, get a manual focus nikkor – it’s 100% FTM!!

            i know it’s an annoyance for some, but i dont know why it’s so hard to flick a small switch in the side of the lens-mount or body (a place where your thumb generally already rests while hand-holding, thanks to millions of years of evolution) to switch to manual. i HAVE used some USM L-series lenses from canon(they are quite nice, btw) – and i frankly think it’s more of a convenience than a necessity.

          • Adam

            well Its not hard to switch to the M, I do that sometime too.

            But sometime, it is just faster to achieve lock focus and fine tune it by turning the focusing ring πŸ˜€

            And yes, this is more of a convenience than necessity

  • msb29

    For what its worth, I dont know why people are so scared of Canon, I’ve been browsing sample galleries for months almost every day and I never found a Canon picture to be better than the D300 samples… not one…except the ones that were modified with photoshop of course but all the other canons look very ordinary to me so why be afraid of Canon? I dont want to spend all my time using software, I want the best result right away and that’s what Nikon offers best over Canon.

    • I’m definitely not “scared” of them. They are just tools to do a job. I drive a Toyota, why should I get all bent out of shape if my friend drives a Nissan or a Chevy? In fact, who the !@#% cares?

      That’s why I’m not very reserved in my bashing of the whiners on here- a whole lot of fuss over nothing.

      I respect Canon cameras (love my Canon P&Ss). Wouldn’t mind having a 5D to play around with. Even if I had one, it’d never replace my D300 or D700. But maybe I’m the odd one out in thinking that way. If a friend buys a mkII or 7D? Good for them! I hope it treats them well and they’re able to make fantastic photographs with it.

  • Zoetmb

    I haven’t read all 200 posts, so someone may have already stated this, but I don’t think he’s referring to equipment. If you read his later post, he says the following:
    “They are both great companies but in the end I will choose a company that can offer me some support, and I mean real support and give this blogging community the respect it deserves. Together we amount to a huge buying group and our opinions are spread far and wide. Such is the success of this blog and it is due to you guys who visit.
    I say we need to let the big companies know that the consumer or prosumer market is bigger that the fully pro market so why do they get behind people that are only known by other pros. I doubt any of you have heard of most of the pro shooters in this country, I know I haven’t so what good is it getting behind them?”
    So I don’t think this is about equipment. I think this is about a new support program for photographers – perhaps a new level of Nikon Pro or something where you don’t have to earn 100% of your income from photography in order to qualify.

    Or it’s about Nikon somehow providing advanced camera samples to blog sites like his.

    If you look at this guy’s work, it’s very, very good. I don’t see equipment driving him to switch from Canon to Nikon.

  • objur

    I also heard the rumor that Nikon will be releasing a Behemoth lens 1000 F/5.6 VR 11 ED for the price of canon’s 800 and with an equivalent weight.
    πŸ˜‰ lol…..
    I hope Nikon listens on this.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A.S.

    There will no Nikon D700X yet, so don’t get excited. As usual, Nikon tries to squeeze as much money form his customers as possible, giving new technology with the

  • David C

    In reading the posts on his site, I got the impression that he was just trying to stir up traffic and discussion for his blog. I would take his comments with a grain of salt.

  • dude

    Thanks for not closing this post with some stupid question like “Does this mean the D700x is coming?” or “Could a full frame D3x be a canon killer?”

    I hate when you do that. Although if its just a D3x in a d700 body like we all know. Where is the surprise in that?

  • Jay

    what I dont understand is why would nikon produce a d700x? It would kill d3x sales and it would cost significantly less. Cus if they do produce it, it proves to everyone that the d3x was an overpriced ripoff… I dont see it happening really…

    • Gordon

      I believe the demand is there for a D700X, I’m sure many landscape photographers alone would be willing to upgrade to a D700X with 24MP sensor for the extra detail and resolution, let alone other fields of photography that look for more detail. I think they’d sell more D700X bodies then D3X’s and the knock-on effect of lenses upgrades would work in Nikon’s favour as well.

      • Jay

        No doubt people would want this camera… but that doesnt mean nikon will make it or benefit from it. IT WOULD KILL D3X SALES !!! Why kill a premium line in its infancy when you could simply just add minor upgrades?

        • anon

          the d3x sales are already low and for a very specialized group of people who need the additional features of a pro body over a consumer body. The reason it’s priced so high is becuase there are a select few who need/want a pro bodied 24 megapixel camera. By the time the anticipated d700x is released, most people who need the d3x will already have it, or the ones who are considering it at that time aren’t going to change their decision. Obviously there is some give there, but the d3x was never meant to be a camera to sell in quantity. However, Nikon still had to make enough sensors in production batch to keep the cost low enough. So we can be sure the mass amount of them that were not used in d3x production will be in the d700x production.

          • Adam

            yup, you got that right Anon, doubt Nikon can keep up with D3x quantity anyway if its priced cheaper.

            One thing I like bout Nikon is how they like to reuse things from other bodies (partly to reduce cost), so its like a 80% chance that D700x will get the same sensor as D3x πŸ™‚

          • Jay

            cool so you all admit the d3x was a ripoff sweet I finally got some noinks to admit it lol.

          • Zograf

            D3X has high quality anti-aliasing filter to extract the best resolution out of the sensor(read the press release for this camera). If D700x is introduced very likely Nikon will put cheaper filer, i.e. D700x is not going to have the same resolution and definition as the D3x – that could be the main difference related to IQ between those to cameras.

        • Gordon

          It probably would but the 5DMkII killed the 1DsMkIII sales also but Canon would still be making more of a profit from that.

          I can only speak as a landscape photographer and my own needs but I would upgrade immeadiately to a D700X as soon as it was released. I already own a D700 and while a great camera it doesn’t have the resolution I seek, I really notice the loss of detail in background objects especially with the larger pixels.

          The D3X is too much camera for my needs, I don’t need it’s bulk and vertical grip. All I would like is a standard body with no flash and 100% viewfinder with a 24MP sensor and a low ISO setting.

          Looking around various Landscape photography sites or pro home pages and the vast majority that are shooting digital are already using 5DMkII’s, 1DsMkIII’s and now you are starting to see more D3X’s but they are fairly uncommon. Just doing a quick sampling of camera model’s used for photos submitted to the ‘Earth, Sky & Sea’ gallery on the website and out of 48 photos submitted on page 1, 14 are were shot using a 5DMkII (29%) , the next closest was three shots with a tie between a 40D and the 1DsMkIII. Only 5 shots were shot using a Nikon camera, none were a D3X. This is only a small sample but already you can see how many landscape photographers are using a 5DMkII.

          You’ll see alot more landscape photographers shooting with a Nikon if a D700X is released I’m sure of it. This can only help Nikon’s profit.

          • Zograf

            I have one question to all landscape photographers – Why are you using digital camera in first place? It seems to me any descent MF camera with Fuji Film Velvia and CoolScan 9000 or flatbed Epson will do superior job landscapes?

          • Gordon


            You’ll find many professional landscape photographers still using film in either medium format or large format cameras, especially if they shoot panoramas, resolution being the primary reason.

  • Gary

    This rumor is so tissue thin, normally I’d dismiss it outright. But the source seems more credible, but this rumor is still lacking in much substance.

    And overall, would it surprise anyone if Nikon updated the D700 with video, maybe some other tweaks?

    If Nikon really wants to compete, let them release a D700s with video for $2k…it will kill the Sony sales, and eat into both the 5dii and the 7D sales.

    Now whether they’d make enough profit margin per unit is another deal…

    • Gordon

      You’re right, the rumour does lack substance but the author doesn’t seem the sort of person to post hoax messages just to stir up trouble. Perhaps one of his landscape photography mates is field testing the new body and gave him a heads up. Who know’s, hopefully we’ll find out in the next couple of months.

      • Adam

        yup, and its sad that eventhough Nikon makes excellent DSLRs, they still have problem getting enough profit margin per unit πŸ™

  • Gordon

    Interestingly enough I just found this rumour post on an Arabic forum which mentions upcoming D700X, D4, D4X and D400. It could be just someones overactive imagination or wish list but still interesting reading.

    • MarkusW

      These news are spread everywhere as this google search shows:
      In most of the places it is called the leaking of a Nikon roadmap. I don’t know why it is not mentioned on this blog here. Yet the timeline of the roadmap disappoints me a lot. Above all, if it’s true that the D4 and the D400 will only appear in 2010 and not in 2009 already, this is a big mistake by Nikon.

      • there are here, just use the NR search box and type roadmap

        • Gordon

          I realised it was just a repost of what was posted up on here a few weeks ago after I submitted it. Doh!

        • MarkusW

          Sorry, that way I can see it. Thanks!

      • Adam

        sheesh, they just updated the D300s, so meaning no more announcement related to the D300 this year, expect D4 and D400 next year

  • RumpelHund

    Since I am surely not the only one to visit the source’s blog with the beautiful images I start to guess making up some rumor is some new kind of getting traffic on one’s site.

    I do not expect anything behind the mentioning and would be really surprised when there was something to follow Mr. Fletcher’s hints.

    Maybe this rumor-thing will wear out rather sooner than later.

    • I believe it rather than discount it. Thom Hogan mentioned earlier in the year that Nikon was going to be supporting the high-end market in the Fall (IIRC), so that would dovetail into this nicely. Now, I could be wrong and he could’ve been meaning a few new lenses. But given the state of competition w/ Canon (w/ Sony trying to squeeze in), I wouldn’t discount a D700x at all.

  • Can’t wait to find out what it is.

  • Gary

    If a new Nikon dslr is not released this month, I don’t think they are going to release anything new this year.

    I can’t see Nikon waiting until November, as some rumors suggest, to release any new product…that’s just dumb in terms of timing for the holiday season.

    If Nikon is going to release soon enough, then we should start getting some substantive rumors pretty soon…if the rumors just remain at this level, I wouldn’t expect any new release for the remainder of this year.

    • Gordon

      If your right, hopefully we’ll start getting rumours or reports of an upcoming press event soon. There is only a handful of months to go before the year ends. I’m wondering if Nikon may do a dual announcement, a D3s and a D700x, double whammy.

  • MentalRaymond

    Nikon need to pull something pretty big out of the bag this year.
    Sony already have their second offering of the 24mp sensor in the shops at a very reasonable price. Although not full frame, the Cannon 7D certainly turns some heads too, with 18mp, 8fps with 1080 HD video. Nikon carnt offord to bring out a D700s. It would be a mighty fine camera im sure, but people looking to enter the prosumer market for the first time will see 2 things. Nikon has a camera A with 12mp and 720p video, while Cannon/Sony have camera B for the same price with 18-24mp and 1080 video. I know nikon is built to higher quality wirh better autofocus and ISO, but its still a hard sell.

  • Gary

    Remember there was a time last year when Nikon appeared to be the undisputed king, with the D3, the D300 both dominating their markets, and the new D700 released to rave reviews.

    Then Canon came out with the 5dmkii and that changed everything.

    Things can change quickly, if Nikon wants to bring out a game changer model.

  • rhlpetrus

    The expectations are so high now Nikon will likely disappoint many. People should look into what the have, D3, D3x, D700 and D300s, not to mention D90, are just awesome cameras.

    I think Thom (hope his name is not banned) has said it right: if you can’t get 19×13″ prints with good quality from present dslrs, any make, likely the problem is not with camera or brand.

  • RumpelHund

    He did it again:

    Hot Nikon Equipment β€’September 8, 2009 β€’ 7 Comments
    I have in my hand a list of all the new Nikon gear that is going to be released over the next year. I have to get permission to talk about it from my mates at Team Digital. Will keep you posted, I’m pretty excited. Thanks to Nikon Rumours for posting my comments, it has sent my blog balistic. Cheers

    Posted in New Images
    Tags: Christian Fletcher, D4, d700x, hot new nikons, nikon camera release, nikon rumours

  • John Swan

    Hi – this is complete and utter crap. Nikon users just can’t help talking about Canon all the time whilst Canon users are out taking photos.

    To all D300 users – it blows! Canons 7D completely wipes the floor with it in every conceivable way. Deal with it.

    Also haven’t Nikon recently posted record losses and job cuts? Hardly the stuff of a company leading the way in its sector. Will they be around forever? I’m not sure.

    I, for one, wouldn’t want to be stuck with a load of Nikon glass if things really went badly for this company.

    • Jason H

      Wow, a Nikon hater, how original. You’re too focused on hating one company or another you don’t bother to worry about how you suck as a photographer. There is no bad camera company or cameras; just you’re inability to take a picture with anything other than a disposable camera.

      • John Swan

        What would you know you punk. Nikon sucks and Canon rules. Everybody knows that – only nobody here is brave enough to stand up and admit it.

        The 7D is the camera all the Nikon fanboys wish they had. Plus Nikon glass is way more expensive, and hugely inferior to that produced by Canon.

        So enjoy Nikon if you really are a fan, but just remember that compared to Canon it sucks hairy balls.

        • Jason H

          Thank you for proving my point about your incompetence and ineptitude.

        • Gordon

          Are you 12 or something? Must be because that seems to be who Canon designed their cheap plastic feeling and looking bodies for so they resemble toys.

  • low

    fyi, christian said hes got new nikon gear but wont say. he does thank NR for making his blog go crazy though…so…

    • low

      oops, edit: a list of gear. maybe its the roadmap, lol

    • Gordon

      Looks like it may just be a false rumour, sounds like he was given the fake roadmap but thought it was the real thing and reported on it. πŸ™

  • John Swan

    This is all fake crap. Let’s see how tough you lot really are – come over to Canon rumours and let’s see how tough you are.

  • John Swan

    Also, it’s common knowledge that even the best Nikon pro lens simply cannot compete with even the worst of the L lenses.

    And guess what? This is going to have you lot in tears, but I heard a rumour that Canons groundbreaking new hybrid technology will be arriving with a bang and that they are planning on releasing to the market a fleet of newly revised L lenses incorporating this technology. No pro in his right mind would want Nikon equipment once that happens.

    So long suckers!

    • low

      no thanks, wouldnt touch any canon shhhhtuff with a 10 foot pole! i’ll shoot oly or sony before i touch canon…see yah!!

    • Gordon

      That must be why so many Canon shooters are snapping up the Nikkor 12-24mm lens and adapting it to use on their Canon bodies, they want to use an inferior lens.

  • Mike&Ike

    Are you kidding me? You guys are dolts. Especially you John Swan. There have been millions upon millions of great images made with Nikon gear.. And probably millions more with Canon gear. But I doubt that even if you had the 7D (You don’t), and had all of the L lenses possible, that you could produce one good image.

    Quit being an armchair photographer, and go out there and shoot. Sure the folks on NikonRumors or CanonRumors who go on their own section are on their computers too, but they do so because they are genuinely interested in bettering their equipment so that they can get features to help them produce better pictures… But going on the other person’s photography website to bash other people’s gear? They do NOT do that. That is a waste of time. You are the true definition of an armchair photographer.

    Being a Nikon AND Canon photographer.. I own Nikon gear, d300 (80-200 2.8, 17-55 2.8) for myself, and whenever I go to my school, I use Canon gear (50d/5dmark ii with sigma 50 1.4, 70-200is 2.8 etc) and yes pretty soon, I’ll get my hands on the 7D.

    Truly there is NO difference in either Canon or Nikon, but mainly preference. But you wouldn’t know… Reading about photography is better than doing it – right? Sounds about right.

  • Mike&Ike

    For my preference I greatly prefer Nikon menus and ergonomics.. But I prefer Canon prices and certain lenses.

    My only true problem with Nikon is that they don’t produce the 50 1.2 and the 85 1.2, which is ideal for what I want to get into (Wedding/portraiture photography)

    But for now, for my Canon – the Sigma 50 1.4 is even better than the Canon 50 1.4! And it certainly makes me happy.

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