Nikon D300 officially discontinued

Nikon D300 is now officially discontinued according to Nikon Japan (English translation).


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  • zeeGerman

    Strange, the D40 isn’t listed. Maybe early next year an update together with the D4 and D400? A D4000? 6mp, high ISO?

    • Anonymous

      Well, considering we just had the release of the D300S… doesn’t it kind of make sense? LOL

      • zeeGerman

        Well, the D300S is more of a face lift nature, than anything else, though I wouldn’t make any bets that it will stick around very long. And I’m sure that the D4 will be shipped before the soccer world cup next year, which starts in June. That would mean shipping around April/Mai, announcement in February/March.
        As the D300 and the the D3 were released together, I have feeling that the D4 and D400 will be as well. Plus the D400 needs to be released fairly soon, as it one of the most important cameras in the lineup, and the Canon finally answered it with the 7D.
        Anyway, it’s not about the D400, I think this one is quite certain for 2010.
        It’s about the D4000.

        • Having a D400 shipping prior to next summer’s vacation season would be VERY welcome by many! However, I am not holding my breath on that one. I have been suspecting it would be announced later in 2010.

        • Anon

          Seriously who cares about D4000??? Get a P&S and be done with it.

          • Chris

            I can’t even tell if you’re begin serious or not. That’s the most retarded thing I have ever heard. The quality difference between a DSLR and point and shoot is massive, even an entry level Nikon DLSR will beat the best point and shoot out there by far.

          • zeeGerman

            Ha, you’re funny. 😉 This reminded me of something I read recently :”if you think the reason you can’t make nice images because you “only” have a D40, then you’re in for a rude awakening if you ever pick up something more expensive.”

            A D40 like camera with low noise and a low price tag, is in my eyes the perfect for many many people.
            As an entry level camera, it will give people clean shots in available light, when they take family pictures and such. 6mp would be more than enough for what most people use their pictures — Ha, it’s even more than what about 95% of all commercially used pictures use.
            It also would be a perfect second body to a D300 like camera, or even, if there ever will be, a D700x. It will cost less than most the lenses that are used with those cameras.

          • Anon

            Prout prout lol

    • I noticed the same thing, but I did report a while ago (it was also on an official Nikon Japan site) that the D40 was also discontinued.

      • zeeGerman

        I clicked the link, and it says that they don’t carry it anymore in the inventory. Maybe they did stop producing it, as all of the bodies are produced in batches, and were sure that they wouldn’t start another batch in the old design.

        Would be really nice, 6mp is a lot, plus it would be a really nice choice of entry cameras.

        • WoutK89

          but at that level, people are less aware most of the time that lower pixels have a great advantage, if combined with new technology that is, so Nikon does not see any more profits in it I suppose.

          • zeeGerman

            Basically I think you’re right. This is why there is this war of mpixels.
            But I believe that there is a good crowd out there, that is aware of the noise problem, and if you advertise it correctly, I believe that there would be a good market for it. Especially as there isn’t an equivalent to it, at this point. Why was the D300 such a hot seller, or still is the D700? because they form(ed) a league of their own.

  • shivas

    good riddance!!

  • anonymous


  • Dan

    RIP D300.

  • SimonC

    We’ll miss you D300! Enjoy your retirement.

    Now, bring on the D400!

  • C

    Sweet! Putting up my D300 on ebay now! (kidding)

  • Man

    OK. But give me D95!!! With 6 MP, high ISO and wide dynamic range performance. Full HD video (30 fps, h.264) with good autofocus (not like in D300s). What else should be in D95 (or D90’s successor)?

    • Ronan

      Errr D300 AF is superb.

      If you meant the video AF, then the D300 is also the best at it.

      If you want to shoot fast pace movies, then get a real video camera.

  • Zorro

    I’m with you Man, except for the video (couldn’t care less).

  • Gary

    Prediction: Nikon next drops the price of the D300s to at least what the 7D will sell for…maybe even $100 lower.

    • Anonymous

      I’m already getting that… Always getting cheaper Nikons at where I live, while Canon’s price is always quite near to international standard.

      I got my D300s for about $1680 free overnight shipping to my door step.

      Same for D300 (which is still widely available, while stock last I think), $1325 free shipping (since early this year, same price). Some might be able to find $1275 D300 at brick at mortar shops but it’s too far for me to go there.

      I guess that’s why there are more Nikon shooters here, at least for what I can see.

      • Ronan

        I paid $1030 for my D300 in NY. Brand new also, with full warranty.

        Learning where to shop helps.

  • jbl

    Are you guys high?

    the D300s got annonced last month, we won’t get a D400 any time soon!

    it’s like when the D200 got discontinued about 1 month after the release of the D300, were we expecting a D400? no.

    This is silly. At least half of the comments on this page so far are unjustified.

    • Ronan

      We were expecting a D300 i guess….

      • jbl

        Exactly… it’s obvious to expect a D300 when it’s announced and when the D200 is getting discontinued shortly after.

        But now the same thing happens and people are expecting another upgrade. The only reason why the D300 is discontinued is because the D300s is there.

        Once the D300s will be discontinued we can talk about a D400.

        • WoutK89

          No, once the D400 is announced, the D300s might get discontinued, and we will long before be talking about the D400. Oh, wait, isn’t the D400 already been spoken about a lot here?

  • Lee in Bethesda

    According to the website the D300 is still available in Canada as of Sep 10.

  • thanky ou Nikon for such a great tool!

    i will stilll use my discontinued camera 😀

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