Nikon continues to push DX lenses? ( new Nikkor 85mm VR DX patent)

Very busy week - those rumors just won't stop (check the latest Leica and Sony rumors). Back to Nikon: there is a new Nikon patent for what it appears to be a 85mm VR DX lens. This patent is not yet listed on Google Patents, but can be found here. Maybe somebody more technical than me can interpret those formula and numbers.

Patents applications do not necessary lead to a final production model.

FIY Nikon has released 3 DX and 1 FX lenses this year.

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  • fetzie

    Who the fuck wants DX. They better make a 85 1.4 FX lens.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone who’s not an ignorant FX snob. The intelligent FX shooters see the value in it, and clearly Nikon, who sells FAR more DX than FX cameras, see’s the value.

      • STJ

        “Ignorant FX snob” from an Anonymous… Not very nice…
        Anyway – to the point:
        Lets see – a 85mm DX fits on a FX body, but the inverse is not the case. Taken that a FX is more expensive and heavy than a DX there might be reason for this, but given that all/most pro bodyes from Nikon are FX and that most consumers never touch a prime this must be said to be slightly strange, in partiqular since the current 85mm FX design is so old, hasn’t VR nor nano coating or AFS…

    • Marc W.

      They do make a 85mm 1.4, and it’s fantastic!

  • Peter

    This is crap. They should be putting out FX lenses to satisfy the wants of the pros first so they don’t leave nikon (not that I’m one of them) And then spend time filling in these unnecessary novelty lenses for DX users. I’m a DX user right now, but I know I’ll be upgrading eventually, and I’ll be damned if they con me into buying one of their mediocre DX primes.

    • Lardinio

      What mediocre DX primes would those be Peter? The 10.5 fisheye, which may not be a mass market application but the lens is meant to be very strong, and the 35/1.8 which is supposed to be fantastic. Let’s face it, the reason everyone is complaining about DX primes is cos they want 2 or 3 f/1.4’s updated with AF-S, that’s it! Let’s not foget there’s still a huge DX market, that’s becoming more educated as time basses, so they shouldn’t they get some primes too.

      • Peter

        the fisheye is quite a unique lens that I don’t think anything close to a majority of photographers have even thought about using.

        The 35dx is anything but “fantastic”. it’s adequate, but barely, huge amounts of CA and not particularly sharp wide open, and a nasty bokeh.

        I’m have no reason to think a dx 85mm would be built of different standards.

        While I know that high quality fx 1.4 lenses would be overkill for me at the very moment, I’d much rather get it right the first time a buy an FX capable lens that I’ll be able to use for 20 years.

    • Ivan

      What about D300/D300s users? They’re semi-pro cameras that are neglected in the lens department, unless you pay for unnecessarily large and heavy FX glass. Currently the only pro-level DX lens is the 17-55.

    • Desinderlase

      I never understood this. DX cameras now are much better than FX cameras from few years back in terms of IQ. So why sudden, that quality is not for PRO usage anymore? If something does the job, use it. Many years ago, took 35mm format for serious, PRO used only medium format, and now nobody takes DX for serious (or at least some readers here 😉

  • mikeg76

    While most will complain, its a good business idea to get the consumers and prosumers into the fxed focal length game. To get them used to them, so that they may consider other ones instead of zooms for everything.

  • Mike

    Great if truth. I would love an af-s 85 f1.8 dx vr to accompany my 35 dx! If they can make it reasonably small, more less the size and weight of the old one, it would surely be a hit just like the 35 is.

    I can understand the moaning of the (soon-to-be) FX users, but they could pull the same stunt as they did with the af-s 50 and af-s 35 dx. I don’t know if they would miniaturize an af-s 85 f1.4 or base it on a new af-s 135 design but either way the FXers should be happy, me thinks.

  • John C

    A coolpix announcement next week that includes a DX sensor would indeed be interesting. And we’re starting to see a few glimmers to suggest it might actually be a possibility. Will be fun to watch.

  • Spotpuff

    This and an UWA DX fast prime and I’d be set.

  • Rob J

    There putting out DX lenses for the mass market. If they can get more people buying there cameras then they’ll get more money to make the better FX lenses. (even tho they have the money now)

  • And of course the “pro” fx crowd starts crying again. Pretty soon to be followed by the “i’ll go full frame really soon” people.

    Yes, it’s DX, yes there’s a big market for that, deal with it!

    • fetzie

      Why no FX? It works on both. And don’t be a pussy about the weight. No one gives a rats ass except some D40 ppl.

      • rat’s ass

        Hey, I own a D40 and don’t care about weight either. I’ just spend low on gear.
        Why no FX? Price.
        How much do you think a 35mm 1.8 FX would be? Certainly not the $200 the DX version costs…

      • Tony

        I’m a D40X user and I don’t care about weight either. If anything I complain about how LIGHT the D40X is. I used to tote around an F3 w/MD-4 and 70-210 so weight is not an issue.

      • Mike

        Well I’m a D40 user too and for me weight and size are well factors! What’s the point of having such a small DSLR if you have to mount a lens twice the size? I like to take it everywhere I go and for this use a 35 DX or 85 DX are (would be) perfect, just like a WA prime in between 16 and 20 mm. There it goes, I’m dreaming again… 😉

        • I guess if one is worried about the weight then a P&S would be more the answer than a DSLR.

    • fxed

      If you had a FX lens and camera your whole face would have been in the photo.

  • NikoDoby

    With Sony about to announce the “affordable” full frame A850. Nikon must be pretty confident in it’s future plans for DX. Could there really be a small compact with a DX sensor and f-mount coming?! DIGITAL SP PLEEEEASE!

  • grumps

    I’m a huge Nikon supporter. However, Canon can easily bring out Pro and consumer glass, and Sony too is stepping up their game with quality and affordable cameras and lenses.

    Nikon really needs to step up their strategies for business to stay ahead of the game now. Even if they bring out a coolpix projector (laughter in background).
    I’m heavily invested in Nikon FX… but it doesn’t mean I won’t feel bitter in the years to come! I really hope 2010 is the YEAR, I’ve already predicted out this year and next year will hopefully be a good year!

  • Jim

    “Now, that’s not to say we won’t get an FX 85mm update. Of course we will. Just that this patent leads me to believe they have developed and tested an 85mm DX VR lens.”

    Or, maybe they developed and patented an 85mm FX lens, but tested it on DX.

  • low

    I agree with the whiners!! I’m going canon! (that was a joke,btw)

  • Rob

    Coolpix with DX sensor! Hell yeah, its time for the P&S segment of the market to get real sensors. Nikon P6000 or a Canon G10 costs the same as a DSLR why can’t they perform as well? Ricoh, Fuji and Leica/Panasonic are also grasping at straws with their new technologies all they need to do is use a larger sensor! Pansonic G1 and Olympus pen are a start, mirrorless systems are pretty cool. Now if they can do that will a general purpose non removeable lens and sell it for the same price as a budget DSLR we will all be smiling.

  • Zoetmb

    RELAX! It’s a patent application, not a product announcement. A patent application means nothing. Firms file thousands of patents for which they never produce any products.

    But having said that, I don’t know why Nikon would even bother with DX primes at 50mm and above. How much larger would an FX prime be than a DX prime? Make an FX prime that everyone can use. The non-VR 35DX is 52mm, same as the old “FX” primes. The 85mm D 1.4 is 77mm and the 1.8 is 62mm – unless they’d have to be larger to accommodate VR (which they shouldn’t need to be since the 28-70 and the 70-200 are both 77mm), I see no reason to release both DX and FX versions at the same quality level.

  • Zoetmb

    And there is no reference within the patent application itself to DX. There is an 85mm measurement, but it could be a sample measurement of a zoom.

  • are they drunk … !

  • Here’s what I think will happen: AF-S 85mm f/1.8G DX and a 85mm f/1.4 for FX. Or they might make a 55 or 60mm 1.8 DX lens to get that “Normal” angle of view back like they did with the 35mm f/1.8.

  • Adam

    This is crap! First we got the 35mm f/1.8 DX which should have been 35mm f/1.8 FX! (heck, the FOV will still be the same if mount the FX on the DX body) and now this? CRAP! when will we start seeing FX primes then? Heck, consumers (if ppl refers DX to consumers and FX to pros that is), will just prefer to get a All In One zoom, they don’t give a damn about primes or owning a couple of lenses. Heck, lens quality is not their main concern too, they just want it cheap, so-so quality and has a huge zoom range.

  • canphtoto

    Could this be a 85mm DX F1.8 VR. if so, we will still get the 85 FX 1.4 with VR.

    Nikon could be saying 1.8 will be DX and 1.4 will be FX

  • yooooo

    are you certain that this patent shows an 85mm DX lens? i’ve been waiting so long for an 85 FX lens!

    i still love nikon xD

    • Anonymous

      there already is a 85mm FX lens – in fact there are two of them – in fact i count 14 FX primes at <200mm

      not to mention the 3 new PC-E lenses

      if you are in a big hurry to spend $1800 on a 85mm f1.4 AFS lens – i am sure that will be coming

      • yooooo

        i always feel bad when i buy a product then it gets updated so i’d rather wait for a new one. =P and when i dont have the latest gear i always lust for it and it affects my photography

        • Marc W.

          “i always feel bad when i buy a product then it gets updated so i’d rather wait for a new one. =P and when i dont have the latest gear i always lust for it and it affects my photography”

          I waited to hear about the 85mm 1.4 AF-S because I knew it would be very expensive and I wanted to the AF-D version to drop in price.

          I couldn’t wait for the price job, so I got a used AF-D. No regrets!

  • heartyfisher

    read through it .. lots of tech gobly gook.. may be its the patent for the 105 vr macro or a new dx 85mm version of that lens…..

  • Astrophotographer

    From my reading of the application is this:

    It is a DX 85mm (field of view 19.1 deg).

    Also, it’s 14 elements in 10 groups or there about (there are several variations of the design). That’s a lot of glass for a fixed focal length DX. This would be on the expensive side.
    Last, the maximum aperture isn’t specified (I can’t find it). With this much glass it could be faster than f1.4.

  • Calvin

    If I am Nikon, me too will push DX. Why?

    If Micro 3/4 is doing well, Nikon can easily produce a mirror-less camera using DX. This mean, technically it will win M3/4 with great choice of lenses.

    Now people are talking about small… definitely Nikon can make thing smaller. I am sure there are people who is looking for bigger unit. Just like got people using D60, got people using D300/700 and got people use D3.

  • Hey-nonny-mouse

    Nikon’s strategy appears to be:
    old 1.8 primes will be “upgraded” to new 1.8 dx primes
    old 1.4 primes will be “upgraded” to new 1.4 fx primes

    “serious amateurs” and “semi-pros” seem to be ill-considered in this strategy since many will not be interested in dx lenses but will not have the cash for 1.4 primes. Perhaps nikon’s strategy needs to consider a new segment:

    “amateurs” will “upgrade” to new dx primes
    “serious amatuers/semi pros” will “upgrade” to canon system
    “pros” will “upgrade” to new fx primes

  • Matt

    I think it sounds brilliant. Cheap and light f1.8 DX lenses. Expensive and heavy f1.4 FX lenses. Go for it, Nikon!

    • Astrophotographer

      Except with 14 elements this will be a heavy dx lens.

  • Lance

    My personal thoughts are that sometime in the distant future, all DSLRs will be FX, yes even the cheapest ones. As technology progresses and performance advantages become more and more important to keep market share, FX will push farther down the line until all DSLRs are FX. A DSLR will then be regarded as the “Pro” format, with the cheaper entry level models eventually dying off due to what happens with DX…

    DX sized sensors will eventually end up in a smaller format camera, kind of like the micro 4/3, and will be compatible with older DX glass with an adapter. Future DX glass will be smaller, with a smaller dedicated mount smaller than the current “F” mount. The camera body will be smaller with an electronic viewfinder and no mirror, just like the 4/3 system. The small size of the DX sensor will make this possible, but since it is still larger than the 4/3 will offer better performance by means of larger photosites.

    Today’s DX primes will be obsolete in 10 years only because there will be new versions released with the smaller Nikon “D” mount for the new smaller body, and also because the smaller body will not be able to mechanically actuate the aperture (though the adapter likely will be able to do this as directed by the camera body).

    Having said this, I’m happily shooting today with a D90 and a 35 1.8 DX prime, which is an AMAZING lens for the price. An 85mm 1.8 DX VR would be far too expensive to justify… most people wouldn’t spend $500 on a DX pime. If they could do it for $300 that would be a different story, but that’s a pipe dream.

    10 years from now I will have long moved on to an FX system, but 10 years is a long way away…

  • Brett

    These FX vs DX arguments are mostly from people that do not seem to understand the technology developements, cost structures and trends.
    1) Smaller sensors are cheaper than bigger ones. Semiconductors have been this way for 50 years with no end in site. Sensors are not going upsize, they continue to trend to downsize into less expensive markets
    2) ISO senstivity and dynamic range improve with each generation of sensor – Arguments for really fast high end lenses are less relavant when we could all be shooting ISO 12800 in a few years. A/D technology keeps improving. Thus, smaller, lighter lenses will provide “pro quality” speed. This has already happended to an extent with good low noise ISO400/800.
    3) Megapixels will be become much less meaningful. Mega pixels already are higher than the quality of many lenses. They are also high enough for high quality full page magazine prints. While there will always be a market for very high end, high res content, enough is enough.
    4) Nikon will be pushing DX lenses for the foresable future. It would not be a good marketing move, technical move or business move to shift prosumer, consumer DSLR to FX. They would simply loose market share by forcing more expensive lenses on the masses. It would also force them to introduce lower quality FX and demish the “pro” FX brand image.

    Long live DX. Nikon will continue to make better and better DX lenses, sharper, lighter, wider zoom ranges. Oh and my favorite lens is the 10.5mm FE. Prime and perfect for DX.

    • I disagree about expensive lenses being an issue, since there are literally tons of nikon lenses on the used market that work fine on FX gear. That said, selling a cheap FX body would be easy for Nikon because of all that available glass, but it wouldn’t benefit Nikon, so much as hurt the competition.

  • Astrophotographer

    As an end note, this is an f3.5 lens, (in the patent FNO = 3.6).

  • Ubiquitous

    No vigil, tonight? Aren’t the announcements coming out of Sweden and Austria on August 4th, their time?

  • When the Nikkor AFS 85mm VR DX is released, I will buy it. If they redo the AF 24 f/2.8D into something like a “AFS DX 24mm f/2.8 G”, I will buy that one too. I will stay with the DX format and upgrade from my D80 to the D300s in a couple of years.

    For me, this is a hobby, so all the big bucks for the pro fx stuff is not really necessary.

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