“Nikon will reveal something groundbreaking next week”

question_markThomas Lorenzen and Svend Erik Nørklit from Nikon Denmark held a press conference on Thursday in Copenhagen for the Nikon D300s, D3000 and the two new lenses. I received a report that at the end of the event they said "Nikon will reveal a groundbreaking news next week" (unconfirmed report). Look at the 11:00 entry in this report from that event (thanks for the link web-fotografen.dk).

I am still waiting on confirmations on the above story and on what's coming next week. The fact that is a weekend doesn't really help. There is a Nikon event scheduled for August 4th in Austria and in Sweden. I have received pictures of a Coolpix camera with a built-in projector. I am sorry, but this time I could not puplish the pictures online - I could only describe the camera (requested by the source). I can tell you that the camera looked like the Coolpix S60. Is this going to be the "groundbreaking news"? A new Nikon P6000 maybe? I don't know yet.

FYI: you can go to microvision.com for more info on those mini-projectors.

P.S: I added the 70-200 lens poll to the previous post.

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  • WoutK89

    they are gonna announce, that the coolpixes will become ‘cool’ finally? We need some serious P&S from Nikon. Will Nikon be groundbreaking in terms of they will put a DX sensor in a pocketable camera (‘fixed’ lens), for a reasonable price?

    • regular

      I doubt Coolpixes will get cooler. I would rather bet my money on Nikon getting in the jackhammer business!

    • Mike

      I would love that! The 12 Mpix CMOS from the D5000/D90/D300 paired with a fixed focal lens in between 24-50 mm FF eqiuv. and at least a f:2.8 light. If it focuses more less as fast as my D40, is not larger than the Canon G10, has some sort of EVF or OVF and quite intuitive handling I’ll be the first one to buy!

      Nikon just don’t overdo it – it’s not worth more than 700$ 😛

      • Zograf

        I doubt a DX sensor can be put into a small rangefinder style camera. The reason is the problem Leica encountered with their M8 digital camera — glancing rays and the need for a special design of the microlenses. Even the Foveon sensor with a crop factor 1.7 probably was too big for the Sigma DP1 and they had to restrict the aperture of the 28mm lens to 4. Looks like the optimal size of a sensor for such cameras is the micro 4/3 with a crop factor 2. And yet again, if you want to use wide, ultra-wide lenses (say less than 28mm equivalent) you have to use retrofocus designs which are big.

        • There are good reasons to not use a dx sized sensor in a compact…but you’re not even close. Try again. The above is an incarnation of the garbage/FUD from all the excuse makers who were jealous of Canon and the original 1Ds.

          Digital just exposes the existing weaknesses of existing lenses. The other manufacturers just played on the ignorance of most photographers and tried to call it something it wasn’t. CA can look cool in print, but when you see it at 100% on your monitor it looks like shit. The 1Ds showed these weaknesses, as did the crop sensor cams, but often to a lesser degree.

          Leica didn’t encounter a problem, they planned ahead for problems they didn’t encounter (weird sideways moving light that doesn’t really happen) and ignored the problems they should have expected (total lack of AA filter is a mistake, not a feature). This was total ignorance on Leica’s part, because they didn’t know a thing about digital–or it was some twisted marketing thing. Maybe it has to do with Leica users general belief in mojo and Leica played up what they think their users believe. Whatever the case, it’s ignorant mojo worship, just like you see with audiophiles.

          No offense intended, but do you even know what retrofocus is? Based on the above, it doesn’t sound like you do.

          Larger aperture lenses are bigger and that is likely why the DP1 only has an f4 lens–they were probably trying to keep it compact. Looks like they succeeded.

          If a dx sensor-ed compact camera was bulky it would not be because it’s impossible to make a compact compact camera with a DX sensor. If such a camera existed it would likely be bulky because R&D on a proper compact lens was too expensive.

          Then again look at all the compact 35 that were on the shelves only a few years ago. The manufacturers have quite a few compact lens designs to choose from. Framed that way, we could see a compact dx or 35mm sized sensor camera in the not so distant future.

    • Pdf Ninja

      I hope it’s going to be a compact with a large sensor and a fast lens.

  • Web-fotografen.dk

    I also bet thath it will be an improved sonsor i the top af the coolpix lineup.
    But they can also throw in a bomb, something else then pepole would expect???
    (Something else then coolpix)

  • I think one would leave the most important new for the end. If you get your “big guns” and then announce only boring coolpix cameras, nobody will care. They should have announce the collpix cameras first to attract attention and then do the kill with the D300s, D3000 and the 2 lenses. Now I am thinking that they may really have a BIG news (bigger than the D300s, D3000…). The lack of rumors means either boring coolpix cameras or something that nobody has seen yet and has not left Nikon’s labs yet. Maybe a new technology that will come in 2010?

    • WoutK89

      Coolpix with diffractive optics like the weird media headset thingy?

    • EB

      Medium Format?!

      • Dan

        It might be the new “Backlit Sensor” to be announced that would be considered “BIG” or the D4. But I don’t think it will be anything to wake you up or make you drool about.

  • Ryan

    i hate digi- cameras… i can only shoot with DSLRs… never shot with a point and shoot unless it was with my girlfriend or friends… even then i usually have my D300 with me.

  • It has begun 🙂

    Admin, great job on this site!

    • Chad

      I agree.. this site has really blown up, keep up the great work!

      • “With great power comes great responsibility”

  • NikoDoby

    A Digital SP!!!!!!!! Or another free Blues Traveler concert…….sigh.

  • D700s/x? That would be nice (but likely too close to the D300s). Perhaps Nikon is making digital camcorders now?

    • EB


  • NikoDoby

    Admin does the projector equipped Coolpix look like R2D2?

    • Anonymous

      Nope. It looks like C3P0.

      • Anonymous

        as long as it doesn’t look (or behave) live jabba…

        • Benny Lava

          Or sound like Jar Jar…

  • Curt

    Was there a focus wheel on the camera you saw?


    • [NR] admin

      no, the camera was really tiny – it looked like the Coolpix S60

      • Curt

        Thanks – this would confirm it’s Microvision inside if in fact they announce one (camera w/embedded projector). Can’t wait for next week!

  • rAMeN

    could it have something to deal with the d40?
    i vaguely remember reading a comment about some saying they were going to purchase a d40, as something BIG was coming in the summer

    • rAMeN

      From the post about Kelby:
      Posted June 23, 2009 at 10:25 pm | Permalink
      I will be selling my D200 on Ebay this week.
      Why ? Because I am buying a D40 (6MP).
      And why am I buying a 6Mp camera, after owning a D200 ????
      That’s all I can say for now, but this summer is going to be hot….”

    • Zograf

      D40 was fantastic camera, I keep my 18-55DX kit lens just in case I decide to buy it again.. or something similar, say D40s with Fuji their SR sensor

  • Nature shooter

    I would absolutely love to see a SMALL Nikon compact dSLR like the new Olympus; It would also be really cool to get a sort of Retro-styled camera with modern technology (dx sensor inside the frame of a Nikon F?) That would be awesome!!!!

  • It will be the HOLY PRIMITY!

    135mm f/2.0 AF-S VR Nano
    200mm f/2.8 AF-S VR Nano
    300mm f/4.0 AF-S VR Nano

    Trust me, I know, at some time in our lifetime we will see those lenses announced!

    • Lawliet

      If the 70-200/2.8II lives up to the expectations I see little room for a 200/2.8.
      Guess not that many people only need 200mm, and an additional 135 eats the weight and size advantage of the prime. That would run under “collectors edition”.
      Just as the 14/2,8 was instantly made obsolete by the 14-24/2,8, but without the excuse of the release dates.

  • low

    we’re in for a treat

  • MB

    At some time in some lifetime somebody will see something extraordinary from Nikon.
    What we will see in a near future is nothing of a kind, unless projector equipped Coolpix and similar toys is that for you. Unfortunately not even P6000 replacement is planed.

  • bishop

    what about that technology stated in the so called leaked roadmap for the D400 and D4? Something about being able to take 2 photos at once and combine them for better dynamic range or super fast fps. just a guess.

    • Anonymous

      OMFG. the raodmap was a BS wishlist! how have u not realzied that?!

  • moloko

    I think it’s to do with Sony’s low cost FX camera that has been leaked. D3X sensor in D700 body with full HD video and possibly new body similar to D700?

    Here is the Sony leak: http://www.engadget.com/2009/08/01/sony-alpha-850-dlsr-manual-pops-up-on-hong-kong-support-site/

    • mario

      I agree. The gap between Sony and Nikon 24 mp would be far to big, already is€4000

  • Daniel

    “world novelty”, not ground breaking news, but we’re never the less in for a big treat next week.
    I’m hoping for a MX release finally, or perhaps the D700x

  • turbo v6 camaro

    umm i think he said that to hype it up………. like admind said no rumors about anything….. they wont announce something that trumps the D300s cause it will affect sales

    EG. “hey guys we have this new tech due out next year”. d300 to D3X sales would nearly halt. I’m almost ready to buy a D300s but if they announced that i would hold out.

    a “d400” wont come out untill at least Q4 of 2010 if my guess is right that 3 years from d300 realse

  • fingers crossseeedddd…

  • Ebbe

    I’m sure this requires the quality of a projector like Microvision.

  • Ubiquitous

    Mr. Admin: great job, again!

    My guess is the D700x/s or xs – not interested. The lenses, well! Outside of the AF-S 85mm f/1.4 VRII – not interested. I’m into Zeiss now. Sorry Nikon, you guys are a bit too late for me. I’m marching to my own timetable and not Nikon’s.

  • Rosco

    “the HOLY PRIMITY”

    Sorry you mean 24, 28 and 35mm! 🙂

  • Zoetmb

    Sorry guys, but I think it’s going to be what the Admin wrote: a new Coolpix with a projector built in. That’s the supposed “groundbreaking” part. And in a way, it is – after all, who else currently has it?

    But it’s not going to be any DSLRs or DSLR lenses or a Coolpix with a DX sensor or anything else you’re fantasizing about.

    • WoutK89

      hehe, dreaming keeps the rumor mill going, look at all the dreams the Admin had lately, do you question those? 🙂

  • Alex

    D700x please. 24.5MP, with 1080p (24,25 & 30 fps) 48Khz PCM 16 Bit 2 channel audio with balanced inputs (attachment – not through mini jack) That is the minimum of my requirements! Yes, this is a NEEED, not a want! I won’t be able to survive without it.
    Then if it can do higher resolutions and higher frame rates, this will be the icing on the cake.
    But if this is a P&S camera with a built-in projector…soooooo not interested. I like my Panasonic Lumix TZ5 for a P&S.

  • John C

    Don’t forget that Nikon reports quarterly result next week on the 5th. With the economy as it is, “groundbreaking news” doesn’t necessarily have to be product related. It could be an acquisition, a corporate investment, a promising new patent, or any number of financial related items instead.

  • Gary

    If the “groundbreaking news” is anything to do with any point and shoot, even the projector, then this will be very disappointing indeed, and not really that “groundbreaking.”

    I mean, how lame is it when a Coolpix is the best you can do to try to excite the market.

    If it is to live up to the hype, it needs to be in the DSLR market. That’s where the profit margins are anyway, and that is where brands like Nikon build their reputation.

  • Full frame rangefinder? 😀

    I’m really, really, really hoping for a 35mm 1.4 or second best a 24mm 1.4. But groundbreaking? It must be a D800.

  • Willis

    A ground breaking sb-700 w/ a new innovation called “intuitive user controls” or to say it another way, buttons that do what the label says when you press them.

  • NikoDoby

    I think we’re getting worked up over a Nikon projector that takes pictures too. That’s all folks, unfortunately nothing more :^(

  • Thuan Nguyen

    i guess d 90xs will be released next week since canons ready to announce its eos 60D ( Last year, 1 day later after the announcement of 50D, the D90 was released ).

    • turbo v6 camaro

      AHHH PLEASE NO MY d90 value will tank

  • Dan

    Or better yet a D1000000

    • Alex

      I heard that will be the first DSLR to come out with a 1GigaPixel sensor. (96x64mm)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it will be another DSLR announcement, not in FX/DX format anyway. Perhaps Nikon will blind-side everyone and annouce the MX format?

    • Desinderlase

      And which nikon lens to use on MX format?

  • Gordon

    It could be a D3s as the timing co-incides with the D300 initial release date and refresh?

    I think Nikon still has at least one more DSLR annoucement for the year and more likely at the high end range. All the indicators point to it, there were four bodies announced in 2008: 2 x DX (D60/D90) & 2 x FX (D700/D3X). In 2009 so far we have 3 x DX (D3000/D5000/D300s) but no FX announcements and nothing at the high-end.

    No doubt there is a D3s in the works but there is also still a glaringly obvious gap with lack of high-resolution options and re-use of the 24.5MP sensor. Looking at the list below of current camera models and original release dates, there seems room for one more new FX body and that uses the D3X sensor.

    D3X – FX 24.5MP (1/12/08)
    D3 – FX 12.1MP (23/8/07)
    D700 – FX 12.1MP (1/7/08)
    D300s – DX 12.3MP Video (30/7/09)
    D90 – DX 12.3MP Video (27/8/08)
    D5000 – DX 12.3MP Video (14/4/09)
    D60 – DX 10.2MP (29/1/08)
    D3000 – DX 10.2MP (30/7/09)

  • anon

    This announcement is probably about medium format, which is going to be impossible to afford anyway…

  • grumps

    While we’re at this speculation, why even go D3s or the like?
    Is that groundbreaking? Why not just goto the D4!

  • NikoDoby

    People I’m telling you it’s just the world’s first camera with a built-in projector! NO medium format, NO D700ABCXS, NO D800, and NO D3S.

    Maybe they stuck the D40 6mp DX sized sensor in a Coolpix? But could they can’t really call that groundbreaking can they?

    • Anonymous

      I agree. They’re not going to release anything DSLR that will overshadow the D300s.

  • afterdarkernikon

    The only groundbreaking is Nikon will become sister company of Sony and together they will beat the hell out of competition hehehehe.

    Joking aside, I hope that this is really something big not just a gimmick like the BIG announcement made last time.

  • Derek

    i wold like anythoings beyond d3. d3s, d4 the best ~!

  • NikoDoby

    Admin got his dream wrong and the BIG announcement is that Mr. David Ritz is actually buying NIKON !!!!!! :^)

  • photomic

    I wish for a price reduction of the D700

    or maybe (I know it’s impossible) a simple and cheap FF body…
    I don’t need video-live view-big diplays and other crap…
    I only need a good viewfinder, simple controls and stop.
    something basic like a FM or FE but digital… I’m the only one?

  • Ron Scubadiver

    Groundbreaking? How about a P&S with a jackhammer built in. That will break some ground, LOL.

    • Jon Paul

      With Vibration Reduction II, no doubt.

  • Human

    a) FX or DX video camera with interchangeable F-mount lenses.
    b) DX compact with fast fixed focal length lens.
    c) New line of interchangeable lens DX compacts based on a mirrorless design. (i.e. Nikon’s answer to micro 4/3)

    These are guaranteed to not be announced.


    The only thing groundbreaking to me would be a D700x, 80-400mm replacement, or some wide primes.

    • WoutK89

      which obviously wont come next week 😉

  • mark boucher

    Manual control for video maybe?

    • WoutK89

      hehe, that would be nice, announcing the D300s, and one week later announce the manual functions while you have some coolpixes to announce at the same time 😛

      • Anonymous

        please it is about time for manual control. I was worried with the release of the d300s that they were going to make the manual control a distinguishing feature between d90/d5000 and the d300s luckily that hasn’t happened so far but my d90 needs manual video control. Please nikon this is the groundbreaking announcement I want.

  • Anonymous

    ok what about..?
    the 11 entry says …..but Nikon is promising news for a world press conference next week……

    74 post for anything….?

    • NikoDoby

      75 post for nothing

      • WoutK89

        hehe, and reading through the google translation, at 10:24 it says the first camera with english menus. Wonder what language I have been using all these years in my camera 😀
        And that makes 76 posts wasted?

      • Anonymous

        thanks ..bro

  • Anonymous

    Completely revised sensor? Something multi-layer, like the foveon?

  • hoousi

    A FF D90 model, dream come true, paired with a 24 F1.8 for 1000 USD….. Ooops, just woke up

  • Michael

    I just can’t see anything Point and Shoot being “groundbreaking”. That is just me. I have nothing againt them, I have one in my truck at all times, just in case.

    I think we will see a D700x or a D3s this year but I don’t think they would announce that a week after the D300s and D3000. That would steal their “thunder”.

    I don’t know. I do remember reading that someone’s neighbor had been testing something for Nikon and told the neighbor that he was selling all the equipment he currently has so he can buy the new.

    I don’t know. I guess we will have to wait till Tuesday.


  • Alex

    Unless it’s the exact product and specs I’m looking for, no less and no more, I’m switching to some other system!

    Unless it’s some impossibly high end product at the price of a kit lens, I’m switching to some other system!

    If it’s $50 more than an arbitrary price I picked out (and I should know – after all I buy stuff) I’m switching to another system!

    If it’s not the exact same product at the exact same price as some other system, I’m switching to another system!

    If it’s DX, I’m switching to another system!

    If it’s Coolpix, I’m switching to another system!

    If it’s a zoom I’m switching to another system!

    If it’s slower than f/2.8 I’m switching to another system!

    Unless it’s an f/4.0 zoom I’m switching to another system!

    If only those fools at Nikon would listen to us their products would all make sense!

    • Gordon

      If my Nikon even looks at me funny I’m switching systems. 😀

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