Several readers have asked for it. I am sure I did not cover all possible answer, but the results will be interesting (multiple choices allowed):

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  • dB

    Um…. what about the 70-200? I’m buying that, but you just asked about the 18-200 twice. See what late night blogging does?

    • Gerald

      I think he made a mistake as there are 2 polls for 18-200.

      • Zoetmb

        And what’s interesting is that there are different results for the same question. Shows how unreliable these polls are.

        • Anonymous

          this is statistics, it normalizes over the amount of participants.
          compare it to a dice. if you throw it a couple times there won’t be a consistent result, but with a “couple” you’ll see that each number has the same probability.

          • Robb Mann

            Um, I think most reasonable people would assume that the 2nd 18-200 question was actually meant for the 70-200. At least that’s what I did.

  • Gerald

    I’d get a D700s/x if it not only has a 24MP sensor, but to also have high-ISO and faster speed of processing pictures taken in the camera.

  • Mark J

    Waiting for a D700 update that has the 24mp sensor and HD Video wrapped into a package costing under $3k. Or up to $4k if it can handle 6+FPS.

  • Ideally I want a D700s which should have 16MP.

    • Zograf

      That’s it, I am with you. And if the dynamic range could be somewhat further increased would be great.

  • Amary

    Already have D700. Would consider _adding_ a D400 (I miss my D300 for some things…), or a D700x (with the same pixel-density of a D3 & D300/s), but would keep the D700 as well (unless a 700x somehow manages to match it on noise (at reduced resolution, if necessary).

    Don’t care much about the memory card. I think I prefer they stick with CF cards for the semi-pro and pro bodies, since they tend to be available in larger capacities and faster speeds. And I already have a bunch, along with a really fast FireWire reader.

    And I’m getting the new 70-200. I’ve been (limping along) waiting for it for a long time…

    • Steve

      I completely agree. The D700x wouldn’t interest me as much unless it matches the D700 on noise/ISO. I also agree about the memory cards. I prefer CF cards because they’re usually faster at higher speeds and I already have a lot of them. SD cards are also more flimsy and harder to find if you drop one on a shoot.

  • Char

    Once again, for the D700, “my” option is not included.

    Would probably buy it if it has the 24MP sensor of the D3x AND an sRAW mode, since I need the 24MP rarely (i.e. for landscapes). The sRAW mode should feature 12MP (for normal shooting) and 6MP (for parties etc.) and have about the noise characteristics of the D700 at 12MP – yes, that is possible, as the D3x shows, at reduced resolution the noise is not much higher than the one of the D700.

    A movie mode with 1080p and full manual controls would be a nice addition which might convince me further, though I probably would rarely use it. However, that camera would have to have all I need, since I would, if I buy it, want to have a camera for the next 4 years at minimum. And maybe I would want a movie mode in three years, so…

  • Kenneth Solfjeld

    What about the 70-200? Id really like a question about that!

  • John

    I had first a Nikon D50, then D200. I still use the D200 and I am very happy with it. I know that the D300 would be a step forward for me, but actually I wanted to wait for the D400. Now I am a bit disappointed because the D300s is nothing else than a D300 with video functions. So I will continue to wait till a D400 comes out. Should have around 15 MP (as the D200 has 10 MP and the D300/D300s 12).

    Of course I would buy a D700 if the price would be a little bit more realistic for me.

  • BAH!

    These polls dont make sense. They are highly biased towards the NEGATIVE by not providing a balanced option of positive results. You need to offer “I will consider buying it” and something like “I like this product but its not right for me.”

    You can’t JUST have “I am buying this product NO MATTER WHAT” — thats a loaded answer. That means you would buy it even if there was a better lens available. Its the insane persons answer.

    Worst polls ever — nice try though. Needs more thought!

    • moregan17

      worst poll ever? just tell him what he should change and don’t be a jerk.

    • Anonymous

      totally agree

  • afterdarkernikon

    He is probably sleepy and tired and messed up the poll cause he listed 18-200 2x instead of putting 70-200.

  • Alex

    Admin, looks like people expect you to be a professional statistician. Are people taking you and/or this website way too seriously? I think people miss the point of just having a little bit of fun.

  • Jay

    D300s & D3000, don’t care becasue I am using D90

    new 18-200, I had the old one, but sold it right away just before the official release. Credit to NR. No going to get a new one.

    new 70-200, don’t have the need now, since i have 70-300. If I need the bigger aperture I will consider, but don’t have the need now.

    D700x, I am waiting for it to release, so I can buy a used D700…

    I would agree the poll options weren’t great, because beside D300s and D3000, I donno what to choose.

  • Nikkorian

    I’m quite surprised about the result that so many people want 24MP. Strength of D700 for me is definitely high-iso performance and high dynamic range. Those should be improved in a D800 even more. I don’t need the pixels. Video would be a nice feature, but I wouldn’t pay more than 200$ in excess of a non-video model.

  • D700x

    I want a D700x with :
    -24.5mp (D3x sensor)
    -FULL HD VIDEO 1920X1080 30fps(To compete with the canon 5DMK2)

    But I think the price might over $3k…D3x sensor not cheap!~

  • Imetoreth

    Give me a camera with video with manual exposure and I am happy (a D90 like camera would be in my price bracket, can’t they do that with a firmware upgrade for the d90? or they could but they just don’t want to?).

    The Panasonic GH1 and the Canon 5D Mark II have manual exposure, why not Nikon?

  • mikko

    I don’t get it, who needs 24mps sensor? And for what? Are you making some wall size posters of your photos? Don’t anyone care that those photos just fill your hard drives, makes your camera slower, makes your ISO sensitivity worse and also slows down photo management on your computer?

    I would love to have D700s with 1080p (24fps) movie mode.

    • Anonymous

      come on mr excpert……..d700s SUCKS ,

    • Ken Elliott

      Who needs 24 MP? Well, since I have a 44″ wide printer, I do. The d700 is good up to about 24″ x 36″ prints, then starts to fall off. The D700x would give me a slight improvement at 24×36 and let me print larger. Plus, in DX mode it would be close to the D300 – handy.

      But even if they only give us a D700s with video, I’m sure it will sell well. I just won’t be a customer, since I have a D700 and D300, I’ll only want to add a higher MP landscape camera for printing big.

  • anon

    maybe i missed this, but i don’t see an “IF” designation on the new 70-200. Is it not internal focusing?

  • Vahid

    the poll of 18-200 is repeated !!

  • Justin

    Basically I want a 5Dmkii with D700’s AF under 3k. Don’t care if it’s Nikon or Canon.

  • D40-Owner

    I believe these polls don’t reflect actual needs or plans from the voters.
    I get a feeling that most people posting here and voting in the above polls are just frustrated that Nikon didn’t release the $1500 D400 with 2kx4k 60fps video and ISO 25.000 or the FX improved $1500 70-200 f/2 VRIII. Meaning these are the rants of unrealistic expectations, both in price and specs… People will always complaint about what they don’t have, even though they don’t stop to really think if they need it, or if a company can fulfill everyone’s desires at the same time.
    Where’s my $10.000, 300mph, 100mpg Ferrari?

    I for myself am very happy with my D40 and its 6MP and no video. I currently have (in purchase order):
    – kit 18-55 II (came with camera, great all round)
    – 105 2.8 AF Micro (manual focus macro for family items)
    – 80-200 2.8 AF-S (my nephews – theater and sports)
    – DX 35 1.8 AF-S (low light indoor party)
    Lenses that I’ve been purchasing every 6 months or so since I got the camera. I basically add gear every time I realize I can’t make needed shots with the lenses I have. And no camera in the world would ever get me the same shots if I only kept my 18-55.

    Would I like a D700s with 1080p video and the amazing 12MP sensor? Of course! Can I justify it? No, not for me. I am just a casual shooter that takes pictures for the family and friends, as I’m sure most people here are too. So my 6MP are enough, and the fast glass makes up for my D40 ISO that gets noisy above 800.


    • What’s your problem? Don’t you realize that unless you’re screaming bloody murder and ranting/whining/carrying on about something in here you’re not a valuable contributing member?

      (In other words, good job and having a level head)

  • gurbally

    D700x with 16-20 mps will be great if it can give us 6fps and full HD video.
    Except for 70-200mm VR II, Nikon has wasted its resources and time on 18-200mm and two cameras. None of my friends is interested in any of these.

  • gurbally

    “Basically I want a 5Dmkii with D700’s AF under 3k. Don’t care if it’s Nikon or Canon.”
    Justin, I agree with you, and just add 6fps.

  • I’m waiting for the update on the D700(x)(s), until then what I have will do an upgrading to what is offered isn’t a big enough jump in capability to justify it.

  • theChipmunk

    I basically want a D700 with full HD video tacked on and manual exposure.

    Obviously I wouldn’t mind a 24MP sensor, but *ONLY* if it didn’t come at the expense of high-ISO performance. In other words, if it stayed with the same (brilliant) 12MP sensor, I wouldn’t be heart-broken.

    I know I’ll use the video since I already shoot some on an FZ7, which is far from pro-quality. 1080p w/ manual exposure and external stereo input would hit the spot nicely. I just wish it had been out in time for my holidays (next week!), but I’ll continue using the FZ7 and OM20 and wait – not because I’m a gear freak, but because I want the right features. Plus, though I want it now, I don’t strictly need it and anyone who buys a camera a month or two before a new one is rumoured without really needing it is an eejit!


    P.S. Yes, I know if you’re a pro and you need a camera etc…and I know people might howl, “Just go and take some pictures, already!” but it’s not as if I don’t, I just want to get the right camera and I’ll make do with what I’ve got at the minute, because I can see my perfect camera coming. If it doesn’t come in the form of the D700x/s/whatever, then I’ll have to rethink and maybe go for the D700 or the D300s.

  • audiotweak

    The new 70-200 is the only one on my list. I’d consider a d700x but only if image quality justified it over the d700.

  • jbl

    Yeah finally a poll about the D700s hehe

    I’m waiting for a D700s with manual control over a 1080p video feature at 24fps or 30fps, and a 720p @ 60fps would be nice for when you need the speed.

    If I don’t get that (d700s or d700xs with manual control and 1080p video) I’ll switch to canon.

    • mikeg76

      Not the vested in Nikon if you are considering switching that quickly. It would be very difficult for some of us to do so, then 5 years down the road switch back.

  • Ryan

    i think we have some camera inventors in here… not

  • wistily

    My wish would be a D300s with FX sensor and a sub 1500 price.
    I don’t care about 24 MP.

    • Daf

      300 +FX = 700
      so 300s + FX would more likely be a 700s and I doubt very much a sub 1,500 price as the 700 is still £1,730

      • Jose Porto

        I think the following is more correct:
        D300s + FX = D700 + 100% viewfinder coverage + 720p/24 video
        Nikon has been careful to ‘cripple’ someway their no pro-cameras, the D300s is DX sensor sized, the D700 is 95% viewfinder coverage.
        I guess if D700x comes to light this year it will be like 24mp@3.5fps still 95% viewfinder coverage.

  • Loki

    I just want D3000 type control and size (simple and small) with FX.
    Should be under $1000.

    It seems Nikon is keeping the FX for the pro for marketing purposes.

  • I added the 70-200 poll – my browser have cached it and it looked good to me before posting it…

  • Asprine

    The last D700s Poll needs:
    I will buy the D700s id it has 100% viewfinder!!

    • Daf

      Although the higher Mpx is the most important factor for me in a 700x/s – this would also be great.

  • Bart

    You can throw out the poll results for the 70-200/2.8; anybody who’s reading the blog through RSS (and who is not?) will think it’s the 18-200 poll and only discover that it’s not after encountering the *next* poll.

    But by then they have already voted…

    • Bart,
      I added a small comment in the next post – that way readers can come back and vote again for the 70-200 lens. Like someone already said – after certain amount of votes, the % for each selection will not change

  • Daf

    Cool taa.

    Still on with my estimate of only 5-10% interested in the 300s

  • Jose Porto

    I would say the D700 poll is missing the ‘I would not buy it’ option.
    Even if most of NR dwellers decant for FX/FF, I believe advantages of APS-C, 4/3 and m4/3, even at current technology levels, outweight the cons.

  • D700 poll also doesn’t have an “I already own the D700, don’t need/want a D700(x)(s).”

  • Ben

    I’m surprised by the number of people interested in 24mp over the 12mp. I’d VASTLY prefer 12mp with even more exposure latitude and noise performance then I would 24, or 50, or 100mp. The number of times that the extra MP would be useful to me as an event photographer (and most people, amateur and pro) are just simply dwarfed by the number of times I wish I could hit 25600 ISO with ISO 6400 performance (I know, I’m sooooo spoiled already!). Or a 32bit full HDR image from a single shutter release. That would be a zillion times more useful then another 10-20 (or 100) more mp.

    • Ben

      And I forgot to mention, I use a D700, d300, D3, and used to use a D70, and D200, so I’ve followed the performance curve since early on. I would sell the D300 for another d700s/x if it had the video mode, the backup SD card slot (obviously id prefer 2 CF slots like the D3, but id live with the backup SD slot). If it had 24mp then I’d pick up a used/discounted D3/D700 instead. I have no interest in bloating my already large workflow with files 2+ times the size of my current ones that won’t sell any better to my clients then my 12mp files do.

  • ikaros999

    just announce that 700x now!
    so we all can sleap again

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