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Nikon SB-700

Alibaba is selling digital camera flash tubes for Nikon SB-700 flash unit: At the same time you can make a search for any unreleased Nikon model on this site and you will find several matches: Nikon D800, Nikon D400, etc. The flash tubes however could be real.

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The last batch of Nikon point and shoot cameras delayed

Update: for some reason several Best Buy stores already have the Nikon S70 in stock. The latest Nikon p&s models will be delayed as follow (1 month later than originally expected): Nikon Coolpix S1000pj will be available on October 23 Nikon S70 and Nikon S570 on September 19 Nikon Japan via Engadget Engadget also just published a “Nikon […]

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Nikon ViewNX and Nikon Camera Control Pro having problems with Snow Leopard?

Update – Nikon’s official statement: Q: Is Nikon software compatible with Mac OS X “Snow Leopard”? A: Nikon generally announces compatibility information for new OS versions within 30 days of the OS release and until compatibility is announced we suggest not upgrading critical systems as we cannot guarantee operation. Initial testing of Nikon software with Apple’s new […]

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Nikon related news/links

The second version (v1.1) of DSLR Camera Remote iPhone app (now with Nikon support) got approved and is now available at the app store (click here for more info on this product) Availability updated: Nikon F2.8 70-200 VRII will be available in Canada on November 16th Nikon pours 200,000 euros in its first store in […]

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Which one is it going to be? (Nikon D700s or Nikon D700x)

At, that point it seems that the chances of a Nikon D700s (D700+video) are higher than a new Nikon D700x (D700 + 24 MP sensor). Nikon Australia seems to think so – a technical rep said to a dpreview reader “We’ve just heard, there will be no D700x“. PhotographyBay caught another tip from Southern Photo […]

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Nikon D300s in stock @ Calumet, Ritz

Nikon D300s (both body only and the 18-200 kit) are now in stock @ Calumet Ritz just got them in stock as well

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Nikon D3000 in stock @ Amazon, Ritz

Nikon D3000 in stock @ Amazon now Ritz just got them in stock as well

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Nikon D300s @ Best Buy today

A birdy told me that my local Best Buy will get the goodies today (Thursday, August 27th). The Nikon D300s and D3000 just came out of the box when I got there – they were still charging the batteries and I did not have a lot of time to change the settings – the videos […]

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