Nikon ViewNX and Nikon Camera Control Pro having problems with Snow Leopard?

Update - Nikon's official statement:

Q: Is Nikon software compatible with Mac OS X "Snow Leopard"?

A: Nikon generally announces compatibility information for new OS versions within 30 days of the OS release and until compatibility is announced we suggest not upgrading critical systems as we cannot guarantee operation. Initial testing of Nikon software with Apple's new "Snow Leopard" Mac OS 10.6 indicates that there are incompatibilites with Nikon Capture NX 2, Nikon View NX and Nikon Scan, users of these applications should not upgrade their OS at this time. When more compatibility information is available it will be posted on the Nikon web site.

On Firday Apple started selling the latest version of their operating system Snow Leopard. I haven't ordered mine yet, but a NR reader send me those screenshots - apparently there is some kind of a problem and a weird menu is displayed when ViewNX 1.4.0 and Camera Control Pro 2.6 run on Snow Leopard:


ViewNX 1.4.0 and Snow Leopard


Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.6 & Snow Leopard

Also some issues with the latest verions of Capture NX2.2.2"

"Capture NX2.2.2 will launch after installation, however the previews in the browser window will show no image and opening NEF files causes error messages, so we're unable to open files with that. I deleted 2.2.2 and installed 2.2.0 which shows the previews nicely and opens files like it should."

Anyone else experiencing similar problem? Any solutions?

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  • Yes, I am afraid Snow Leopard has several issues with Photoshop CS3 as well. I was warned by a friend who works for Apple but paid no attention. Now I wish I had not installed it so soon. I am sure these issues will be worked out like they always have but reporting back to the manufacturer is the best thing to do.

    • NikoDoby

      Yep, they want you to upgrade to CS4 !!! (but you didn’t hear it from me, shhhhh)

    • Dweeb

      See the John Nack Adobe blog for why every CS3 issue has not been addressed. It sort of explains why Adobe don’t really update their software after you broke your wallet on it.

  • Curtis Juliber

    FYI…. I have not had any problems with NX 2.2.2 and Snow Leopard… running on either my MacBook Pro or Mac Pro.

  • Ronan

    Upgraded and now our workflow just took a hit.

    Doing our client work on my MSI laptop running vista, where everything is working properly.

    $10,000 apple rig gathering dust. Go Apple, keep sucking like always.

    • macd

      Only it’s Nikon sucking like always. Snow Leopard was available to developers – and in near final form – to test their software for several months already. However, Nikon haven’t even bothered to install and just launch their apps on developer builds ONCE to confirm the problem exist, let alone fix the problem.
      No problems with Apple here – just lazy Nikon don’t case about their software quality.

      • Dweeb

        It’s no surprise that Apple aren’t Nikon’s preferred operating system. Snow Leopard will break my monitor, scanner, and printer, something I’ve never had happen before with Apple. They also contend it is Dell and Epson’s problems to mod their drivers.

        NX3 will likely be a radical re-write to fix, well, everything. Probably to appear next Spring while Nikon are withholding their new hardware until Photokina.

        • Adam

          hmm I understand with scanner and printer (but that is cuz of the move to 64 bit and unless your respective scanner and printer manufacturer didn’t update their driver, guess you’re toast, but I do heard that chose to run your app in 32bit mode can help solve some of the problems that occur in SL) but how is it possible for SL to break your monitor? as far as I know, there isn’t drivers for monitors

      • yrsued

        FYI, Nikon does NOT make the software, NIK does!!

        If anyone is at fault is NIK, for not making 2.2.2 to run on Snow Leopard!!


    • This shows only that you should always wait for the first signals about incompatibilities to come out. Especially when you’re making money on those machines. No matter if you’re running MS or Apple software/OS.

      That’s why I will only upgrade my MacBook first and test everything BEFORE I upgrade my main machine.

      So you really can’t blame Apple for this.

      • Ronan

        Thats the only apple computer we have. Update was done by a Apple tech (or w/e they are called).

        • king

          Do you honestly expect the apple guy to go through every one of your applications and compare them to a list of *3rd party* applications that currently are incompatible? That sounds a little ridiculous.

          The lesson to be learned here: NEVER do major updates on production machines until the dust has settled and the bugs have been worked out (in most cases, on the 3rd party developer’s ends of things).

    • steve

      I am happy to put the “$10,000 apple rig gathering dust” off of your hands. I’ll be by tomorrow say 8:00 AM?

    • I’d never upgrade ‘mission critical’ kit so soon or without doing some tests firsts. However I’m sure you will have made a full backup prior to installing Snow Leopard so simply restore it and carry on as before.

      • Ronan

        He is coming back ‘today’ to reinstall the previous OS.

    • Gustav

      Oh please. Nikon hires bad programmers, and it’s Apple’s fault. Most Mac software weathered the transition to Snow Leopard just fine.

      • yrsued

        Nikon hired NIK!!

        NIK has the problem, non Nikon!!


  • Zorro

    I just don’t “get” the rush to install the newest version of an operating system. The only reason I went from Panther (skipping Tiger altogether) to Leopard was because my new machine required Leopard. The software you run on your computer is more important than the operating system.

    I understand that Snow Leopard is faster than Leopard. I will test it by first cloning my hard drive to an external drive and installing it there. I will install it on my Mac only if there are no problems with the test installation.

    • Ronan

      The product was given to us free as part of our contract with Apple. Someone here figured ‘why not have it install now’.

      • tenton

        Someone figured wrong. You never install a new OS (Apple, MS, Linux, whatever) on a production machine, unless there are A: clear benefits to doing so, B: have a way to restore the machine to the old OS quickly if important (read: money making) software doesn’t work well enough and C: can spare the time to futz around with all of this. If not, don’t touch it. Don’t break what ain’t broke is what I always say. Especially if it’s a money machine (i.e. you make money with it). Installing the latest and “greatest” is fine for a home/hobby machine, but a taboo on a production machine. Doesn’t matter the OS.

  • Vesku

    Looks like a localization issue in the code. ViewNX is not able to detect or support your language. Instead of showing human readable strings it is showing just the ids by which strings are identified inside code.

    Problem could be in ViewNX or in Snow Leopard.

    • Adam

      what if you chose to option and run it as 32 bit? Will it solve the problem?

  • I did a clean install on my Macbook prior to upgrading my main machine and got exactly the same problem with ViewNX. I don’t use the ofther software so can’t comment on them.

  • We all should wait a bit, that’s normal on such an upgrade 32 vs. 64 bit:

  • This is the response received today in response to my request on the accounting software with Nikon Snow


    Merci de ne pas répondre à cet e-mail Pour accéder à votre question depuis notre site de support, cliquez ici.

    comptabilité Snow Leopard?
    N° de référence 090828-000044
    Vous avez envoyé dernièrement une demande d’assistance personnelle à notre centre de soutien en ligne. Vous trouverez ci-dessous un résumé de votre demande, ainsi que de notre réponse.

    Nikon Europe Support 31/08/2009 | 09:51 AM

    Monsieur Luc Pérénom,

    Merci d’avoir contacter le support technique Nikon.

    Actuellement, tous nos logiciels sont compatible jusqu’à la version 10.5.7 du Mac Léopard. Malheureusement, les Mac Snow Leopard n’est pas encore pris en charge.

    En espérant avoir répondu à votre question, notre équipe du support technique Nikon est à votre entière disposition pour tout renseignement complémentaire.

    Si vous voulez répondre à cet email, veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessus de ce message.


    Eoin O’Neill
    Support Technique Nikon

    Luc Luc Pérénom 27/08/2009 | 11:20 PM

    Désirant acquérir le nouveau ystème d’Applle ,je voudras savoir ce qu’il en est de la comptabilité avec les logiciels Capture NX, Tranfert, View …

    Proposition de réponses 27/08/2009 | 11:20 PM

    Votre question a bien été reçue et nous vous répondrons aussitôt que possible.

    • Ronan

      Nikon joue sa facile 😉

  • getanalogue

    It’s always the same issue when new updates / version of any software is launched – they misuse the customers for testing instead of doing it by themselves – spoiled market, spoiled by MS who did it first – launching upgrades & new products without prior full testing. Either you live with it or you use old versions.

  • Duncan

    I have Leopard on a G5 and I saw the same menus when I loaded View NX 1.4.0. I just re-installed from the disc image and all has been fine since. My download was from the European support site.
    So I am not sure that it is a Snow Leopard issue.

    • I have to agree with you there Duncan, that it isn’t a Snow Leopard issue.

      I’ve seen this on a few Macs (not just my own) with a variety of different OS versions, and on a wide range of software. The usual cause I have found on my machines is that I keep my /Applications folder tidied up, and sub-foldered by software type, but when installing updates to the system, the installer usually installs straight to the top level of the /Applications folder not the sub folder. Usually the installer is dumb and just expecting /Applications/APPNAMEHERE, instead of another folder in the path.
      This usually installs the ‘fix’ but instead of using the application components, it just installs what ever is in the fix package, and OS X defaults to using the ‘newer’ version installed. The easiest way around that is to put the application back to where it was installed originally and upgrade on to that, then relocate after upgrade.

      The other thing is, that before doing any upgrades or new installs, use Disk Utility and repair your permissions before you start, as if something has a corrupt permission, then it won’t install correctly either (even though the installer says it has).

  • David Olsen

    Same here on my mac pro and mac air …whats even worse is capture NX2 2.2.2 will not even open the NEF files from my D300s …I can see them in view NX but not open them in capture ….will downgrade one of the mac´s til leopard and try the D300S NEF files again …..

  • Note from Nikon on their download site:

    Nikon generally announces compatibility information for new OS versions within 30 days of the OS release and until compatibility is announced we suggest not upgrading critical systems as we cannot guarantee operation.

    Initial testing of Nikon software with Apple’s new “Snow Leopard” Mac OS 10.6 indicates that there are incompatibilites with Nikon Capture NX 2, Nikon View NX and Nikon Scan, users of these applications should not upgrade their OS at this time. When more compatibility information is available it will be posted on the Nikon web site.

  • Kevin

    I installed Snow Leopard and have all of my many software titles running fine except Camera Control Pro 2.6. I uninstalled 2.6 and reinstalled 2.0 and so far everything is working fine!!! I am not sure about NX as I do not use it…..

  • jkilroy

    Never, never upgrade unless there is a defined need in the new software, a bug fix or feature that you must have. People are such suckers for marketing and race to the latest and greatest. I do money making work on an 500Mhz PC running NT 4.0, it works fine, a faster processor would not allow me to work faster, nor would a new OS so why upgrade? And if you are making money with a machine, and its working fine for you, why in the world would you risk a working setup with an upgrade unless you had no choice?

  • John

    While I agree about comments regarding installing new software, I have to say that if Nikon is able to work on a Control upgrade for 10.5.8 that released last week they could have at least had some foresight to notice that Apple was going to release a numbered upgrade in 10.6…..last week. Many other software companies have patches already for the upgrade.
    Users should beware, companies might want to just be aware.

    • Adam

      yeah you are correct, in fact in WWDC, they announced that the current SL seed will be the GM seed which means that if the developer software can work in that version, it will work in the final version. Clearly some companies didn’t take note of this matter.

  • I upgraded my Quad to 10.5 when it first came out and everything went fine. I then proceeded to upgrade a friends’ Mini and the upgrade went went less than spectacular. She has taken it to the Apple Store for service several times and has never let me forget it. The Apple Genius says that the upgrade was performed wrong, even though I did it same way as my Quad. I learned my lesson, don’t upgraded anybody’s computer except you own!

  • Neil

    What I found and some others verified is that if you installed NX2 2.2.2 before upgrading to Snow Leopard everything works fine. I’m having no troubles with NX2. Of course, now that Snow Leopard is here I really hope the raw processing engine of Capture gets rewritten to use Grand Central Dispatch so that it will run much more efficiently and MUCH faster.

    • Adam

      It will take awhile for that to happen, damn I hoped Aperture 3 will allow us to use Nikon RAW converter to convert .NEF files 🙂

  • Rick

    I upgraded NX2 to version 2.2.2 before I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Both NX2 and Nikon View are working fine for me.

  • Zoetmb

    Apple has a developer program in which you are seeded builds of any new OS. I can see why they would want to wait for a final build, but the whole purpose of the program is to be able to make sure your software is compatible.

    The primary reason for incompatibility is when you violate defined programming rules (or in the case of the web, when you violate HTML standards) and procedures, although these could be Carbon issues. Apple wants everyone to use Cocoa, I believe.

    Nikon could have been receiving builds of the OS a year ago, but they obviously must not be in the development program (or they ignore what’s sent by Apple) and they absolutely need to be.

  • Nikon has said on their website there are problems with their software and OS 10.6. They recommend not installing 10.6 at this time.

  • Ernst

    What it MEANS to be in the application software development business is that you get your stuff ready for new OS releases – especially ones that have been made available long in advance such as Snow Leopard.

    Nikon operates as if there work begins when a new OS release hits retail shelves, and they’ll finish the job whenever.

    I wish they’d just open up their formats and release this stuff under the GPL. Instead of buying Nikon in spite of their miserable software, people would buy their cameras because of it.

  • Adventure Photo

    Who cares? Everytime I install the latest Nikon Crapture software, I am always disappointed in the illogical and ineffecient way the software works. The only redeeming quality of Crapture NX is the U-Point adjustment tool. We’ll, now I can run Lightroom or Aperture, bring it into Photoshop and use Viveza with U-Point.

    This isn’t the first time Nikon has put out this kind of release regarding their crappy software. Don’t waste your time, money or potentially irreversible damage to your RAW files. Nikon, please stick to making great cameras and please allow the option to save DNG files straight from the camera.

    Thanks for letting me rant…

  • (Lloyd Chambers) has found two solutions for getting Nikon Capture NX 2.2.2 to work on Snow Leopard. As mentioned here, upgrade NX to v2.2.2 first on Leopard, then update the OS to Snow. If you didn’t, there’s still a way. Using a Leopard drive, upgrade to v2.2.2 and copy the files over to your Snow drive his simple instructions at:

  • Anouk

    I have used Nikon ViewNX successfully. Without knowingly updating anything, only the window you get when you convert NEF to JEPG gives this IDS_crap, as above. Otherwise the program works. How can I convert my NEFs?

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