The last batch of Nikon point and shoot cameras delayed

Update: for some reason several Best Buy stores already have the Nikon S70 in stock.

The latest Nikon p&s models will be delayed as follow (1 month later than originally expected):

Nikon Japan via Engadget

Engadget also just published a "Nikon D300s unboxing and hands-on" article.

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  • jesus glass

    Not “badge” but “batch”

  • zzddrr

    I guess they did the homework to determine the demand or the designed team was the same that took care of the D5000…. or business as usual since the best lenses are often out of stock.

    So the real question is this, who is buying the projector cameras?

  • TheCheese

    The S70 is one hot camera. The Screen makes the camera. We just got on in at BestBuy

  • shivas

    i wonder if it’s more QC related issues?

    For a self-proclaimed “boutique” company only catering to high end dSLR’s, they are f’in this up. . .

  • Zorro

    A decent Nikon P&S camera has been delayed for years.

    • EAJ

      : )

    • Amen! Great dslrs…crap point and shoots.

  • I bought a Nikon P&S once and returned it immediately. Love the DSLRs, but the P&Ss are terrible!

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