Nikon SB-700

Alibaba is selling digital camera flash tubes for Nikon SB-700 flash unit:


At the same time you can make a search for any unreleased Nikon model on this site and you will find several matches: Nikon D800, Nikon D400, etc. The flash tubes however could be real.

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  • Anonymous

    hope is d800

  • NikoDoby

    I think they sell magic beans too

  • Crabby

    I realize and appreciate that this site looks long and hard for Nikon information. This one may be a bit of a stretch, but an SB-700 does seem an inevitable product. Please keep your eyes open for anything on an SB-500 as well for those of us who work hard to keep our travel kits down in both bulk and weight.

  • FBY

    Alibaba is not a shady site (I advertise on it) but some of the members may be shady…

  • Jerry Jordan

    Alibaba is fine. They link up distributors from China, Japan and other countries with buyers around the world. They are basically an intermediary. There could be some people on there that aren’t as reputable as others but my experience has been good with the companies that I have dealt with from there.
    I sell surveillance technology and import it from a vendor in China. If it’s on the market in the, then I most likely had it two months earlier. Spy pens, keyfobs with HD video, micro recorders — you name it, I can put a camera or recorder in it. And all of my vendors came from Alibaba.

  • Ok, fair enough – I removed the shady part.

  • People, Alibab owns Yahoo in China. Get real.

    • Isn’t Yahoo China own by Yahoo?

    • Ronan

      Yahoo owns yahoo.

      Alibaba made a strategic partnership with them to help them better perform in the sweet communist country of China.

  • Ronan

    Current flash tubes:

    looks like sb-800 or maybe sb-600 tube, but ‘chinesed’.

  • NikoDoby

    So in other words Alibaba isn’t a “dealer” they are just an internet community kinda like but for Chinese distributors correct? So the real question is who is Guangzhou Jianeng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and why are they listing flash tubes on Alibaba for a Nikon flash that isn’t “real” yet?

    Hmm I wonder if I can order all the individual SB700 parts from them and build my own flash piece by piece before Nikon announces it? Man I’m so smart 🙂

    • WoutK89

      lol, and then what, where do you get the software? 😛

  • Ian

    I think it is real. I live in Hong Kong and SB600 are “hard to find”. I recently asked a dealer that SB600 will not be backordered.

  • Alec

    I hope this isn’t true, at least for a bit, I just bought an SB600 a week ago.

    • …and you will enjoy this SB600 for a couple of years to come until you really need to upgrade/replace it.

  • Lauri

    check also:
    Image probably PS D700 (FX logo) spec says Image sensor: CMOS, Nikon DX format and all others as D300

    so those websites credibility is ……

    and Nikon D5
    image from EOS 5D 😛

    nikon D30 = D3 …..

  • getanalogue

    the key issue is delivery date. everyone here knows that d400 and d800 (and sb700) will come one day, but when? you may be able to (pre-)order now with delivery date 2010 or 2011…..

  • getanalogue

    just read dpreview’s hands-on report of canon’s 7d – nikon is lost, finally. no answer to 5d mkII, no answer to 7d, nothing. farewell nikon

    • alex

      you won’t be missed

    • last time i checked, it was canon who was trying to catch up with nikon, so far not really succeeded.

      Oh, you meant video and megapixels? Um…..

    • anon

      “farewell nikon”

      how do you figure. I love their stuff and i’d save to buy a d3x over a more compact 24.5 Mpx Nikon before switching to canon. Not saying canon makes bad products, but a few more Mpx and video should not make people switch systems. Personally, I think lenses are more important than bodies, and nikon makes superb lens; however, they are slacking on lenses a bit. C’MON NIKON 85mm 1.4 update!!! There may be some people who switch from nikon to canon becuase canon released slightly better video (in theory) and higher Mpx. If they do, it has nothing to do with that camera actually improving their product to their customers. If has to do with compensating for a lack of confidence in themselves. Newest, biggest, baddest (again, in theory) camera doesn’t make you a better photographer, although some people think it does. Plenty of people are buying D700s and are making superb 30×40 prints with it. If you need the higher Mpx for stock photography RIGHT NOW, then pony up and get a d3x. Otherwise wait for a compact version, because the extra cost of buying a d3x will be less than buying a new 5dII plus all new equivalent spec Canon lenses, not to mention the learning curve of a new system.

      Pro photographers who already invested in nikon will stick (unless you’re mad) because lens are the true investment and bodies change near yearly, so the product you want will come out eventally. People just getting into photography buying consumer level D-SLRs are already given video in the lower models. So in my opinion, Nikon is not going to sink because they dont’ have one 21.1 mpx camera with 1080 video around 2500 dollars. Honestly, i bet 85% of more nikon users don’t care that canon released that camera.. I know i don’t. I bet most of the 5dII sales were completed by people who owned 5ds, so that’s not a loss from nikon’s current customer base. If you use nikons, use the cameras Nikon offers, go make great pictures, and be happy. Try to get canon to match an image made from a d3x/14-24mm combo. But i guess nikon can’t match the shaky, nasty 1080 videos of birds i’ve seen on youtube, so i guess they are even….*rolls eyes*. If you absolutely need video, yes, you may want to switch to a 5d, but honestly how many “photographers” NEED “Video” or 24 Mpx. Few

  • getanalogue

    c#mon guys, I am a happy owner of D90 gear (10-24, 16-85, 70-300), but I am loosing my confidence in Nikon’s strategy. Of course, I will wait another year for a D400 but am embarrassed about Nikon’s way of bringing products to market. Nikon might die the Leica death, and Canons and Sonys of the world taking Nikon’s market share, leaving you Nikon enthusiasts behind in bitterness. Hopefully, it will not happen, but there are many dogs hunting out there.

  • getanalogue

    one more thing, hope the Nikon Roadmap rumor to become true except for the timeline.

  • anon

    so go buy a 7d. i could care less about video mode, so i could care less about 7d or 5dII for that matter. I bet the noise levels of the 7d are awful at 800+ iso… 18 Mpx APS-C cannot be that great as far as noise and dynamic range, but again, i didn’t even know that camera was out until just now so maybe it’s better than i think. But i really don’t feel like investing time looking at every difference between nikon and canon bodies. like i said before. lenses are more important to me. In 3 years the lowest end nikon will beat todays highest canon and vice versa.. It;s the nature of dSLRs. But good lenses will work for years to come, unless nikon drops non AF-S support from their top cameras, which i doubt will happen.

    • Adam

      Well Im planning to move over to Nikon btw but I must admit that the 7D is an impressive camera indeed, I scourged around the net to find some more information especially regarding the high ISO performance and I guess I understood how Canon does it, so here goes:

      By increasing megapixel count (in this case 18mp) on an APS-C, its a sure thing that noise will be worse then 12mp, so how Canon basically manages to solve this is by applying more NR. As you all may have known, lets say there is lots of noise at 12mp, you apply NR, but then no matter which camera you use, the details will be lose. So what I think Canon did was by increasing the MP, they are allowed to apply higher NR and at the same time the higher ISO will still look good cause the higher MP retain some of the details, of course this method requires more image processing power and Canon answered this by using Dual Digic 4.

      Now, I think this is an effective method to increase MP count and at the same time solve the problem with noise, think about it, at low ISO (and for those who want clear images) ISO 100 will give you superb details and even at ISO 400-800 the details is still very good, group shots will be amazing. Now as you go up higher, you do get more noise but since the MP count is freaking high, you still get some details in your shot which is better then smooth no detail at all.

      What I predict is, in the next Nikon generation DSLRs( meaning D400, D800, D4) Nikon will do something like what Canon did (and I have more faith at Nikon retaining more detail at higher ISO 🙂 )

      So Nikon might lose this time but they have proved with the D90 that they can produce outstanding image quality at high ISO without having to resort to how Canon method, but I must admit that in order for Nikon to stay relevant they must eventually increase the MP count while still retaining the image quality they are known for.

  • James

    Video is being put into almost every new DSLR so it’s making everyone think it’s a new “standard”. Stop complaining about how canon has better video quality, if video quality is a good enough reason to make you switch cameras then don’t call yourself a photographer. I agree the 5DMKII does have some really nice video but I love Nikon and I want the best DSLR not the best video DSLR. The whole who has better video debate is old now. Back to the SB-(700), interesting to hear that it’s “back-ordered” in Hong Kong. Maybe there is truth behind all this.

    • anon

      agreed about video. it seems like this is the main DSLR comparison point now.. Ugh

      if the sb-700 has controls similar to the 900 , but a bit less power, i might pick up one to use as secondary lighting to my 900. I have had GREAT results with 900 so far, but don’t want to spend another near 500 for a second strobe.

      • Adam

        well now what I expect from Nikon is for them to release an SB700, update their freaking FX primes instead of releasing new lenses for the DX cause wtf, mount FX on DX and it will still give the same FoV like the 35mm FX which will give ~50mm FoV on DX.

        • James

          DX is a bigger market.

          • Adam

            But eventually everything will be FX, besides whats wrong with making FX primes, some people want to invests onto FX primes so in the future they can use it if they ever want to upgrade to FX.

            Besides, I prefer to buy FX f/4 zooms over DX, sadly that range doesn’t exist for Nikon so guess my money will ended up in the usually QC problem third party.

  • James

    True.The question is how long till everything does switch to FX. I do see your want for more FX primes and maybe Nikon will leak out more with the D700s and D3 updates.

    • Adam

      well since Sony just dropped a $2k FF body and if it is a success, guess everyone will either reduce the body pricing or introduce new cheaper model.

      But Nikon needs to eventually update its lenses cause as far as everyone know, making/upgrading lens is no easy task but so far besides the 50mm, I don’t see any effort by Nikon to update it primes. It would be nice to see more AF-S G f/1.4 and perhaps some f/1.2 primes and gold ringed (Im guessing the gold ring means pro standard by Nikon?)

  • Ed

    Alibaba does not sell anything. Its a place where Chinese Companies can pay a fee to advertise goods for sale. Usually, it is Chinese Companies whating to sell wholesale. Small companies would prefer to sell direct rather than pay a middleman who has connections. Buyer beware, if you don’t have a QA person or a rep in China, who knows if you will get what you think you are getting. You could be buying goods that were rejected by a company with onsite QA, for example.

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