Which one is it going to be? (Nikon D700s or Nikon D700x)

At, that point it seems that the chances of a Nikon D700s (D700+video) are higher than a new Nikon D700x (D700 + 24 MP sensor).

Nikon Australia seems to think so - a technical rep said to a dpreview reader "We've just heard, there will be no D700x".

PhotographyBay caught another tip from Southern Photo Technical Service (this site have been posting weird Nikon rumors for a while, so I am not sure how reliable this info can be):


As I mentioned before the Nikon D700 has been deleted from Best Buy inventory system. Maybe it did not sell well. At the same time they still carry the Nikon D300s (which is also a pro camera, not to mention that they were the first to get it in stock in the US). Here is the proof - the Nikon D700 status is "Deleted":


Reminder: Nikon D300 was also deleted from Best Buy inventory system aprox. 3 months before the D300s was released. On their website they still have the D700 listed as backordered.

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  • johny b

    The D300s is NOT a pro camera, the only Pro Cameras Nikon has are the D3 and the D3X!

  • D700 with video

    It is hard to predict what the update of the D700 will be. But, taking past history, Nikon produced the D300, D3, D700 and even D3X to compete directly with very specific Canon cameras. Therefore, one could assume that they will do the same with the D700x to compete with the Canon 5D Mark II. But they might say that the sensor does not need to be upgraded to a higher MP sensor. But that would not compete with the Canon 5D Mark II on this MP feature.

    Well, we will see what Nikon decided to do around November 2009 I guess (or, who knows, earlier)! In the meantime, we can only guess!

  • Alex

    Let me do some over analyzing. If Nikon does with the 24mp sensor what it did with the 12.3mp CMOS APS-C sensor. Which started off as a D2x is 2005, for $6000. Then came out as a D300 in 2007 for $2000? (1/3 of the price of the D2x) Then came out as a D90 in 2008 for $1300. Then D5000 in 2009 $850. Intervals were 2 yrs, 1 yr, 6 months in progression. Will the D3x sensor follow the same pattern, or will it progress to other bodies even faster than the D2x sensor did? D700x/D800 should be about 1/3 of the price of D3x at $2,699 (the closest 99 figure). Which is exactly the same price of a certain other camera (5D Mk2). I think it is just a matter of when, not if.

  • Joe

    It’s the D700s I read in an interview that Joe McNally just gave for Shutterbug mention he’s shooting with a D700s.

    • maybe plural?

      • Joe

        My mistake. He said D3s. I can’t see why he would say I shoot D3’s and not D3. Anyway that’s for another subject.

        • Anonymous

          I think it was mean’t in the sense of a plural, multiple D3’s from reading the article.

        • Alex

          D3’s would indicate a possession (or feature) belonging to D3. D3s would be correct for the plural of D3.

  • jim

    joe – did joe mcnally say that he is shooting with D700s (meaning multiple D700 cameras) or a new d700s model? Did you read that online? If so, please post the link. I could not find it on the shutterbug site.

  • Joe
  • Nikon, with your new model called D700x, could you be kind to tweak the software so that it will allow exposures more than dumb 30sec, without either using an external cable or keeping one’s thumb patiently, or sticking something on the shutter until the end. Yes, it’s called night-photography, a sub-branch of landscape.

    Do it either by additonal 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30 & 60 minute options, or allow to dial in desired duration, or simply add the old-faithful T mode (first touch opens the shutter, second ends exposure, voila…) Is it so difficult?

  • John

    Wow it amazes me to see these comments. “Nikon has to do this” “Nikon has to do that”. All Nikon has to do is be Nikon .It seems like everyone wants this magical camera that does everything and covers everything. I never known Nikon to be a front runner in technology but I have known them to be a front runner in quality, and just because if they don’t come out with DXXX will not make me jump ship to another brand. My D90 is paying the bills just fine. Cameras don’t shoot good photos you do. By the way I never thought the movie part of the camera would be any use to me, but I was wrong. Shooting a few pics a your kids birthday party is fun, but add a 5 min video clip to that it is priceless.

    • Gordon

      Nikon being Nikon in the past led them down a road they shouldn’t of gone and gave a lot of market share over to Canon because they couldn’t produce cameras the customers demanded. How many years were they playing second fiddle to Canon and constantly on the back foot, bleeding customers as they switched brands.

      Looking at the field of landscape photography, how many professionals switched to digital and went the Canon route because they offered high megapixel bodies with the resolution and detail demanded of this subject matter? Browsing various landcsape photography forums, I see far more Canon users with 1DsMkIII and 5DMkII then Nikon users of any ilk, there must be a reason for this.

      I know of one working professional who was shooting Nikon and was seriously switching all his gear over to Canon because Nikon were not releasing a body he needed for his work. I haven’t spoken to him for a while so I don’t know if he did make the leap or held out long enough tosee the release of the D3X and upgrade but I doubt his particular circumstances were unique only to him.

  • nonbeliever

    I wonder how long Nikon is going to let their users wait for the 24 MP camera. Probably some people will loose their temper and change systems. I want to have the higher resolution and I don´t always want to wait for everything one year longer than Canon users do and even then still for a higher price.
    They have the sensor and it can´t be so difficult to build the camera around it.
    At some point they will have waited too long – then I´m gone!

    • Mike

      Canon 5D users waited 3 years for the MkII. Leap frog. Nikon gets better, Canon gets better, Nikon gets better, Canon gets better. History repeats itself constantly!

  • TNT

    this really sucks… isn’t nikon worried about sony’s A850??
    they really need to wake up and smell the air.

  • Lyman

    It would make more sense to do the D700x (24MP) first and then later to follow with a more pro movie mode on perhaps a D3s. Moving the sensor down to a 700 body is something that was already done before with about a year gap ( D3 -> D700).

    There was a comment that the D700 might cannibalize D300 sales if stays at a $2,300 street price. Why is that a bad thing? Sales of D300 go into the same bank account as sales of the more expensive D700. Other companies cannibalizing your products is bad. Doing it to yourself with a more expensive product is not “bad”. Nikon doesn’t require $1,000 gaps between products to make money. $500 between products isn’t “too small”.

    The D3x is somewhat aimed at competing the medium format cameras. The price is so far up there that it isn’t even in the game with 24MP offering from the DSLR competitors. The images are better but when thousands more, even a legacy lens factor is less of a problem from folks migrating to the other solutions. Nikon doesn’t really have anything at 24MP competing in the core DSLR market. They don’t have to limbo as low as Sony, but have to get in the game. Especially when it is moving something ALREADY have into a more cost effective slot.

    Besides a D700x with a higher run rate will increase the margins on the D3x since the cost per sensor should drop with volume. It makes Nikon more money and more customers are happier. Why not?????

    The video on the D90 and D300 can probably suffice for now. They have the wrong compression tech (MPEG2 ) to go with 1080p. Because CF cards are pragmatically stuck with FAT32 file format there is a hard 4GB file size limiter. In order to get better video stored for a decent amount of time they need to make the video storage smaller. As a first cut, what they have is a DV (or HDV 720p ) attempt. That was good to get a feel for how to do this. However, they need a H.264/MPEG4 to really have a HD workhorse.

    High ISO video…. ??? the D300s isn’t that bad. There are substantive number of folks with DX lens to leverage it.

    A D3s with a reworked “prime time” video1080p 24p solution that can live with the FAT32 limitation would be straightforward to then drop onto a 700s. ( or an 800 if it is time for it).

    A strategy of movie a ‘catch up’ , ‘new expertise’ feature up the line D90 -> D300 -> D700 is backwards. In that it shows some flexibility, that is good. However, at some point, it needs to be done “right”; that means real HD (1080p/24p ) for useful periods of time if what to get in a mix it up with RED and cinematic cameras.
    That means stopping this lower-to-higher progression.

    So if I was running Nikon … LOL … I’d drop the price on the D700 ( so get out of this “too low to show on webstore” mode in now). Drop a D700x (at 24MP) onto market ( not quite as high since there is room above the D700 now). Then drop a better D3s as quickly as can get the kinks worked out.

    The D300s (with video) sales won’t crater against a D700 (without video) $500 above it.

    There will be lots of wailing about “Canon and Sony” are going to bring doom for 4-5 months or so, but when deliver something with better imaging that will go away for a while. ( if can get a Exomor R , with better light collection , base collector out of Sony and layer very good color/AA filter on top. Can work on better better High Dynamic Range out of the initial shot. That will be D4/D400 time. )

  • MentalRaymond

    Cannon and Sony already have cameras in the works higher than 24 mp for next year. If nikon decide to wait another year it will be too late. With the quantities the Sony a900 and 850 will sell, it would make ther production run of the 24mp sensors even cheaper. If Nikon just hang on to the d3x camera as their only 24mp camera, they will only make a fraction of the production of the sensor, and they wont be able to drop the production costs of it. A 12mp camera with 720p would be too little, to late. I for one rate build quality, ISO, and autofocus as main features i look for, and in this respect, the d700 trumps the mkII. But entry people dont often see this, they look for numbers and gadgets im afraid. If they see a 21mp camera with 1080 video and another equaly prices camera with 12mp and 720 video, they would go on cannon. And will cannon making such big runs of the mkII, they could drop the price even more.

  • Jay

    well nikon is kinda at the mercy of sony right now… sucks when you cant make your own sensor to compete with the OTHERS……

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Nikon has been caught with it’s pants down again with the press release for the Canon 7D proving the rumours were right. The 7D is a 18MP camera compared to the D300s 12MP, that’s 66% more pixels and not something to sniff at.

    A D700s released now is going to be a major let down, Nikon can’t afford to release another 12MP camera if they want to maintain an edge over the competition. The megapixel race is still going but Nikon seems content on taking a back seat.

    • A.S.

      You are right, and if Nikon won’t release a D700x successor with higher pixel cunt, they are doomed (Canon may once again rule the digital era – and it is very very unpleasant to change all the system AGAIN!!!).

  • TNT

    Yep…. A850, A900, 5D mk II and now.. 7D.
    and this 7D has dual Digic 4 with a whopping 8fps.

    Nikon has to seriously think twice about D700s…

  • Shan

    I dont know this is true or not ..but this guy has d700s in his hands…check this foto..looks real…


    • jim

      seriously doubt it is real. check out the pools this photo belongs to “image manipulation” and “retouch magic”. Thanks for posting though.

    • t3hth1s

      it’s pure fake. notice how the “s” differ in size&color from the D700.

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