More Nikon D300s and D3000 videos

The first two videos are shot with Nikon D300s (a must see). The videos are available also on Nikon's website.

The second two videos are about the Nikon D3000 (you can skip those, unless you are planing to buy the camera):

More videos available here.

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  • shivas

    i’ll have to say that the sound quality is amazing on the french one. . .the indian one was dubbed over with music the whole time (yeah ,my people representing, w00t!), but I am VERY impressed. . . .

    Sure, it’s not 1080p, but whatever, HQ for me, and at least I know when I switch to a D400 down the road, that I can provide short clips to clients if they so chose to have them on their DVD with prints.

    • Is it just me and my Macbook Pro and iMac, or does the second (action) D300s video stop playing correctly at about 1:58, and stop playing at all just a few seconds after that? I have tested this on two different computers, both running Safari 4. What gives? I want to see the rest!

      • fetzie

        Same here (Windows 7, Firefox 3.5.1)

      • theChipmunk

        Same here…very bizarre indeed – the Indian one and all other YouTube videos are playing fine…

        (Windows Vista SP1 – Chrome / Windows XP SP2 – Firefox 3.5.1 / Windows 7 – Firefox 3.5.1 / Ubuntu 9.10 A3 – Firefox 3.5.1)


  • Chris

    The biggest question for me is: have the D300s the same wooble problem in videomode like the D90 or D5000 or is it in this camera better like the D5 Mk2 by Canon?

    In the second video you can see a Helicopter in the – I think its in the alps (Switzerland) . In this scene you can see a crooked rotor (00:12) – ok the Rotor is very fast – anybody got a idea how well Nikon has solved this problem ?

    • Chad

      Wow.. we posted the same question at the same time.

  • Chad

    Is it just me or does this video look much better than the video from the D5000/D90? I don’t see the wavy motion that I do from those cameras… ?

    • Chris

      Hehe, the video looks better than the video from the D5000 or D90. Have you seen the bubbles in the Indian Video? Beautiful motion blur…. I’ve never seen this in a D90 or D5000 video – or I missed something *g*.

  • Zoetmb

    Both of the D300s videos were beautifully shot and edited, but the first one does not look good to me: all I can describe it as is “bleary”. But this might be because of compression artifacts caused by posting to YouTube and also because the 1st video was not available in “HQ” mode. The second one looked far better, but I have a feeling if the raw files was available it would look even better. In their current form, I don’t think either of these would hold up on a 40″-50″ HDTV monitor. It barely holds up full screen on my computer screen. You can still see a lot of pixelation.

    I really think when they finally get around to releasing a camera with 1080p video (presumably a D700x or a D800), it’s going to be really spectacular.

    But of these looked a tad overexposed to me.

    But I think both of these showed the power of combining video and still photography and shows the power of what could be offered to clients. It proves to me that the naysayers – those who don’t want video in a still camera because somehow they think that’s unprofessional – are wrong.

    • You need to remember though that YouTube uses ridiculous amounts of compression to host their videos. Even their “HD” videos don’t hold a candle to say an HD movie trailer that you download from So I’d imagine that seeing the source files would result in a noticeable increase in quality.

    • Jack

      Come on. You can’t possibly judge a video that was posted online. All videos online look like a pile of crap – even the “DVD-quality” porn online I watch looks like crap compared to an actual DVD. And porn is really all that matters.

  • wow! it’s nice to see some video out of a nikon finally that doesn’t look like crap, haha, 😉 but seriously, the d300s stuff looks good.

  • v361

    Just saw the Indian video. Actually it’s amazing, being an Indian, I am amazing how well has Amy captured the essence of India.

  • low

    the indian one was pretty f*ckin amazing

  • BAH!

    These videos have nothing to do with photography and have everything to do with videography. Sadly, it seems that Photography sites are soon to become Video sites. Frame rates and High Def and what it looks like on a giant TV are going to replace the simple question of — does it help a photographer?

    Nothing against the Admin, this is a Nikon site, not a photography site per se. Its just sad that photography has seemed to have lost its space and now must forever share with the cruddy videos section of the internet.

    • Eric

      Maybe you should get a life, don’t use the D-Movie if you don’t want to, and don’t watch those videos if you don’t want to.
      Those videos are really nice IMO, and a still photographer could learn one thing or two from those.

  • QP

    looks like Nikon was able to get a fast enough proc into the d300s to eliminate/greatly reduce the rolling shutter effect for video

  • When are they gonna start bloody using H.264 instead of crappy Motion JPEG…

    Oh, does anyone have any idea what the sampling rate is for the audio?

    • MrDabba

      Well, h264 is not very good either. It is certainly not an acquisition format…

      • Oh… you’re right, I didn’t think of that.

  • Why the heck can’t Nikon put up a couple of decent promotional videos, and more over: why the f*** do you want us to watch a snot nose (wiping it all the time, at that) explain us the benefits of the D3000???
    Naikon are definitely not WEB 2.0!

  • Mark

    I think the D300s looks impressive overall. Someone with a D300 has to decide if the new features are worth the move to the newer model.

    The D3000 is a nice new entry level model and I do not mind it has less than 12MP and no video, but I do mind that it is priced at $600. If street price does not get it lower then I think it will not be a good enough bargain. Someone can get the D5000 with the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens kit for $730 (amazon price). This means $130 more will get you 2MP more, ability to do video, and the swivel LCD screen. D3000 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR needs to be about $500 street price..

    Now I just need Nikon to bust a move on the D700 front.

  • Robert

    The second video was shot in the swiss alps. The Helicopter was one of the REGA. That video ist also called Robert sur le Terrain. I’m sure it is Robert Bösch meant. A famous swiss photographer. He has made the video with the D90 and Ueli Streck, world famous speed-climber, for the TV-add last year. I think this video could be the next advertisement for switzerland or a part of it.

    I’m sorry for my bad english.

  • Peteyy

    Want video? Buy a video camcorder…come on folks…these clips probably took a day to take (and re-take, and re-take), then days to edit

    • Jurno

      You just don’t get it. 1. No video camcorder can do what the D300s does without an expensive and cumbersome dof adapter. And no camcorder under about $3000 records the depth of color. So you can’t just “buy a video camcorder” and get that effect or quality.

      2. Any video of high quality takes “a day to take and re-take” and “days to edit”. That is not an indication of the quality of camera or lack of it.

    • Anonymous

      It looks like Ami used PC-E lens on the video also. Can camcorders do that ?

  • MrDabba

    To bad Nikon is missing the biggest point here: MANUAL CONTROL for video. I’m baffeled at their incompetence.

    • 10to20

      My guess is, if it were easy, it would already be done. It must be harder than most critics think it is. There is a chance they are incompetent and don’t listen to what users request or their beta testers. But I lean more towards they just can’t do it yet.

    • Anonymous

      “And Tripod mode gives you control over the depth of field with a selectable aperture of up to f/16.* ”

      * With exposure modes A and M.


  • Anonymous

    720p… what where they thanking ?

    • mikeg76

      Canon doesn’t have true full HD in the same price range as the D300s. Its only 20fps, which is choppy and crappy looking. so, why should Nikon bother? I actually like Nikon’s way of being a bit more truthfull about their product better than claiming that its ‘FullHD’ when its limited to 20fps.

      Canon’s next model in the 2600$ range has true full HD, so I would imagine that the D700 (also in this range) will be released with video to compete.

  • Jurno

    I can’t understand why Nikon doesn’t make those two promotional videos available without compression. I corresponded with Amy Vitale about her wonderful video of India, and she was under the impression it was available uncompressed on the Nikon site. It’s not.

    WHY not???

  • Anonymous

    You guys should check out two video files from D300s microsite. They are of better quality than the ones on YouTube.

    ami_734.f4v approx 42MB
    robert_734.f4v approx 24MB

  • Jurno

    Thanks for the link. There’s still some flash compression, but they are definitely better than the YouTube versions. And I think quite impressive. It also solves the problem of the Bösch video stopping play partway through.

    Definitely worth a look.

    And regarding the crooked rotor in the Bösch video. I’ve seen some posters on the DVX forum suggesting that this is proof the ‘jello effect’ hasn’t been fixed. Please. It’s slow-motion footage of a high speed rotor. The curve in the rotor is ACTUALLY THERE. That’s what happens at high speed.

    I think the reviews that start coming out at the end of the month are going to show vast improvements over the D90.

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