Nikon advertisement survey

Nikon had an online survey (hosted on an independent website) for several Nikon DSLR ads - the name and model of the camera were covered. Note that they call it "The new... vs. Compromise" (more ads after the break):


Click on link for more Nikon ads:


The second set of ads is clearly a Nikon D90:



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  • That ad can’t really be for the D300s. You would be able to see the microphone holes.

    • Anonymous

      Nikon hasn’t said there will be a movie mode on the D300s. It’s only been rumor and speculation that says it will be there.

  • Qiu

    To me look like a nikon D90 replace, the wheel of selection included scene modes like nikon d90/d60/d500, no is a pro cam, the D300 have WB/Quality/Etc…

  • Style-D

    Second set D90?? And why is the trigger button black??

  • interresting 😀

  • low

    does the d90 have EXPEED processor in it?



      • MB

        EXPEED is not really a processor, it is a software.

  • Qiu

    Look whit atention the selection wheel is diferent in the picture whit yellow background and the picture whit blackground, the trigger too, the 4.5 fps are so little, the nikon d300 shot 6 fps

  • Mike

    That first one is a D300. I’ve seen it many times in magazine publications. Mostly in 2008 when a one year old camera was still considered new. Nothing to yet excited about in this one. It’s probably a venture to find out if people respond better to big bright ads or dark and shadowy.

  • rciu

    I’d wager that this consumer feedback survey is looking for advertising style feedback rather than for product feedback. Nikon’s public relations team knows what they’re doing. They are smart enough to use dummy specs and stock DSLR images. My guess is that they want to see how consumers respond to high key vs. low key ads with a varying amount of “technical information.”

    • Neil

      That was a part of it. The survey had a lot to do with tag lines and gimmicks. Wasn’t gearhead focused in the least.

  • jon

    Maybe it is an update of the D70s – now the D70sx ! Just joking… Hopefully it is the D300s, of which I’m in the right mood & need to purchase ASAP.

  • Neil

    I was one of those who did the survey online. It was about 2 1/2 months ago. It was an interesting survey. At the time I thought I would have a scoop to share here but when I had finished the whole survey I really really was sure it had nothing to do with a new product. Especially when they didn’t black out the D300 logo on one shot in the survey.

  • Jesse

    D40 replacement?

  • Max

    Maybe it’s just an old ad for the D300?

  • rex

    I think the ad is fake….. it just looks too choppy. I would bet my money that someone just put the squares in there…. It looks like crap the way the camera is blocked out too.

    Perhaps it is just a really bad ad with terrible design… but judging from the other ads Nikon has been doing this one does not stand up…. You can’t even view the website or see Nikon anywhere the only information visible is directed towards for camera geeks….. hardly effective IMO.

  • MB

    Hosted on what independent website exactly?
    Looks just like a regular good old D300 to me, and all else looks fake …

  • dave

    What makes this a rumor? Nikon marketing did some survey using images of existing camera bodies. Covering up the logo and model number are just to try to remove bias of one ad over another.

  • Zoran

    Admin, what website?

    • I have the website, but I am afraid that they can trace down the person who sent me the screenshots. I am not sure if this survey was widely available, or it was targeted to few people.

  • Otto

    has anyone the link to thsi website ?

  • Anonymous

    Dummy ad with dummy photos to test a concept. The camera image means nothing and the specs mean nothing. They just want to know if positioning a (whatever) camera as a no-compromise solution is an effective way to market a (whatever.)

  • hero

    It has begun

  • Bobby

    BS. I´ve already seen these ads in different magazines. The first one (The New vs. Compromise) is a D300 ad.

  • Mark

    I am the person who sent this into nikonrumors. I do not claim that they show any new product but the timing of the survey and the fact that in the past I have done surveys that offered a future peek made this worth sharing.

    I will not give the site that I do the surveys at since it will not bring up the survey for you to study the photos of the ads. I had to do a screen shot since they made it so I could not just drag the image off the web page or print it to pdf (something that can usually be done on the mac).

    I am hoping soon another FX Nikon model will come out then I can decide if I am getting the D700 or the new thing.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone notice that in the first two ads the letter “L” is bolded in any word that contains it? I just thought that was quite odd…

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