Nikon D5000 technical service advisory

"An electronic component related to power control in some Nikon D5000 digital SLR cameras does not meet factory specifications and may, in certain circumstances, prevent the camera from turning on, thus preventing operation of the camera thereafter."

Read the whole advisory with the proposed solution here (US link)Canada Link here.

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  • NikonMan

    Interesting that Nikon proactively looks to fix these things, when Canon usually only fixes the cameras one at a time, when they fail.
    I remember the faulty power/mode switch on the (film) EOS500 was only fixed when the customer complained that the camera was using batteries too fast. Canon actually left them on retail shelves knowing that the switches were going to fail.

    I wonder if Nikon’s honesty is causing some people to question the reliability of Nikon cameras?

    • NikonMan

      to clarify, there have been more examples of this type of behavier from Canon reported since the film days, but I stopped dealing with Canon after that fiasco, I have refused to sell another Canon in the approx 10 years since, I’d rather not be selling my customers a camera that the supplier knows is faulty.

      If I can’t trust the supplier, I tell the customer directly…

  • Gigi

    What’s the idea with posting news (Nikon related or otherwise) on a rumor site? Why not buy the domain?

    • twoomy

      The point is that our friendly NikonRumors admin is posting Nikon stuff based on our feedback in an attempt to give visitors what they want. I commend the effort and enjoy coming here. Thanks admin!

    • Willis

      Gigi, your better than that. Any reasonable person gets that this is about Nikon stuff. Why would you want to go to two separate sites to read Nikon news vs. Nikon rumors.

      If a rumor were confirmed, would Admin be able to post it? Seems at that point it would be news.

  • Dweeb

    China outsourcing?

  • cyb3r

    @Gigi – it is obvious. The site is about rumors, not news. However news are also added as they are point of interest to nikon users as well.

  • yrsued

    I actually welcome news more than rumors. There’s so many fake rumors out there that they are hard to believe anymore. It’s Like “The Boy who Cried Wolf”, Even if the Rumors are true, people don’t believe them anymore.

  • Jon Paul

    Low, has it begun?

    • low

      if youre a fanboy of the other side, yes.

      but for us in the darkside…thy Jesus camera(s) and lens(es) will cometh.

      • Jon Paul

        I don’t think I’m a fanboy for any brand, in spite of the time I spend (waste?) on this site. I use Nikons because my whole family does (which means lens sharing, etc.). But I have to admit that picking up a Canon makes me cringe just a bit now that I’m used to the Nikon UI. It’s not perfect, but I can’t stand Canon’s–again, maybe because I’m just used to Nikon’s.
        So I’m curious: which is the other side and which is the dark side?
        Let it begin…

  • Steve

    Darn, mine might be faulty! LOL

    Same advisory is on the Nikon Imaging Korea website.

  • Canon

    I see Nikon’s quality control has gone back down. Better to have black dots and vertical banding than a camera that won’t power on.

    • low

      its ok. i’d be more embarrassed if such problems happened on the higher-end cameras…oh wait! 😉

      • Jon Paul

        Yeah, my D300 just did the annoying low battery lockup over the weekend, but I cleaned the contacts on-camera and on the lenses (and on the battery), and it seems to be fine now. Scary times.

  • Nicolas

    this sucks. I just bought it online, like a month ago, and I live in Costa Rica. I really hope my serial number’s not on the list. this really sucks.

    anyone not from US/Canada/Europe, have you ever had to ship your camera internationally for repair/warranty?

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