More Nikon D300s pictures

I guess this should not be a surprise to any NikonRumors reader at that point, especially since we've seen similar Nikon D300s pictures in the past and reported the Nikon D300s specs almost 2 months ago (more pics after the break):


Click on the link for more pics:




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  • NikonD3

    The photo of D300s is a fake one…just look at the camera body cap, the word ‘OPEN’ was missing.

  • aaron

    i supposed there should be more changes but not only the “s” and the holes under the name.

  • fdhw

    If the pictures shows the double Card holder, I had say, it is real…

  • den

    i agree on the fake. why would you use a different body cap? also the mic-holes are missing in the top view.


    Here you can find the JPEG artifacts quite only on the 300s logo only. I used PNG to avoid image modifications due to lossy algorithms

  • RumpelHund

    The specs talked about some external mic port. There’s no hint of such on the rubber plugs.

    Dropped by Nikon or forgotten by the painter?

    Any idea? How is the mic plug hidden on the canon 5D2?

  • dino

    The great joke would have been faking the one reflected in the D300s back protective screen taking a picture of the camera !!!

  • dino

    two things:
    1) the one shooting at the camera could have also made a close up of the D300s logo (seen at this size it could be everything)
    2) the camera actually doesn’t mean nothing to me. It didn’t matter the D300 when I had the D200, For a DX body, I guess the strive to offer “more” should be higher, while FX itself it worth the upgrade, if you don’t need always a narrower angle of view

  • No doubt one is coming – BUT – I think these shots are fake.

    Surely they would put a separate button in the middle of the four way switch just like later models?
    That would have to be a required improvement I would think. Disappointed if they don’t.

  • rwpl

    I don’t get that – a guy has a d300s – apparently is eager to send some pics to a rumor site and he is sends only this? :]
    is that a problem to put a battery inside or to provide high resolution pics and close-ups ?

  • Vlad

    I think that there is no point for Nikon to do a new D300s if they are going to do release of new D400 in the end od this year or next year. I think this is only false rumours.

  • Badly Photoshoped image.

    1) there is a purple fringing on the ‘”D300s” closer to the zeroes and the “s” that does not appear anywhere else in the picture, the inside of the zeroes and the “D3” are completely diferent colors.

    2) Nikon will definitely correct the OK button at least.

  • Fake

    Unbelievably fake. Just look at the top photo magnified clearly photoshop and badly even.

  • Anonymous

    why is there only standing CF by they little green lamp on the back,
    the last rumors where that it will has a SD card well

  • pirnie

    Sorry – It’s faked. Look at the third photo in the series. The alleged microphone holes are not visible below the “D300s” logo. There should be some hint of them it they were to match the first photo in the series.

    Also ask yourself – If this were a real D300s, why wasn’t the camera turned on to show new menus or changes to the LCD display on top?

    Because it’s a fake. A good job, but fake.

  • Tim

    There are lots of D400 comments getting thrown in here (and everywhere). But why should we expect one soon? The prosumer camera’s never beaten the pro camera with the same digit. The D100 (2002) followed the D1 (1999). The D200 (2005) followed the D2h (2003). The D3 and D300 were announced together (2007).

    And what would Nikon put in a D400 anyway before the D4 emerges? The D100 was inferior to the D1x that preceeded it (AF performance worse, same similar), the D200 than the D2x (worse AF, worse pixels), the D300 than the D3 (dx pixels versus fx pixels). Nikon borrows bits from the big pro brother for its prosumer cameras. So the pro camera has to come out first to borrow them from – its a chicken and egg thing.

    Bottom line is that the D300s will be next, as we’re now expecting. And then? Well a D300x possibly (remember the F90, F90s, F90x). Not sure what they’d add. A souped-up sensor perhaps. We won’t get better AF, fps, built in gps or anything until after the D4 releases, and that won’t be for a couple of years in any case. So hang in there. The only other obvious 100-series camera will be the D700x when it comes, soon hopefully, with bits stolen from the D3x. Like the D300 did from the D3.

    Sorry to burst the bubble here…enjoy the D300s for what it is when it surfaces.

    • BigBear

      Unless there’s a significant improvement in IQ, why bother to upgrade? I got into digital with the D200 (after 30 years of film). I only moved to the D300 because it was vastly superior to the D200 in so many ways. I still use the D200 as a backup, because selling it would represent a significant loss.

      My next move will no doubt be to FX, but I’m willing to wait until the gear heads jump on the D700s and sell their D700 at a 60% loss.

      I’ve adopted the same philosophy for computers. It’s just not worth it to be on the “bleeding edge” of technology. As long as my clients are happy with my images, they couldn’t care less about the model number on my camera.

      • Tim

        Which just goes to prove the lens (and your eye) is more important than the camera body. Bring on the nano-crystal – much cooler stuff! People get sooo hung up about the camera bodies but kinda forget all those cool lenses – the ones out there and the ones we’re waiting for. And their value doesn’t plummmet the moment you take them out of the box.

  • BigBear

    Is anyone out taking pictures, or are we all online commenting about equipment?

    • Lefty K. Monahan

      This should be pre-posted to every message forum on camera equipment throughout the internet! So people can stop posting it during EVERY DARN discussion of equipment. It is quite silly.

  • Trevor


  • townerboy

    HUMMMM it sure looks OLD to be new. That was my first thoughts looking at it, and PLUS it looks just like my D300 without the lil s of course.

  • townerboy

    … me thinking, BUT why didn’t this gooberboy turn it on, and PROVE to all of us that it is a new D300s, it would of said so in the screen??? Hummmm not impressed at all.

  • Bas

    Nevertheless it is real or fake,

    would those mic holes influence the environmental sealing? In other words: could I still use it in heavy rain without any vapour/water entering the body?

  • Zoetmb

    I’ve compared these photos to Nikon’s official press photos of the D300 and they seem exactly the same except for the microphone holes and the logo. And I would expect the D300s to be almost exactly alike the D300 – so I don’t put any credence in those who think the control dial on the back should have a center OK button.

    And because the D300s would just be a light upgrade, perhaps there isn’t a microphone input. But then the question becomes – – does the 300s have anything aside from video that the D300 doesn’t already have? (Obviously if the D300s is to have a microphone input, this is a fake.)

    One of the things that is different about Nikon’s official D300 photos and these purported D300s photos are some of the curves, but I think that can be attributed to the fact that the person who shot these probably shot very wide angle and that distorted things.

    One other thing I noticed is that the D300s logo doesn’t look to be in exactly the same position in the straight-on view and the top view. In the straight on view, the logo looks to be more inside the curve. In the top view, it looks like it’s in the same position as on the D300.

    My call: 65% chance of being fake, but I think what we’ll be getting will be exactly like this anyway. Those who think the D300s is going to have some magical new specs are fooling themselves.

  • ralphdaily

    I think the D300s would have a GPS port to support the new Nikon GP-1. So I say fake.

  • dave

    So many people are calling these pictures a fake because it appears to be missing buttons or labels for features that may or may not have been on one or more of several lists of rumored features.

    Some of you have far too much emotional investment in the feature set of the next camera body. Most of you will be dissappointed when the final camera is announced. As for me, there are some specific features I am looking for. If they are there, I’ll get a D300s. If not, I’ll try to find a used or refurbished D300. Hint… video is not one of them.

  • joe

    Fake. No GPS Terminal. D90 & D5000 have that. Also D90 has 7 mic holes while D5000 has 9.

  • Newdge

    It’s fake. The reflection in the viewfinder is of an outside setting (building, trees and skyline). Why that’s shopped I don’t have a clue.

  • anonymous

    I know my way around the D300 very well, and to me this looks identical (except for the “s” and the microphone). there’s not even a speaker…hmmm…

    If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a fake. If it’s real, it’s certainly not worth an upgrade from the normal D300.

  • Someone in the chain noticed how the D300s logos did not appear to be in the same location on the front and top shots. I totally agree – they don’t appear to be the same size, with the logo in the top view shot being significantly smaller. And, of course there is the issue of the missing mic holes in the top view.

    What I don’t get is, what is it that make people waste their (and our) time producing these fakes. Is it that much fun? I’d also say that I wish Nikonrumors would tighten up your “reality check” before posting a lot of these “rumors”. I’d rather see fewer, but better vetted, rumors.

  • Will

    The reason I think it’s a load of crap is because the multi-selector is still that stupid one button control. I would think they would make it like the D700 or D3.

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