Announced: Micro Four Thirds adapter for the F mount

Cosina announced a Micro Four Thirds adapter for the F mount - to go with the newly released Olympus E-P1 or with not yet available Panasonic GH1. Only Carl Zeiss and Voigtländer lenses are listed as "confirmed lenses" for this adapter.


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  • low


  • Willis

    Cool… but not really. The whole point of Micro 4/3 format… in my mind at least… is portability. Even the D40 is a little too big to be considered a ‘pocketable camera’. For me the allure of M4/3 format is that you can slap a tiny pancake-prime, on it and carry it in a pair of cargo-shorts. If It’s going to go around my neck with the 70-200 2.8, I’d just as soon use the Nikon lens.

    • low

      its for use with the Voigtländer lenses. thats pretty pancake isnt it?

    • the point is that you can use your existing lenses without buying new ones – the body will be smaller than the D40

      • alex

        so the sensor.

  • rad

    So I’m guessing that af, vr, and g functions won’t work?

  • shivas

    so can someone explain this to me further. . .can I use the DMC-GH1 with my Nikon lenses like the 35 1.8 or 50 1.4 AF-S?? If so, with AF and everything, this is da SHIZ!!!

    • Anonymous

      AF, VR and so on won’t be available. Type G lenses won’t work, you need the aperture ring, as the adapter dosen’t carry any electrical signals (only mechanical).

  • Ian

    How can they confirm that it works with Zeiss and Voigtländer lenses without confirming that it works with all F-mount lenses? Same mount = compatible, no? After all, the adapters aren’t going to allow for AF or features like VR. If you’re going to be manually focusing the lens, then all F-mount lenses should work with the adapter.

    • geoff

      Unless the mount is only designed to work with lenses that have an aperture ring, in which case any G-type Nikon lens (pretty much every design in the last decade) would be incompatible.

      • DrB

        Every Zeiss/Voigtlander F-mount lens from the last decade does have an aperture ring, and is (at least) AI/AIS compatible. Some of the Voigtlanders are also fitted with a CPU. I dont think the intention is that you mount a G lens…

    • I was wondering the same thing, that’s why I added the text to the post – I know they want to push their own brand (Voigtländer), but still…

  • Joop

    Olympus and Panasonic encourege 3# parties to develop such adapters and even complete lenses.
    And I like it. The “pen solution” as a walk around camera is great (When do we get a seriuos Nikon compact?).
    It’s clear that the adapter is manual focusing and the light metering works by stopping down. I still have the Nikon 50 mm/1.2 for instance. That will become a wonderful portrait lens on a M3/4 system. It schould be nice to test how easy it is in use. (e.g. first focus on a LCD before stopping down?)

    If our friends in Japan read this side …. let’s design such a DX compact, full automatic prime and small zoom plus adapter for the good old Ai & Ais lenses. A high resolution viewfinder to complete the camera.

  • WaitingfortheD400

    Novoflex also offers 4/3 to F mount adapters:

    • Jerry M Weneger

      post something about novoflex too, admin. Otherwise you’re just doing an ad for cosina.

  • Rick

    I believe the reason that only Voigtlander and Zeiss lenses are considered “confirmed” is that Cosina makes those lenses and sees the EP-1 as a good market.

  • li

    imagine the rather small 50mm 1.8f manual* focus lens on a m4/3 it will become a 100mm portrait lens.

    *the m4/3 cameras are excellent for manual focus

  • John

    Cool… now if some one would make a tilt shift adapter then you could use a Nikon F mount for perspective control shots. Okay it would be a limited audience but I would buy one.
    This assumes that when shifted the 35mm images circle would be big enough to cover the micro 4/3 sensor.

  • Harry

    I wonder if manual focusing is easy on EP-1. It is a hit or miss for me on D300’s VF unless I do it really slow.

  • Stephane

    It’s not as nice as you could believe: The adapter adds significant depth to the lens (the depth of missing mirror box your lens is designed for), and good luck to focus manually using only the fairly poor (by DSLR standards) rear screen of the EP-1.

    So… long lens (adapter +lens), tripod for any good focus possibilities… I wouldn’t really call that a walkaround combo! It makes a fun toy for people who absolutely want to reuse their lenses, but, frankly, you NEED real micro 4/3 lenses to take advantage of the small body.

    • photomic

      This adapter will work with all Nikkors who have an aperture ring even the pre AI.

      note also that the adapter doesn’t (and can’t) have the diaphragm lever, so your lens will be used in stop-down.

      No problem for light metering (hoping the camera meter will still work without an electric chip on the lens side)
      But is a poor solution for composing & focusing…

  • DHM

    The GH1 has been available here in the UK for over a month, I received mine on the 5th of June. Here it is wearing an 85mm f1.4 Nikkor:
    GH1 is Panasonic’s second Micro 4/3rds camera. The first was the Lumix G1 which has been shipping since late 2008.

  • These kind of adapters where allready available through ebay.
    The GH1 was released last month. Philip Bloom used it with a Nikon lens: .


  • Nikkorian


    The D300 price has, all of a sudden, dropped by 100 Euros in Germany. Just two weeks ago, there was no serious online store selling it below 1300, now there are several at 1200.

    I wonder if it will be sold parallel to the new “s” version. I would expect the new one to start selling at 1500 Euros.

    • Nikkorian

      … although I wonder how they can afford such a large gap to the D90 at 750 Euros. lol. There could easily be another model in between really.

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