iPhone app for remote control of Nikon DSLR coming soon


For all iPhone addicts - soon you will be able to control your Nikon DSLR through your iPhone, including LiveView (camera must be connected to a computer): 

"I’ve got good news for you - we will be adding support for Nikon DSLRs as well which will be available in an update to the app in the very near future. A special thank you goes out to some good friends at Nikon who were kind enough to send some cameras and accessories out to us today for testing. We expect to get the Nikon DSLR cameras in our office tomorrow and we’ll begin testing. Stay tuned to this blog for the most up-to-date info on when the Nikon support will be available."

Pdnpulse via Crunchgear
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  • Gerrit

    For what should I possibly use this?! If the camera is connected to a PC I can use that to make the pictures. Can anyone give me one situation where you need to control your camera (which is connected to a PC) from the distance..?

    • Mike

      Its another gimmick app. About 98% of Iphone apps are gimmicks like this.

      • Gustav

        I think this is a league above the beer drinking apps. Two people just posted good uses of this app. Maybe it’s not for you, but I’d hardly call it a gimmick.

    • In the studio. Camera on tripod. I can move around the set adjusting lights, making exposures without ever being close to the laptop or the camera.

      There’s one for you.

    • dan

      Self portraits, group shots, etc. You can change everything without having to keep running back to the camera, and you can fire it without having to use self time/ repeated shots.

    • jcvjcvjcvjcv

      useless app for useless phone, get it now?

      • dolt…

  • eh??

    those softwares are starting to make lazy photographers even lazier than before…

  • Anonymous

    nikon support?

  • shivas

    as a remote? Or is it hard-connected?

    as a remote, this is awesome, since my D200 has limited possibilities in this realm, otherwise, gimmicky. . .

  • Desinderlase

    To use a bad iphone screen to set up the ligthing?

    People use iphone to be cool, not to be productive and get the job done….

    • Gustav

      Where do you get off assuming what people use their iPhones for? Does insulting others make you feel more important? That’s pretty sad.

    • Bungopony

      You’re an idiot and know nothing about the iPhone or it’s users.
      Everyone I know with an iPhone uses it for business. It’s an excellent tool. For example, I can accept credit cards, use a DB meter, create song outlines, look up scales, show my photo portfolio, look at the local radar to arrange times for shoots, use the calendar to remind me of shoots, use the built in recorder to take mental notes, use it as a microphone through a PA system, etc….

      There are so many useful apps for the iPhone and it’s only going to get better when 3.0 comes out next month.

    • Desinderlase

      I didn’t say you cannot do bussiness. If your bussiness requires from you to be cool…

      Anyway, I should be more clear. I meant for photography jobs, I doubt that any photographer will use iPhone for photography work…

      • To be fair. Leaf digital backs allow you to push images to the iphone as you are tethered to a computer. That lets me get my AD’s off the back from my digital techs.

        I also carry a portfolio of work around on the phone, I don’t use it as my book, but it lets me give people an idea of my work.

    • Zoetmb

      That’s completely absurd. The iPhone is the first such device that has email and synching to Outlook of sufficient quality to enable me to work out of the office without carrying a laptop. It has made me far more productive. And it’s the first smartphone to have a decent browser. Some of my earlier phones had web access and other functions that the iPhone has, but they were implemented so poorly, they were useless. That’s why the iPhone is driving such high web usage from smart phones – it’s the first device to make the web usable on a smart phone.

      Good user interface design is not just “cool” – it’s mandatory for efficiency.

      • I agree – I do not know how I would run this blog without my iPhone.

        • Paul


  • Adam

    will this work with ipod touch as well since it’s essentially an iphone without the phone? I’m sure this app doesn’t require any part of the phone service of the iphone. I wouldn’t mind buying an ipod at some point and i could see some utility to this app, but i have 0 use for a iphone. Plans are way too expensive.

    • Gustav

      It should. It’s likely just using a WiFi connection to the computer.

      • Hope it does work with the iPod touch.

  • Willis

    Sure, this is a little gimicky now, but once WiFi becomes a standard feature of most DSLR’s (I think it was in the prototypes of the D90, and I fully expect it will turn up in future models, I can see this becoming a killer app.

    I’d love to be able to control CLS from my phone while I use my camera to work all the photo related stuff (ISO, WB, Shutter speed, aperture etc.). This is also far better than a articulating screen.

  • Alain2x

    This app will really be interesting when Nikon install a Wi-Fi onboard the D700(s)

    I’d like to shoot birds from my kitchen, cable-less 🙂

  • Ken Elliott

    Heck, I’d get this even if I have to use USB to connect. I currently use NKRemote to control my D700 and D300. It lets me position it where I cannot easily see the viewfinder (on a boom or low on the ground, for example). But sometimes I don’t have my laptop with me, or my fancy tripod with the arm and laptop platform. I always have my iPhone, so this would be a tool that would always be available. I wouldn’t use it often, but when you need it, you really need it.

    Hope it is true and works well.

    • Ken Elliott

      Uh, I think I misread the article. It seems to indicate that the camera must be connected to a laptop, and the iPhone simply communicates with the laptop. Darn. I guess it was too good to be true.

      Still, I think that ability to be at the subject and see live view remotely has its uses. I guess I’ll wait and see. Price will be a big issue.

      • That’s correct – as I mentioned in the post, the camera must be attached to a computer an then the iPhone talks to the computer.

        • SmokeJaguar

          When the new iPhone 3.0 software hits it will allow access directly to the iPhone’s bottom port making it possible to connect it straight to the camera.

  • jimmyd

    make the app available for the blackberry storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nik oN

      It ll be cool Blackberry is tough as Nikon ,thats my phone and its really great with the new storm you can read Mp4 in a really larger screen !

  • Nik oN

    must be Fake or unofficial I think Nikon always suport PC not Apple,I like Apple for girls its ciute I think but its getting dirty to fast to go on a tripp without sleeping at the hotel;I need Panasonic pros computer to go ou and play with the real man lol!!!

  • funny

    such retarded app. if you’re on the go, use the camera controls!

    invented by the same guy who inveted the square doughnut I assume.

    • Zoetmb

      Nothing wrong with a square donut – there’s more surface area.

  • Joe

    Hmm this is an excellent idea, I know I’ll buy the app when it’s ready.

  • 3space

    sweet, things keep getting better… need live view and video support

  • Ivan

    i thought they were using the iphone as a shutter release via a usb cable connected to the camera
    that would be nice

  • Quash

    Blackberry vote. Seriously. Get with the program, app developers.

  • Bernard

    Let’s hope that it will soon be able to connect directly to the wifi options of the D3/D3x. That would be a very cool remote control.


  • Would be really cool! Hope its gonna come out soon!

  • James

    If this is real, the best way to use it would be with the camera tethered to a wireless transmitter. D3->WT-4A. The WT-4A tethers to the camera via USB. Both the iPhone and the WT-4A connect via 802.11A, B & G.

  • Frank Mahler

    I think this is nonsense… the app screencaptures are from the Canon DSLR remote control app. And you must connect your camera by USB to your computer and then remote control the computer with the ipod/iphone? So what?

    I’d really appreciate a remote control tool for my D80 and really like to use an ipod touch as a remote. Even a cable would not do any harm. But unfortunately the usb controller in any ipod is not able to be a host. You can see it by the cables. The universal adapter is adapted to a big usb plug, you won’t get any mini usb to universal adpater cable 🙂

    Remote control via Wi-Fi means the camera must have a Wi-Fi-interface.

    EyeFi might do the trick for “tethered shooting”, but does not have an option for controlling camera settings or even “push the button”.

    Pity, but I don’t think this comes for real 🙂


  • vagruppe

    Lots of misinformation on here.
    Product is already out for Canon and Nikon is in development. $1.99 for lite version and $9.99 for full featured.
    This is for tethered studio shooting. Camera hooked via USB to your Mac that has wifi. Abilitiy to control shutter, aperture, ISO, white balance, etc.
    Rather than $100 for a remote for my D200, I will gladly spend $10. The only time I need a remote is in the studio anyhow.
    more info here: http://www.ononesoftware.com/detail.php?prodLine_id=38

  • Bertil Ericsson

    What happend to this APP, The add is from 2009??

  • Bertil Ericsson

    Thanks for the swift answer. Can however not find it in App store.

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