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Let's help Nikon with a poll:


The first Nikon D300s post got a lot  of comments already - I also created a new Nikon D300s discussion topic on the NikonRumors forum.

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  • dude

    need better liveview like those in pns cam.

  • exe

    s version after 3 years of release? Very unlikely.

    • Odysseus

      Actually the D300 was released in August 2007, that was 22 months ago. And I’m very happy to see that Nikon is not going Canon’s way of short cycles. Why should they? The D300 is nearly perfect and there is only one issue and this is the lack of video capability for those who want this feature in a semipro Nikon body.

      • PHB

        I think this is actually a positive announcement. I remain convinced that the D400 will not be an incremental advance when it comes, I think it will be a 24MP sensor created as a die-shrink of the D3x sensor. I would prefer that Nikon wait and come out with a really good camera than replace models for the sake of it.

        The changes to the D300s look very reasonable to me. SD/SDHC/XDHC cards are definitely the format of the future. It is the format that high definition video cameras use. So it is going to be much easier to find cheap, fast and large SD sized cards than the aging CompactFlash format.

        Putting out a slightly bigger sensor does not excite me much. Nor am I going to replace my D300 for this model. But if I was buying a new camera I would definitely appreciate the upgrades.

        I would not be at all surprised if the D400 and D700x launched at the same time. I would however be very surprised if either happened this year. I think the high price of the D3x is more likely to reflect production difficulties rather than greed.

        Very small differences in manufacturing processes can accumulate and have a dramatic effect on yield. If you have a 20 step process, a 1% failure rate at each step means your yield is only 80%. If you have a 5% error at each stage your yield is 12%. Typical yields for mature processing lines are 90%, at startup they might be 10% or less. If your yield is 90% you are getting nine times more good chips from each wafer and can sell them for maybe a tenth the cost and make a profit.

        I can believe that the yield on the D3x process is currently very low and the sensor costs many times the cost of the D3/D700 sensor which in turn must cost at least twice as much as the D300 sensor.

        The low yield might also explain the fact that the D3x loses two ISO stops over the D3 rather than just one. The higher D3 ISO rating may reflect tighter rejection criteria on the chips.

        It would be nice if Nikon could do everything perfectly and now. It would also be nice if they could create a time machine and a self-licking ice cream cone. But it takes time.

        DSLR HD is somewhat suckish and is going to be so for some time to come. I am not replacing my D300 for the HD advance either. My Canon Vixia is a better HD video camera and weighs about as much as a lens.

        To make a good HD video camera you need to have an electronic shutter. And at the moment it would cost about a third of an ISO stop to have an electronic shutter. I think that is a worthwhile tradeoff because an electronic shutter also means eliminating an expensive moving part that wears out and allows for flash sync at any speed. It would also allow for ultra fast continuous shooting speeds.

        I do not expect an electronic shutter to appear for some years. The D90 video mode was clearly an experiment to see if there was demand. At the moment I think that it is a great proof of concept but not good enough to leave the Canon at home. The fact that HD is appearing on other models suggest to me that it is going to continue to be improved. But its going to be a design cycle before we see major changes to the spec to support HD.

        At this point the significant fact would be that it was supported at all.

      • Michael

        No, it is not perfect, improved sensor noise handling is required

      • Lefty K. Monahan

        Very true — the d300 really doesn’t need much or only very little to still be competitive.

  • Segura

    I have a D90 now and will move to this if it has the dual slots. I have 50GB in SD cards that I have ready to go if so . . . main reasons for the upgrade (1) SD Card, (2) Intervalometer (D90 can’t unless I get a China one that will do 399 frames), (3)14-bit RAW, (4) increased AF Focus Points, (5) better build, (6) faster frame rate, (7) better weight to work with my 17-55mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8

    • CE

      Your intervalometer comment is wrong. You can get a “china” one that doesn’t just do 399. Check “Jiakgong” in ebay.

      • djm

        0 results found for Jiakgong

      • Segura

        Found one for seller Jiakgong but it shows “Number of shots
        1 to 399,– (unlimited)”. So is the number of shots 399 or unlimited? The LCD will only display 399. Anyone have this care to comment?

        • dave

          It means you can specify a number of shots up to 399 OR just let it keep shooting until the battery dies or you fill up your memory card or you come back and turn the darn thing off. At least that is the way mine works. I got mine at But hey are selling a different one now and for much cheaper.

  • Skippy

    There isn’t really a choice for me on your poll.
    I’m satisfied with my D40 and D90. But if I was in the market for a higher spec’d camera, I’d be happy with the rumoured D300s.
    (No, I didn’t misspell rumour).

    • Pells

      Totally Agree. Where is the option for “I am entirely happy with my D3x, D3, D700, D300, D90, D5000 D60 D40 etc.” This should be the largest response since the majority of people don’t upgrade at every new camera.

      • The poll was intended to capture the readers that are ready to upgrade – you will upgrade one day too, right? It is obvious that if you have a D3 this is not an upgrade for you and if you have D40, you should fall in one of the categories unless you stay with your D40 till the end of times (then I do agree, I do not have that option).

        • Char

          What about the D40-Users that will upgrade to the D5000-Line? To the D90-Line? What about me, D80-User, that will probably one day upgrade to a D700? No option there, either.

          • KevinR

            Yeah, I am happy with my D1. Where is my option? In fact, I have some friends with some really old Nikon film cameras, can you include options for every Nikon ever made and every conceivable possible situation so that no one feels left out? Thanks.

            /sarcasm (for the sarcastically challenged)

  • Yeah, actually I don’t care about video since I have a d90, point and shoot, and a video camera. But I do want the d3x sensor in a d700 body. Actually I want it in a d700 body without a flash on the prism housing. That’d be super.

    Even 18mp in dx wouldn’t entice me. 24 is only just enough of a bump to be worth it. Just not $8k to me at the moment. $3k at MSRP? Now were talking…

    • Nik oN

      Just like me!!!

  • Char

    Same for me. There is no useful answer for me. I probably would not buy a D300s because I will either go FX (but do not care about video capabilities, so would be happy with the D700) or stay DX (in which case I would be perfectly happy with the D300, cause again, I do not need video capabilities).

  • Nikkorian

    What about. No, I will buy the D300?

    • this option doesn’t involve any new models – you could have done this back in Aug of 2007, O just wanted to capture unreleased products

      • Char

        What about “I am waiting for a D700x, but for the pixels, I give a shit about video”?

  • nuser

    I don’t get it.
    What’s so hot about having video in a DSLR ?
    DSLR is not designed for video, never was, never will be.
    If you need to shoot video, get a good camcorder and be done with it.
    Video is a completely different form of art, the approach is very different as well as the tools.
    A high res full frame body (D800?) would totally make sense, couldn’t care less if it had video capability, if the price is right (at least comparable to Canon 5D Mark II).

    • Human

      Yeah, I know, you don’t get it.

      “If you need to shoot video, get a camcorder and be done with it.” = “If you need to take photos, get a Coolpix and be done with it.”

      • nuser

        You’re missing the point entirely.
        You’re already carrying a DSLR, so you should be well beyond Coolpix.
        But you seem to be fine with an excuse for a real video solution and are ready to pay extra to have it in your still camera.
        Well, I’m not.

    • Anonymous

      Bull shit! I need video just sometimes and from 1 to 5 minutes episodes. I don’t need to make movies! I need just short clips! That’s why no reason for me to buy camcorder! You are thinking very flat! And I don’t want to carry with me two devices! Is it clear or not? People who thinking like you bothered already!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t really get it either, why all of a sudden is video such a critical feature in a stills camera? Hardly a reason to lose sleep over if video is omitted, especially if the principle use is for photography.

    • Ken Elliott

      Video camcorders today have several issues. First, the sensor is so small that the depth of field is huge. Thus we can’t do creative things like we can with our dSLRs. And if you think the step up from DX to FX was big, take a look at how tiny the camcorder sensors are. The difference is more like moving from a cheap digicam to a FX dSLR. They also suck at low light.

      The cheapest FX-sized video camera is the RED. You’ll spend about US$17,500 for a body, and $9,975 for a 18-85mm lens, and still need a few more basic parts. You really need to spend about US$40,000 to US$50,000 to have a working setup. Can you see why having a sub US$2000 body that works with Nikon glass is of interest? The cost of adding this capability to a camera is next to nothing. If you don’t want it, don’t use it.

      The other big issue is that current camcorders are tiny, and difficult to hold. They are removing components like optical viewfinders, making them harder to hold, and difficult to use. This has been a big issue for me. Several times I went to purchase a HD camcorder and stopped because of the horrible controls, layout and size. I would much rather hold a dSLR.

      What I’d rather have is a add-on module for a D3/D700-type camera. The module would add video, storage, battery and XLR imputs (important). That would let me remove the module in places that don’t allow video, or require different credentials. It would provide better video (at least it _should_), professional inputs, and not compromise the camera for still shooters. A D3 plus video module should get pretty close to RED performance at a fraction of the price.

      Of course, Nikon could just make a F-mount camcorder and be done with it.

      • nuser

        I wasn’t suggesting people to buy a tiny excuse for a camcorder.
        That would be a good comparison for a Coolpix, not for a D300 or even D700.
        Prosumer cameras are not quite that bad, although they still do have small sensors.
        Comparing DSLR video capability with professional video equipment is even less fair.
        All you can get with the video in your DSLR is a workaround, but it’s still not a good tool for professional video.
        I don’t think it benefits still shooters a lot (or at all) and it does add cost and complexity.
        I’d rather get a better still camera for my money than an add-on which I’ll rarely (if ever) use.
        If Nikon or whoever makes a real camcorder which would accept F-mount lenses and doesn’t cost me a leg an an arm, I’ll be first in line.
        But until they do, I don’t want to pay a penny more for a perfectly good still body just to have video on it…

  • Misora

    I was hoping for a higher MP count?

    I don’t see the point. 🙁

  • Human

    I’m waiting/hoping for something like a D700s (or whatever it could be called). Same resolution FX as the D700 plus full HD manual control video. I hope it comes soon and is reasonably priced or I am going to switch to Canon. That new 5D mk2 firmware update sounds like it’ll open up a lot of new creative possibilities.

  • Daf

    Have a D200 and don’t really care about video

    D300 wasn’t enough of a jump for me when it came out and isn’t now.

    Waiting for either D400 (if it has ISO performance comparable to D700)
    Or D700x/D750/D800.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon,wake up please. If no 1080p@30 fps coming soon from you, I’m going to Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Once again, I need 30 fps, I don’t need your jerky 24 fps. Or give us choice!

    • Barnyard

      You should go to canon now.

      • PHB

        He should go to a Canon Vixia.

        I would not switch DSLR brands for the video on any of the current generation cameras. They all suck because they are all an afterthought. None of those cameras has been engineered for video.

        The future replacements will be, but not this generation.

        At some point I expect we will see dedicated video backs with HD sensors and 4K sensors that deliver true broadcast quality and are capable of a full day shooting.

    • Odysseus

      Hollywood uses 24p, so what’s the deal?

    • Tomaocron

      Feature films are 24fps, so are Blu-ray versions. Jerky?

      • Tomaocron

        Oops, didn’t see Odysseus’ comment.

  • Andy Mac

    One reason alone for DSLR video – DoF control. This is a HUGE reason why video capable DSLRs are so significant. Camcorder sensor sizes are small, which is why folks went bananas for the Canon 5Dmk2.
    And if you’re shooting moving images where DoF control is crucial, you’re likely to be a pro – in which case 24p/25p is essential.
    For consumer video use, yeah, get a camcorder – much better form-factor…. but convenience isn’t why pro’s are looking at DSLRs for moving image work – it’s the image quality.
    Canon f***d up with 30fps on the 5Dmk2… if Nikon come out with a FF DSLR shooting 1080p at 24/25fps and manual control… they will clean up.
    I’m a Nikon user with lots of nice old Nikon glass… been holding off on going Canon for over a year, but I’m now losing video work to 5Dmk2 shooters – if Nikon don’t release their answer soon, I’m reluctanly gonna have to switch.

  • Neil

    I’m waiting for a D400 although the movie mode of this rumored one is very tempting. If this ends up true (and there is good precedent for a slight upgrade like this with the D70 and D2X) one possible side benefit may be continued firmware fixes for those of us with a D300 regular.

  • funny

    the polls show what I already knew:
    even without nikon’s lame-o-video implementation, the camera itself hardly feels like an upgrade, unless it is discounted significantly from the usual release price of the D300 models. As the poll shows, waiting and downright ignoring this camera would be what most people will do.

  • steve

    The one thing that not shown in the specs is the ISO performance. Enhance that by a stop and watch us all come running!

  • Oliver Richter

    Meine Wünsche an eine mögliche Nikon D400 (es soll wohl erst eine D300s geben):
    Kleineres und leichteres Gehäuse a la D80 aber in Metallausführung, Ai-Kopplung, staub- und spritzwasserdicht, Monitor aus kratzfestem Glas, 5 Bilder pro Sekunde sind ausreichend, ebenso halte ich 11-15 AF Felder (kreuzförmig) für ausreichend. HD-Video.
    Im Prinzip gibt es schon meine Wunschkamera im digitalen Halbformat, leider hat sie bloß kein Nikon-Anschluss – die Pentax K-7.
    Liebe Nikon Entwickler baut so eine ähnliche Kamera als Nikon und viele Nutzer werden begeistert sein. Eine D300 die fast die gleiche Größe einer Vollformat D700 ist nicht sinnvoll. Wenn schon DX-Format dann in einem kleinen Gehäuse.

    • English for all!

      Is it too much to ask you to speak English ON AN ENGLISH FORUM!!!

      • Valid point, but please watch your language (I edited your post). Thanks.

      • KevinR

        Is it really that hard to translate his text? After translating it, his comment is definitely a few notches above most of those who comment here. There is no rule that one must speak a certain language on any site. If that is what you desire, I hope that you never have a say in the direction of the Internet as that would remove one of the greatest parts of it; the ability to read the opinions of everyone.

        Is it really too much to ask you to have an open mind ON THE VASTLY OPEN INTERNET?

  • Elliot

    How about a poll choice that’s just “No”

  • heartyfisher

    its interesting that (if this was true) 5% will buy it and 5% will switch brands..!! Sound like a bad result for nikon!

  • shivas

    Well, I was waiting for the D400, but if the D300s proves to have a better sensor than the D300 and D90 at higher ISO’s, this might be a great companion to my D200. . . . .

    One HUGE plus for me is the dual slots, VERY excited about that since it was lacking the DX line. . . .

    I suspect that the D400 won’t come out for awhile then??

  • Willlis

    I don’t actually care about video, but my next camera purchase will be a full frame camera.. I’m done with DX.

    • Tomaocron

      I sold my D200 last year and bought a D700…love the high ISO, but I’m not a fan of the AF points all bunched in the centre of the frame. I may grab a new DX as backup / 1.5 crop multiplier camera especially if the high ISO surpasses the D90 sensor. FX is great but certainly not perfect.

  • Jim

    If there are manual controls , better compression, no overheating, less jello, and longer recording times then I would probably get D300s. Otherwise, I would look elsewhere for an equivalent. I really want it to be Nikon, but if they aren’t going to deliver then I cannot sit around and wait for them much longer.

  • JM

    What a waste of money. HD in a camera. Blasphemous. I have the original D300 purchased in February 2008. I’ve put over 40,000 images through it. Including 11,125 in one 8-day period. I love it! Coupled with my 17055 F2.8, and my 18-200 VR I don’t need anything else for quite some time. I don’t know what else to say about it. I love it so much I parted with my beloved Mamiya 645AFD with a bunch of lenses and various backs.
    I have no plans to upgrade as I DESPISE, ABHORR, and HATE video. Was I clear Nikon? Quit mucking up my pristine cameras with freakin’ video.

    • 10to20

      This is just the camera I’ve been wanting. All the goodness of a D300, but with video added. Family vacations will be easier, no SLR and Camcorder to juggle. I want the extra features that the D300 has over both the D5000 and D90. I doubt there will be any more DSLRs without any video modes. Maybe one or 2 more that may already be in the pipleline and ready for production, but that’s it.

  • web

    No. I am waiting for the Olympus M4/3.

  • I have a Nikon D300 and a Nikon D90 which make quite a nice combination. The video functionality of the D90 has its problems but is more than adequate for my purposes. I would only buy a D300s if I needed a third Nikon DSLR body which is unlikely in that I also have a Pentax K20D and “antique” Canon 20D. That being said, I expect that the D300s is mainly intended to attract buyers to the D300 who haven’t already bought one, or who want a second or third body that has better specs and build quality than the D90. The D300 really is an excellent camera and I have already previously commented that the D400 would have a hard time excelling it other than adding HD video to it. Come to think of it if the D300s has an articulating screen like that on the D5000 it could be tempting. What’s the chance we will see a D90s with the ‘s’ standing for articulating screen? 🙂

    I would be very happy if Nikon provided updated firmware for the D90 that allowed full manual control of the HD video function such as Canon just released for the Canon EOD 5D MarkII. Any future Nikon DSLRs with video functionality (presumably all of them now) should provide this capability. If Nikon can possibly provide updated firmware that allows video functionality with the D300, D700, D3 and D3x that would be wonderful but I am not sure that this is possible. Maybe there is some missing hardware. OTOH perhaps Nikon or some enterprising independent company could provide an add on accessory that contains any necessary additional electronics to convert external output from Live View into video. . .

    BTW I overcame the fluctuating exposure levels quite simply and easily by setting my AE lock to “Hold” in the menu. When I shoot a video clip I press the AE lock immediately after starting it and this locks the exposure level and holds it. If the lighting changes significantly during the video I press the AE lock button again to release the locked exposure and obtain a corrected exposure and then press it again to hold the new exposure level. This obviously results in a more dramatic “jump” in the exposure level, but I would rather have a few dramatic “jumps” in my videos than the continuously fluctuating exposure levels that are quite distracting. It’s a great “special effect” if you want to emulate turn-of-the-century movie cameras though. Turn of the 19th century that is. . .

  • “I’m a Nikon user with lots of nice old Nikon glass… been holding off on going Canon for over a year, but I’m now losing video work to 5Dmk2 shooters – if Nikon don’t release their answer soon, I’m reluctanly gonna have to switch.”

    I find it most ironic that pre-AI “nice old Nikon glass” cannot be mounted on nice new Nikon DSLRs. . . If you want to use unconverted prong type lenses you have little choice but to go the Canon 5D Mark II route. I came very close to doing that myself but it wasn’t available when I had the wherewithal to buy it so I popped for the Nikon D90 and some more nice “old Nikon glass” instead. 🙂



      Be patient, this year 2009 you are likely to see both the update to the D300 with video and more and the update to the D700 with video and more.

      The update to the D300 will come first followed by the update to the D700.

      Worse-case scenario, the update to the D700 would come at the beginning of 2010. For the update to the D300, it is surely during 2009.

  • W blake

    What is the significant difference between – “No, I have the D300 already – not worth upgrading for me” and “No, I will wait for the D400 (DX) with more significant improvements”. I voted the former based upon the delta in features offered. To me the reference to the D400 is superfluous. I am awaiting more significant improvements than are offered with the quoted “D300s”.

    • the answer: you have a D40, you do not have a D300 and you want to upgrade.

      • 10to20

        That’s me. I have a D40 and have been waiting for this exact camera. I didn’t jump on the D300 because of no video, or the D5000/D90 because of features. This is the one I want.

  • Oh and I reluctantly sold off most of my old prong type lenses, which I had thought would be great on a Canon 5D Mark II, at bargain basement prices. . .

  • Harry Couvert

    Once 25fps is introduced in the 5d2 its mine. Compression is also key and Canon is winning. Even if nikon introduces 25fps first, id wait. Thats for the video part. Im VERY happy with D700/300 for photography and see no reason to switch. Im even going to get a nikon lens adapter for the canon. Im Beatles & Stones. Or Mac and PC, why do we have to make a choice? (apart from money..i know)

  • As I mentioned elsewhere. The original Canon rangefinder cameras were fitted with Nikkor 50mm lenses so fitting Nikkor SLR lenses to Canon cameras with adapters is actually quite fitting as it were. 🙂

  • Wayne

    Depends on the price. That should have been one of the questions. I would love to have a D300 let alone the D300x, but the current prices of all of Nikon DSLRs are ridiculous in today’s economy. This is nothing more than a hard body version of the D90, so why would I want to pay $800 or more for this version? Oh well, maybe the D300 will come down to an affordable range now.

  • Ron Scbadiver

    The poll should have an option of “planning to buy a FX Nikon currently in production.” That would cover those who want to go FX, but are not waiting for the next FX body.

  • DrB

    I’m also completely disinterested by the concept of video on a DSLR. Squeezing this functionality into a platform that was never intended to accomodate it must inevitably lead to design compromises. If in future I have a choice between a camera having video and a camera not having video, I’ll take the former. Trouble is, I suspect within 5 years, it will be difficult to find a new model that omits video.

    The D300 was a real ground breaker when it was released, outstripping the performace not only of it’s predecessor the D200, but also of *any* previous Nikon DSLR, including the D2x. Compare that with the meager improvements offered by the rumoured D300s and you’ll see that (for existing D300 owners at least) it’s not really worth the cost of the upgrade. If you still feel the urge, perhaps it’s just NAS speaking!

    • DrB

      Obviously, I meant the latter, not the former 😉

  • Quash

    Thom Hogan wrote on DPReview 8 hours ago:

    You know, when I wrote my predictions for the year back in November, I almost wrote D300s instead of D400. Something’s been nagging me about the Dxxx line for awhile. It all evolves around whether you think the D200 was an anomaly or not. I’m beginning to think it was. Nikon really wants to keep the basic production of the Dxxx model going for four years if it can. What I’m hearing about what’s being tested seems to be more D300s than D400. So, do I imply that the upcoming model is a D300s? Probably ;~)

  • I’m wating from years that nikons release a FF camera with at least 18MPixels with a nice price, i don’t care about video, but with the release by Canon of the 5DMII i’m really tempted to by it, the only think that is still convincing me to wait is the hope that i’ll get, i hope in a not so distant future, a new nikon body to use the beautifull Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8 for my landscape photos…

  • Jamie

    I’m actually selling my D300 now, ready for when whatever it is going to be called is release. I already have a D700 and use my D300 as a ‘run around’ camera. Lately I have wanted to buy a video camera to stuff around with and if I can have an SLR and vidcam in one, all the better. 🙂

  • Jacob

    I can understand big-time Nikon enthusiasts concerned with the purity of their precious cameras.

    Fortunately, I’m not the person I just described. Give me video capabilities in the same enclosure as a great camera!

    To anyone who says they don’t want their SLR to shoot video, how have you not drooled all over 5DmkII footage? Tell me your secret.

    • nuser

      Why would I drool over something you have to go into enormous trouble to shoot since the tool you’ve used was not specifically designed to do it ?
      That would be like drooling over someone using a microscope as a replacement for a hammer and achieving good results in the process…
      I bet that the next generation of prosumer camcorders will use interchangeable lenses and larger sensors.

  • Sony is the main provider for Nikon sensors and if you check in the Sony website, with the exception of a 24Mpixels camera, the only one model with a greater sensor than 12MPixel is the Sony α A380 with 14Mpixels, DX, probably the next nikon camera will have this sensor, they are releasing news sensors with a 2Mpixels “jump” every time.

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