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  • Alex

    Do you know for sure that that’s not how Nikon worker conditions are?
    Now I’m curious to see images from their factory. I google searched it, but didn’t find much.

    • well, the Canon dude wrote a book about it

  • Oliver

    That 6mm is a hell of a lens ! Man, that thing is huge. On the eBay auction, the body behind the lens looks like a toy. Wow… So… anyone’s getting it with me ?

  • NikoDoby

    I think Nikon treats their employees pretty well. Here’s a photo tour by Hans Braakhuis of Nikon’s Sendai Plant in Tokyo. I see plenty of chairs and in one picture it looks like two guys are actually watching baseball on a computer monitor while “pretending” to tend to Nikon’s motherboard production?!:)
    I posted this a while back on the forums:

  • NikoDoby

    Can you imaging showing up at some kid’s 1st birthday party with that 6mm lens!

    • Desinderlase

      Hell yeah, you will scare everyone, which means that the pictures will look good 🙂


    I personally wouldnt post something about the ebyer with the nikon gear. He isnt very concerned about the buyer, when problems occur. Just have a look at his profile. Although its interesting i wouldnt promote for him.

    • Don’t worry – I don’t think people will just start outbidding each other at $37k because they saw the link here.

  • funny

    wow that 6mm sure looks amazing. hopefully the buyer will use it instead of putting it up ona pedestal collecting dust.

  • PHB

    I don’t think a 20MP FX sensor is at all likely unless it turns out that Sony has a major process issue that somehow goes away with a step down to 20MP. I guess it is just possible that going to 20MP would allow Nikon to manage an extra ISO step so the max ISO of the D3n would be half that of the D3 rather than a quarter, but I don’t see that as being very likely either.

    A 20MP FX sensor might make sense for a D700x. But I really don’t think Nikon can make much money at all from the flagship line of bodies. It is a prestige thing and to sell big telephoto lenses. Two flagship bodies is pushing it, three would be insane.

    A D3d body with a large DX sensor would make more sense than a 20MP FX sensor. A large DX sensor would be a killer lens for macro photography and for the paparazzi shooter. But for most high end DX users it is a weight thing and they would much rather have a D300 series body than than a D3 series. A DX sensor in a D3 body would be almost a dedicated pap body.

    So I don’t see the logic of another D3 body.

    Also I note that the recent track record of rumors of this sort is pretty low. Nobody caught wind of the DX lenses until they were practically out. And they are a heck of a lot more logical and likely to sell in far greater numbers than almost anything that is proposed on the boards – except for the 80-400 AFS.

  • Dave

    Actually the 20MP version of a D3 makes a LOT of sense. Nikon has obviously targeted the 25MP D3X at a niche pro market and wants to protext that $8k/body premium. A 20MP D3h(?) gives them a FX sensor that has more MP than the D3 and better high ISO than the D3X (and Canon 1D MkIII). From a marketing perspective, that would have a broader appeal, protect the $8K D3x, eat into Canon market share, and still command a good premium. Then 6 months to a year later, we’ll see that sensor show up in the D700x. Nikon likes to spread parts across product lines when it can.

    • Jeff

      umm. do you not see how 20MP is almost 24MP, the proposed camera and the D3x would be all over each other’s market share, with no clear dileneation, and It would not be a highspeed variant, since the proceesing power is maxed on the D3x at 24.5 MP at 5 frames per second, nocking it down to twenty only gives you 6fps, 7 if tech has gotten better.

      • Dave

        I do see how 20MP is ALMOST 24MP. But Nikon isn’t going to hand over what it perceives to be a very small high end market to a D700x that has the D3x’s sensor in it. Marketing and engineering are two different things. Marketing and reality are often two different things. Marketing likes numbers. And marketers “know” that higher numbers are better than lower ones. It’s purely speculation, of course. I’ve had some marketers do some strange and stupid things to some of the products I’ve worked on. So while it may not make sense to do the 20MP thing to you (or me), I can see how marketing folks would want to do it.

  • Remington

    I’ve never found the folks posting @ dpreview to be the most reliable sources on anything. There’s too much whining and brand trashing over there.

    • Completely agree – I go there only when I have to defend 🙂
      The arrogance on dpreview was one of the reasons why I started this blog – every time I would ask for a Nikon rumor on dpreview, I was getting ripped into pieces by the regular “pros” there.

  • NikoDoby

    I definitely agree with you Remington. I’ve been lurking around Dpreview since 2000. It’s been pretty bad the last couple of years. I especially feel sorry for beginners who ask “stupid” questions. The “pros” pounce all over them for it.

    Not a friendly place most of the time. But you do find people like Jeff-c posting very hush hush stuff about Nikon.

    Hey, that reminds me, whatever happened to Jeff-c? He seems to have disappeared from dpreview forums. Hmmm

    • Maybe Jeff-c started a Nikon Rumors site? Just kidding 🙂

  • Cluebat

    Regarding the bit about Canon working conditions:

    I’d have to say that is probably true. Canon is the only company I know where you can get fired for being 5 minutes late into work (I believe you get an official warning letter that goes into your work record if you’re late just for the first time). This applies not just to workers, but to executives and management, and also to overseas subsidaries. While I don’t know about US, since that kind of management won’t go well there, I know in the South East Asia subsidaries employees forgo the lift and run up the stairs just to make sure they aren’t late if their timing is tight.

  • Dan

    That is art! I love taking pictures.

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