Please note that from now on all  rumors/news not related to Nikon will be posted on You may find the following two entries interesting (indirectly related to Nikon):

This was partially done as a response to your feedback to keep NR only for Nikon hardware/software.

There is a link to Photo Rumors on the top navigation menu - I will try to update the new blog daily.

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  • lblaod

    cool beans admin

  • Anonymous

    I would prefer to read about third party lenses for Nikon DSRLs on and all other third party stuff on

    Thanks for the continous information by the way!

  • Pells

    Thanks! My company blocks so I will be sure to run home at the end of the day and get back on my home computer to read it. You must have rescued the domain from a known porn site.

  • KBP

    Ummm…I loved the fact that Nikon Rumors covered Nikon MOUNT hardware. What’s the point of having to check 2 sites when all I want is Nikon RELATED info (third party lenses in particular).

    This seems somewhat odd to me?

  • st

    It isn’t rumors of Nikon-related equipment that I object to — it’s the gossip — and that includes gossip about Nikon equipment and software. There is a difference, you know.

    A rumor is sourced — even if the source cannot be sited — and should be published if and ONLY if you have two independent sources (to protect the possibility of one of the sources being exposed).

    Gossip is just that — idle chatter — and a thorough waste of time.

    This site has its ups and downs. You often publish great information. However, you also jump the gun with noise equally as annoying as that in the shadows of underexposed digital images.

    Seriously, I would hate to see your enthusiasm curbed to the point that that you lose interest; however, sometimes, a little restraint should be exercised. I don’t need another site to visit. I just need the one site to exercise a bit more oversight.

    • Pells

      HA…great analogy to underexposed images. I am in 100% agreement here. More websties mean more advertisement. More new posts mean more visitors….this is all about money and greed. You are getting away from what makes this website good, and you are at risk of blowing the whole thing up. Maybe next you will start a where all rumors pertaining to nikon camera straps will be housed.

      • Do you complain also when you watch tv, drive on the highway, read your newspaper? I just wonder.

  • The last time I posted the 85mm Samyang lens here at NR, I got a lot of critique that it should not have been published here. Now I started a new site and… I guess I cannot make everybody happy

    • Anonymous

      What about a poll?

      • stollo

        I’d also rather have all the Nikon related stuff in one place. Including third party equipment (esp. lenses) as long as it fits my Nikon bodies.

        @NRAdmin – please don’t give a f**k about people that keep posting shit about what you should or shouldn’t have posted. (I don’t know of anyone who died ’cause of skipping entries he wasn’t interested in reading)

        • Stollo: maybe I should listen to you – I realized that I cannot make everybody happy here.

    • Bob

      Some people should just shut up and stop complaining about a free service.

      Ergghh…you all sound like a bunch old people with too much time.

      • stollo

        Good point Bob – ppl seem to forget this service is FREE.

  • AngryCorgi

    You’re doing good, Admin. Don’t sweat the whiney complaints. I appreciate you still posting applicable links on NR (nikon-mount lenses), even if you are posting the news on a neutral page.

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