Second hand, unconfirmed, raw Nikon rumors

The most difficult part of my job is to distinguish the real/plausible rumors and filter out the urban legends. This is even more difficult when the source is anonymous. For example, 2-3 weeks before the official release  of the Nikkor 35mm 1.8 DX lens (back in February) I received a tip about this lens. Of course my reaction was "BS" - a prime DX lens, this will never happen. A week latter I started to receive tips from other sources about the same lens and them I pulled the trigger and posted it online. Few days later the lens was officially released. I am still banging my head against the wall - why didn't I post this rumor the first time I got it...

In order to prevent future head banging, I will post some unconfirmed rumors I have been getting in the past few days/weeks. At that point I cannot establish any patterns or draw any conclusions - those are just rumors and this is what this whole site is about (messages are not edited):

"Next Nikon DSLR will be SDXC compatible + other assorted info. From my perspective as a Nikon Optical Engineer, It seems to be that Nikon will make it's next DSLR SDXC compatible. It seems to have both 1 CF, and 1 SDXC slot, and share the sensor with the Sony Alpha 350. Also, it will NOT be able to Autofocus with AF-only lenses, just like the d40/d40x/d60... which is how all Nikon bodies from this point forward will be.
- The
10-18mm FX lens is impractical for now
- There might be an AF-S Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/3.5G IF-ED VR out by September. If it does pass tests, it will be 100% weather-sealed, with an MSRP of $1999.99
-The 55-200mm VR will get a metal mount, dust seal at mount, and instant manual focus override."

"new nikon lenses
I'm a huge client of one of the best photo stores in **** and the owner told me there will be a nikon 24x120 4.0 with is next month
after that a 
24 1.4
new 35 2.0
new 70x200"

"Primes and new technology. Today, I talked to my Nikon rep. He has told me great news:

1) The D40 is gone
2) The D60 is gone after summer
3) 28 1.4 and 85 1.4 have been in the works for the past 8 months and are eminent and extremely plausible before fall. There are other Primes coming but doesn't have any specifics. 
4) Nikon Is refocusing (no pun intended) to recapture the pro Nikon market and told us to plan on seeing lenses to fight Canon, which I am hoping will mean Nikon versions of most of them. His main talking points was lenses lenses lenses.
5) Nikon has been looking into technologies that will bring back super fast glass such as a 1.2 and was even suggesting that they are looking into lenses like the Canon 0.95 but with accurate autofocusing.  (It would be a big feat in his opinion) He did not have any info on the D300 or D700 replacements."


"2009 releases:

Had heavy discussions with reps from Nikon (was at recent d5000 launch). I put forward my belief that a new DX (possibly D400) would be out June/July. The response was a wry smile and a feint nod of the head. I then stated that I believed the 'hi-res' mini (D700x for want of a better name) would be out in October. His response - "closer to November" Other rep just smiled knowingly. May be nothing to it, but seems to fit with predictive timelines."

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  • I really would like to see that new 85mm 1.4 and maybe the 200mm macro, but I would really not like to tell that to my wife… Haha!

  • Lardinio

    A 200/3.5 AF-S VR? Sounds interesting but surely an updated 180/2.8 would be more interesting? The AF-D is only £600 approx in the UK, so with AF-S and VR I cannot imaging it’d go over the £1200k rrp mark, much cheaper than the suggested 200/3.5.

  • editman

    “Also, it will NOT be able to Autofocus with AF-only lenses, just like the d40/d40x/d60… which is how all Nikon bodies from this point forward will be.”

    To state all Nikon bodies would do without focus motor from now on is total bs. They would not make all the AF lenses obsolete. No way. How can they then justify to still sell the AF versions?

    • photogirl

      Agreed. They’d never do that. They would lose all the pros in an instant. I think the non-focus bodies are BS – they need to do away with those.

      • Bruno

        Nikon is smart, they won’t shoot their own foot doing such a thing now or in a short timeline. First they need to update the entire range of lenses with AF-S, and wa all know that this still will take several years. Then, a few years later they can start to think about a semi-pro without servo. But still, a pro body without cervo is hard to even think about.

        • PHB

          They are almost certainly going to delete the motor from the D90 line at some point. But there is no way that they would delete the motor from the replacement for the D300 before they have a complete line of AFS lenses. Also the idea that the 10-18 would be infeasible rather than redundant with the launch of the 10-24 is rather odd. Nikon are not going to launch two DX only ultra wide angle pro zooms in the same year.

          The idea that Nikon is going after Canon is hardly insider knowledge. Nothing really surprising in that set of predictions.

          • RSM

            That 10-18 isn’t supposed to be DX, as an FX it wouldn’t be redundant. Just a tiny little bit on the extraordinary side of things. 🙂

    • Willis

      Seriously…. The internal Motor can’t be prohibitively expensive to put in a $2k body.

    • bigmouth

      There are only two possible reasons that a focus motor was removed – 1) space – in the case of D40/x/60 – they removed the motor to conserve space and also maybe save some minor production cost – 2) purely marketing – to drive more sales on AF-S lens.

      There is a hallmark characteristic of Nikon that is more than Canon – it’s committeemen to older standards – the F mount, and DX format, etc. This is primary reason for many Nikon loyalists. Removing focus motors on all new bodies directly against this grand tradition.

      • mildred

        The main reason why the focus motor was removed is the high cost of this part – it’s purely mechanic and such parts are very expensive (it’s not something I think, I was told so by a person from Nikon)…

        Another interesting thing he said is that the D5000 is a successor of the D60 whereas the D40 is going to have a successor of its own (something for the kids, he said…:D )

    • dave

      Hmm, well, it’s going to be pretty expensive for Nikon when those folks with older lenses want to upgrade to a new body that no longer supports their AF lenses and so they can now justify ditching Nikon for Canon. All of my decent lenses are AF lenses, with the exception of my 60mm micro (and I can get out of it what I paid for it if I sell it).

      • fotosniper

        let me get this straight, a guy is going to buy a new body. he finds out that he new body will not af with his older lenses. he upset that he has to buy new lenses. so he gets mad and switches to a shitty camera and then buys new lenses?
        he would just keep using the current lenses with his current body

  • Anonymous

    Going forward, it occurred to me that you could give anonymous tip submitters a “code”, e.g. random number or something, that they could then supply in future conversations. If they are reliable the first time, then you will be able to put greater stock in their emails subsequently.

    Can anyone else think of a way to deal with anonymous tip submitters who subsequently turn out to be reliable? I’m just trying to think of a way to preserve anonymity while providing a mechanism to establish their credibility in subsequent tip submissions.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting idea.

  • Stephen

    Dreaming of Nikon f4 lenses. If that’s true, that could be the tipping point for me to switch from Canon.

    • Pat

      Kind of confused…why would an f/4 range be better than the f/2.8’s that Nikon currently has?

      • DNHJR

        It’s price and some people don’t need F/2.8. The Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 is about $1600 and the 17-40mm f/4 is about $700, so that’s why Nikon needs a f/4 line to give people in the middle something other then f/2.8 or 3.5-5.6.

      • f4 lover

        A line of f/4 lenses would be smaller and cheaper. The f/2.8 line would still be the primo lenses for sports shooters and photo-journalists, but some of us landscape shooters want some great glass but don’t need f/4.

        Canon users have been spoiled with high-end f/2.8 and f/4 lines for years, it would be great for Nikon to have an answer to this. I realize f/4 lenses aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but many of us would love them!

    • Just buy Sigma, Tokina or tamron. if you do your research they make some lens that exceed even canon or Nikon. and all of Tokina pro lens are top of the line.
      Never under stood the need for f4 lens… if you want small lens get primes, if you want cheap and good IQ, buy from someone else.

      But on a side note I would sell my 70-200 if they came out with a 180 vr. so I hope some of this rumor is true with the new micro 200 on its way. might mean nikon is going to keep on giving us new primes!

  • GilmourD

    I was just at a store where the buyer himself told me that the Nikon rep said the D40 will be around ’til the end of 2009. Some of that rumor sounds weird, so I’ll toss that in with it.

  • Gusto

    “I’m a huge client of one of the best photo stores in **** and the owner told me there will be a nikon 24×120 4.0 with is next month”

    Nikon only offers VR, not IS.

    I call this BS.

  • M35G35

    SDXC is the replacement to SDHC, so where are these cards for sale? I know Panasonic is getting ready to sell them and another company I saw was also getting ready to sell them. I would think Nikon would do extensive testing before releasing the camera, and with no SDXC available, how? Maybe manufacturers get to share before releasing? I would also think if SDXC is available on say the D400, the availability would be later rather sooner, i.e. November vs. July, again testing. I would also think Nikon would put USB 3.0 if they are going to SDXC. One other point is Nikon will have CF and not CFast (next generation to CF)? This would be inconsistent as one slot would be last generation and the other slot is next generation with no cards available, yet. However, CFast card is available on the market today. Personally, dual slot would be great say on a D400. I would like it to be dual CFast slot. The CFast uses the same interface as today’s disk drives (SATA) which will provide extremely fast throughput. Can you think CFast as a SSD (Solid State Disk) in your computer! Both formats will provide 2TBs of storage, some day. Baby steps first and 32 and 64GB will be the releases.

    • PHB

      Every device that accepts SDXC cards will accept SDHC cards.

      It was pure incompetence that led to the 32Gb limit in SDHC in the first place. The SD cards they were replacing were up to 2Gb. So the SDHC standard only gave a 16x increase in capacity. That is a real drag for HD video.

      SDXC is good for 2Tb. So there is a 64x increase in capacity. Another lame limitation. We already have 1.5Tb hard drives. We are going to need Tb capacity storage for 4K and 8K HD video.

      • Eric B

        Last I checked the Red One, Red Scarlet, and Red Epic don’t record to SDXC. (!?)

        And… Unless you are a fairly high level video professional you are not going to be shooting 8K for, say, at least 6 years.

        And in terms of data density, 2TB on a SDXC card, sorta hard to imagine. Not to mention write speeds.

        So, all things considered , 2TB limit isn’t restrictive for anyone right now. In 6 years, it might be restrictive for maybe 0.5% of people.

  • TmiY

    How I wish the 84 1.4 is going to be updated. Hopefully even to a 1.2 regarding to the posted rumors. It IS a very old lens…

    • D40-Owner

      Not correct, “IS a very old lens”….
      The 85 1.4, “It VR a very old lens” !!!
      Hahahaha….. 😛

      • Joe Boston

        Ot “It’s a VRy old lens”…


        • Max

          Lol! That was so lame, yet I lol’ed.

  • woble

    Good stuff. I am saving for D700x then. ^__^

    • Anonymous

      you’re saving up for, what, a completely non-operationable ghost camera?

      • woble

        I am saving up for something that will be after D700. No hurry for me. If D700x does come out this year, then yay. Otherwise I will wait a bit longer.

        • Anonymous

          you’re in the waiting mode? thats a really messed up move, especially for a photographer. never never never wait, otherwise you are missing out all the photo opportunities.

          an explosion went off on your street and you got no camera… bummer.

          • Max

            Maybe he has a D300, and feels the D700 isn’t worth the upgrade, but a potential D700x or D800, with most probably better specs, would.

          • never wait!
            you cant save money!
            You must spend your cash the moment you feel you want a camera and not worrie about what is next because, hell you will want that also so go buy that when it comes out. missing photos omg the photos I am taking now are not in FX omg behind the curve no one will ever buy a print from me….. every one will know that it is not taken with a D3 the end of days! oh woo is me.

  • Derek R

    Maybe post all the rumors you receive, but give each one a “plausibility” rating from “dubious” to “confirmed”. Then you could have posted that anonymous 35/1.8 rumor earlier, but with a low rating.

  • st

    Just please don’t forget that when posting unconfirmed rumors — those where you do not have a second source — you risk the possibility of exposing your 1st source (even if he/she is anonymous) as being the leak. This could put jobs or professional relationships in jeopardy.

    • Anonymous

      Presumably the people that email with a rumor do so under the assumption that it will be posted.

      • not always – sometimes I get rumors and the source specifically asks not to be published, but this still gives me an idea for what to look for

    • I am very careful and making sure the source is not revealed. Nobody has gotten in trouble so far. I also have ways to re-direct the attention from the original source and you will never know – for example I may quote a post in dpreview instead of my real source 🙂

  • Rlanthier

    I’d sell a lot of lenses to get the 200VR Micro! Please let that be true!!!

  • Anonymous

    $2,000 frickin’ bucks for 200mm f/3.5 VR?!

    i don’t even think so since AF-S, VR, and nano don’t heavily increase the prices. look at how the price differs from 105mm AF-D and 105mm AF-S VR.

  • Chris

    Prime schime. Macro schmacro.

    Where’s the new 70-200 VR? Or even a 70-200 f4 to shut them ‘orrible canon folk up? A new 80-400 would be nice aswell, since the 200-400 has been put completely out of reach by the recent profiteering…. er I mean strength of the Yen.

    • fotosniper

      why do you need a 70-200 f4 when you have an excellent 80-200 2.8 thats better and cheaper than canons 70-200 f4?

      • Smaller, lighter, plus VR!

        • fotosniper

          ill give you smaller, but i would take a 2.8 over VR anyday. VR wont stop action in low light.

          • I don’t deny there is still an advantage of having F2.8 available at times. However “most” of the time, we can up the ISO a stop to make up for it, at least as far a shutter speed. Nothing can change the DOF difference. Since most of my photography is done on trips, I would love to see a 70-200 F4 VR III Nano!

      • Jeff

        Canon’s 70-200 f/4 is sub $600. And its a really good lens, at least equal to the 80-200 f/2.8

    • 70-300 VR is good enough for me, heaps better than the Canon 70-300 IS, why do I need a heavier 70-200 f/4 VR?

  • dino


    1) 200 F/3.5 macro at 2000$ ??? Isn’t it a BIT too much, even with VR and AF-S ?
    2) 24-120 f/4: they say it could be out within one month. Let’s see; if the first is true it might be also the 24 and the 35.
    3) F/1.2 lens or faster. I believe in it. Not because we (really) need it but just for the sake of Nikon to show they are still the company who brought their camera on the Moon or things like this. I do agree with who think that Nikon is somehow not-only market driven but also care of its pro and legendary fame a bit more than really necessary
    4) Besides the 85, it would be nice seeing something in the 100-135 range for an estimated aperture of F/1.8 (more likely, in my opinion) or F/2 (read point three why) just to take advantage of the huge image potential residing especially in the newer D3/D3x/D700 cameras (or whatever will come after).
    5) NO video please.

  • Mats

    I WANT a new 200 Micro-Nikkor! I haven’t got the old one, coz’ I’m always hoping they’ll bring out a new version. I have lots of lenses, though. Some of them I’ve even bought out of sheer frustration over there not being a new 200 Micro. I NEED it! 🙂

    • Joergen

      He he, same thing here….

  • dino

    Ps: I had missed the AF thing: it might be, although I don’t agree with that, but for a consumer camera, not for a prosumer or pro camera. I do see Nikon will to rely on AF-S lenses which reduce for a certain time the number of competitors (Tokina and Tamron are almost cut off: one has nothing and the other still rely on a very slow micro-motor) which are however good optically (remember the popularity of the Tamron 90 or good copies of 28-75 – like mine – or Tokina 100 macro ?)

    • Anonymous

      the new tokina 12-24 has a build in af motor!

  • Izam

    First rumor is very reminiscent to N. Spina’s shenanigans. New lenses, I can see that happening realistically but of course over the next decade or so. Several of NIkon’s lenses already drastically outperform the competition, a fleet of such lenses will drive them into the corner.

  • anon

    No rumors at all about a D4000 (i.e. D5000 without swivel screen in D40/D60 sized body)?

  • deez

    Damn, I’m hoping for a D60 body with upgraded features. I love the size and feel of the D60, but want a bit more features, the D5000 is a bit heavy in my own opinion.

    The only other option is a T1i but don’t like the cheapiness F&F of the Rebel.

  • Anonymous

    the sales representatives smile because in their heads, “what a (bleep)ing idiot!”

  • C

    Well it is good to have put all the rumors onto here but NR may perhaps add some comments about the reliability and that’s great!

    Perhaps categorize the rumors to “rubblish”, “gossip”, “from reliable sources”… or by rating system
    1: rubblish/humor
    2: not likely, e.g. just from gossip with rep
    3. with increasing comments from different sources, but no ground evidence / sources are not tested reliable (e,g, forum image that may be PSed)
    4. likely, with evidence from one of the reliable sources
    5. almost there, very strong evidence from various reliable sources, launch as a matter of time

  • Eli

    I would kill for a 24-120 f4 VR, a 70-200 f4 VR and an 85/1.4G.

    • Captain

      I’d go for the 24-120 f4 VR if it’s a DX lens.

  • dB

    I’ll take one of each please!

    Here’s the thing though… a lot of lenses I would like to see won’t necessarily sell that well. I would LOVE a 28 1.4, but if costs $1500+ (I imagine it would), then there just won’t be that many takers.

    But a new 70-200 2.8 will sell like crazy! Just about every pro with any sort of glass budget will jump on it, and a lot of people that have been holding off on the current version will make the jump too. If Nikon is looking to push some glass (and judging by the number of 18-xxx DX lenses they keep pushing out they certainly are), then this should come soon.

    Then again, everyone has been saying this since the D3 came out.

    Please Nikon?

    • Zenndott

      If Nikon was going to put out a new 70-200, wouldn’t we see a rather hard push by retailers to sell off existing stock? Assuming the revised model fixes the edge clarity problems and the rather severe vignetting, any remaining older model 70-200 would become a liability as purchasers would wait for the new version. (Of course, stores could repackage the older version as “optimal for DX sensors,” but left over stock would still be a bother to move.)


  • Nikkores

    There is a roumor that Sony is improving the high ISO noise on CCD 14mpx APS sensor (it will be a super had 2) and is probably that D60 replacement use it…

  • San

    The 70×200 is it f/2.8 or f/4 ?

  • Jeff

    BS wish list, it takes more than 12 months of R&D to get a lens out, and there’s no way to make a 19018, there hasn’t even been a 10mm rectilinear prime for FX.

    • Anonymous

      yepp. thats exactly what it is. sure there is a possibility some of them will come true but that doesn’t mean squat; everyone knows what lens’ nikon need to update.

  • Mike

    “Nikon will make it’s next DSLR SDXC compatible”

    I don’t think an optical engineer would put a possessive apostrophe in that sentence; that’s what under-12s do when they haven’t paid attention in class.

    • deez

      Because optical engineers are automatically experts at English, right?

      • Anonymous

        Maybe there are even optical engineers whose 1st language isn’t English, but something strange like Japanese or German?

        Maybe there are even more and better ones than those whose 1st language IS English…

  • I want that new 70×200!! f/1.8? hmmm? Travel Photo Blog:

  • Peter I agree that this site is about Nikon *rumors* some of which will be proved to be unsubstantiated. May I suggest that you publish all the rumors you receive, with the exception of those that are completely lacking in credibility. . . and give a start rating to the rumor based on your assessment of how credible it is? Maybe keep it to three stars *** for highly credible, two stars ** for moderately credible and one star * for the least credible of rumors. That ought to do the trick and then we can all rag you when a three star rating turns out to be dead wrong and a one star rating turns out to be 100% correct. 🙂


    Robin Edgar

    • I will introduce some kind of a rumor rating system. I have been postponing this for a while. Thanks for the advice.

      • I just went to the Canon Rumors site for the first time ever minutes ago and noticed that it already has a very similar rumor rating system to what I suggested above. Why not apply the same rating system here to keep things consistent?

        • yes, I will introduce something like that

  • Admin, could you check the e-mail of the first guy? Because if he is who he says, he’ll have a nikon e-mail. Just a thought.

    I’m up for the 200mm F/3.5, especially if it is a constant aperture at different focusing distances

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