A Nikon rumor gone wrong

D200 + D200 = D400?

D200 + D200 = D400?, originally uploaded by Roslan Tangah (aka Rasso).

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  • Willis

    That’s not the Nikon D3… It’s the Nikon 3D!!!

  • GeoVu


  • Looks like he has strobes for eyes. Lets him see in the dark.

  • how about a D100 + D100 + D100 +D100 = D400? I wanna see some of that.

  • bho

    a good idea instead of hanging additional cam on the neck…but then its bloody heavy lol…

  • PJS

    Is that KR behind that mess?

    • flyb0y

      Ha Ha! But no, it’s not KR- you can tell because these days he’d have a Nikon and a Canon, not two Nikons. Also, the colors in the room look far too normal. I thought that KR lived in a place with super-ultra-saturated colors that only D40’s and view cameras were capable of capturing– What! You mean he turns the saturation up that high on purpose?!!

  • Anonymous

    You DON’T want to see the D20-based version!!! Rumor has it – it has wheels under it 🙂

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