…and the D400 Apple

For the iPhone enthusiast:

D400 Apple, originally uploaded by clm-grafik.

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  • Mike G

    Do these really have to be sent out on the RSS feeds?

  • I love it

  • Anonymous

    Ha… to get the apple logo it would have to be much sleeker, some sort of silver/white color scheme, and drop nearly all of the buttons with primarily just a touch screen.

    Not to mention this rendition looks to be a huge at a good 2 inches wider! At this size… forget the DSLR, go for the Medium Format.

  • PikaJung

    i need it.

  • Bret

    I feel lucky to be left-eye dominant, at least if I were to use this camera..

  • wburbage

    I always have my iphone and camera with me. THIS WOULD BE PERFECT. The person that designed this needs to be recruited by Nikon.

  • Oh~ ggg

  • stollo

    I’ve heard Nik Software is busy writing TetrisEffex Pro 😀

  • Michael

    So is the “i400”??? 😉

    • no, this isn’t the “i400” this is the “iKon”! what everyone will compare thier camera to!

  • dezo

    I don’t think this is so far fetched. (well maybe the apple sofware) but I can see a touch screen display for d-slr’s in the next 3-4 iterations. don’t they already have coolpix with some sort of touch screen

  • Anonymous

    im just pissed.. WHERE IS THE D400????????????????????


    If this came out it would be the end of the world as we know it. I hope Nikon would never give into the evil of the iPod. 🙂

  • Eric

    No worries DNHJR, Nikon has sold out to the evil empire Microsoft. Remember their point-and-shoot with the proprietary (moreso than normal) NEF format for it that only worked in Windows Vista?

    Now THAT’s evil.

  • giz

    I never thought i could need the neat feature of checking the stocks wherever i am.
    Now, as i know this wonderful feature, I need it.


  • Ced’

    Why does it have knobs? it has a touch screen as the Iphone so… 🙂

    but tue presentation is ugly, the lcd screen on the top 😡

  • I can’t wait to navigate the LCD with my nose.

  • Lamergod

    What happens if my nose touch the screen when I’m shooting.later I accidently change the setting …..

  • Willis

    But how do you talk on it?

  • Louis Dallara

    Nikon D400 prediction gone mad : 24mp with touchscreen LCD
    Hot Story


  • Lamergod

    Can i download tap tap on it?and how do I go to fever mode is so freeging heavy

  • S10

    I want nikon s10 successor

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