Nikon Control Beta 2

Version 2 of the Control Beta software for Nikon was just released by Stefan Hafeneger. The new version includes (click here for the old version):

  • Interval Shooting
  • Image Histogram
  • Full-screen Mode
  • Automatic Updates
  • Custom Save Folder
  • Configurable Filename

Feel free to send Stefan feature requests and bug reports. This is one of the best free app based on the Nikon SDK I've seen so far. I still believe that this type of applications have a huge potential and I will continue to support them on NikonRumors.


Disclaimer - this software is based on NikonSDK and it is not developed or supported by Nikon Corp.
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  • PabloV

    Exellent work Stefan !!!

    One very interesting feature using LiveView Video recording would be:
    – Time Lapse Video Recording (with interval recording settings from 1 to 15 seconds or more, if possible)

    I personally love Time Lapse video, great things can be done with it.

    Just a fast idea because I saw this post in a rush
    Will come back later !!, see you

  • When will we see the Windows version? Thanks !

    • Anonymous

      Windows????, why would anyone use PC when Mac is far better

  • arz

    can’t they come up with a better name of the software? something like … Nikontrol?

  • Christian

    Interesting ! Would this app work Wireless (with an adaptor)? That would be totaly cool !

    • I think there is already wireless USB, but it is short range.

  • Windows please 😛 also for me.

  • bonk

    for starters it would be great to just tell in the post that this is a Mapple application. i clicked there in high hopes it would be for my symbian phone….

  • Janau

    More stuff to keep people from getting out there making great photos. Everyone I know shoots so much they don’t have time to be at their computer messing with software.

    • The Futures FX


  • Daniel

    Make it for Windows unless he only want a micro community of followers.

    • Neil

      The legions of Windows developers can make one. Thankfully not everything revolves around Microsoft.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Vista is a real winner, PC is horrible…Mac all the way

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Vista is a real winner, NOT

  • bcoll

    Does anybody have experience with these penny auctions NR advertises??? How big is the chance to get a D90 for less than 30 bucks???
    Any recommentadions?

  • thank you

    this is good for self portraits, no? I do mine nude and it’s fun.

  • The Futures FX

    I won’t be needing this. I capture the moment with my camera – I don’t create it later on my computer.

  • AJP Taylor

    I see that Nikon has been implicated in the faked moon landings – almost 40 years ago now. Seems they supplied some of the knowledge to create the fake photos which didn’t turn out too well. You know, the ones with the cross hairs that if the photos were real would be on the photo and imposed over any part of the photo rather than half a cross hair behind the astronauts etc.

    • Steve

      Yes, I saw those photos. Didn’t know Nikon helped them with them. Nikon have long supplied them with cameras up till this day so maybe that was the payoff. Help us fake the moon landing and we will use your cameras for the next 40, 50, 60, 100 years. Does seem very suspect that NASA use Nikon products only even when Canon was leader of the pack. Definitely something in this.

      • PJS

        Perhaps NASA wanted quality and reliability.

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