Humor Rumor: Nikon D20F

Somebody with a sense of humor was trying to sell this on craiglist in New York yesterday - now the ad is deleted (or maybe someone bought it):



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  • Haha, that’s pretty great. I like the little pinky wheel on the grip there.

    • Justin C

      Ha ha ha… I didn’t even notice the pinky wheel until I read your post. That’s hilarious!

  • queue

    Me want to buy and hunt aliens.

    • Aaron

      haha that’s fallout conversation…

  • Sammy27

    the poorest photoshop skill ever seen here

  • QuadraPixel

    I’m gonna have to call it… FAKE! ha ha ha, pretty good

  • Sam

    I was in Japan and have one too. I’m not selling mine, but this guy forgot to note:
    * Kills athletes foot (Space Hubble Telescope Feature)
    * C*ck blocks guys hitting on your sister (Space Hubble Telescope Feature)
    * With 300mm lens, can clearly see surface of moon (ironically, not a Space Hubble Telescope Feature)

    • Anonymous

      don’t forget a built-in speed dial to ken rockwell for photo-ing advices.

      • Gary L

        Common, have a little respect for the guy. Please. You should have proposed “HIS Speed Dial”. As you recall, everything is MINE, MY. ME….. therefore it would only be fitted if you were to state “HIS DIAL”. And make sure it is large, to match HIS 400 on the index page!!!!

        Oh, you also should have incorporated a DONATE button for the buyer’s convenience so we may donate to support his ever increasing clan……

        Mannnnn what’s with me ?! …….You forgot the links to “Buy it HERE, HERE AND HERE” ….. again for the clan’s sake.

        hee hee hee.

  • Weston

    made me laugh 🙂

  • Anonymous

    In-sensor nano lens ? Who dreamed up that ! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The lens is egg-shaped for crying out loud.

    • matthew

      out of all the absurd aspect of this little farce, THATS what you complain about? odd.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, of course its egg shaped! It’s an anamorphic lens! Duhh…

    • Bret

      it isn’t actually, its just being squished to fit into the blog entry here… but I noticed the same thing. I thought the guy might’ve been trying to make it look a little taller, to go with the FX I guess…

    • the image was too big and got squeezed – I fixed it….

  • eyrieowl

    i’d be keen on hearing what you’d actually find if you tried to buy it. I mean, he’d have to hand over *something*…some re-badged D1 or something? It’s not like it’s ebay or anything, so you can’t just say “it got lost in the mail” or anything.

  • rad

    I am more curious what those two pastel strip above and below the lens are suppose to be? A little fruity for my liking.

  • hahhaa…..d300 body is too good to be used for all future models!
    glad to own 1!!

  • Anonymous

    for gearheads, enough is never enough.

    this guy who made the joke surely know how to make fun of gearheads who keep bringing up wish list with things that will NEVER happen.

    kudos to him.

  • David Hsieh

    English is too good, needed a google translate back and forth from japanese 🙂

  • And even in 2012 with a mini-hubble in your hands, the trusty ol’ 50mm is still there.

    • Bret

      lol well that’s true..

    • Marc W

      I guess the 50mm 1.4 AF-S will be discontinued and the trusty D version will replace it’s sucessor. (like the 80-200mm D / AF-S)

  • New rumor!
    The New Nikon had Android inside!

  • KB

    Wow, new oval-shaped lens.

  • PabloV

    VERY interesting post.

    Things that begins as joke or just imagination of someone, then ends (further in future) as a reality.

    Lot of examples can be found in the science and technology that we use today.

    So I will read carefully the specs of the image (a bit little, btw). I’m always interested to see “futuristic” ideas

    Sometimes I asked myself many times: “why not -what today we call LiveView- in a DSLR?” then found people use to say: “that’s P&S-only feature, welcome to the DSLR world.. After that I asked myself: “why not movie capability in DSLR”? … at that time I found only 1 DSLR capable of recording video using a different way than today’s. That are simple examples of what people call “nooo, if you want -name of feature- then buy a -name of current device-. And so on with today’s impossible features or systems…

    • Anonymous

      Uh huh, I see where you’re going…. the photosites on the sensor already have micro-lenses so why not fit nano-zooms right there on the sensor and do away with big and bulky lenses altogether ! We can have interchangeable sensors instead….oh but wait…..I think it might be kinda tricky handling the zoom rings…and 24.3 million of them….hmmm…nano-gears….hmmm…..little help anyone ?

      • PabloV

        haha, no, nothing about that

        I just like to see “futuristic” thoughts

        in near future sensors will be different in technology, because they have been improved over the past years, but are reaching some limit

        then, an improvement should come to allow them to collect light without noise (in case of increasing the ammount of MP)

        I remember a specific and Very expensive device that collect litle ammount of photons and then amplify them, but it exists since more than decade, don’t remember its name, neither in english, right now.

        black silicon might be an answer too, but could appear another ones.
        That’s just related to the sensor, but I’m interested more in another architecture-specific designs than the sensor iteslf (that I know it will be improved in some way)

        • Anonymous

          Well something that should surely be possible, if expensive, one day, would be constant stream recording of the full sensor during live view so that the camera remembers the last 3 seconds of images even before you press the button. With continuous AF, that should solve a lot of problems with getting a shot. it’s gonna need some serious computing power and ,ighty big batteries, but it seems doable.

        • Anonymous

          @PabloV: a photomultiplier?

  • Anonymous

    Nikon are playing catch up here. Panasonic already have a mirrorless hubble telescope feature. Canon are taking a different route; a 5dXXCIII with jet packs.

    • Anonymous

      I forgot to mention – Pentax are going down the worm-hole….

  • Anonymous

    doesnt the world end in 2012?

  • Neil

    Unfortunately I won’t buy it since it lacks such an obvious feature that will obsolete it before long: antigravity. No Antigravity No Sale (NANS). We shouldn’t be shackled any longer to primitive tripods and such. I mean, come on Nikon! Get with the program! I bet Canon has one in the works. If Nikon doesn’t get it out in time, I’ll just have to switch just for spite.


    • Anonymous

      Yep that’s nans-ense….hehe



    Some people must really get bored of life to make a goofy looking camera like that. I wonder what the LED lights would be for? To funny.

  • PabloV

    Oh, BTW, in the picture of the D20F, it was used an old film camera, isn’t it?
    I have an F801 (N8008) that have that white bar for daylight illuminating the viewfinder display, that in fact I like a lot.
    It is Much more clear and visible (bigger characters, LCD black over white) than the one in the D700 (wich has green characters over black)
    Although it doesn’t display so much info like the D700’s

    The only complain I have about the F801 / N8008 viewfinder info LCD display, is that in the dark it is too bright and you can’t adjust its brightness, so when shooting landscapes at night it somewhat bothering. Besides that I like it better than the D700’s

    (forgot to mention, the F801’s VF display is black over white background that collects the light throught that white bar in the prism. At night a green back-light turns on and then it is black over green, but it’s a light green, not difficult to see at all. You can can even turn it on whenever you want pressing a button, even at daylight)

  • Leandro

    UaU…Is oval the lens…

  • The camera is real people!

    But that lens is an obvious fake. 🙂

  • atanz

    I saw this on craiglist a few days ago… I actually nominated it for “best of CL” but I doubt everyone felt this ad was as humorous as I did.

  • Stephane

    Yay! At last! A nikon camera with blinking LED lights on the front… I want one, I want one!

  • Garry Spakarov

    The specs say FX (Full Frame) but the prism is obviously not FX. I think the dude has got the specs mixed up or else this is just make believe camera and is not really coming out.

    My guess is that he started with a D200 and took bits from many other previous and subsequent models – as far back – at least – as the F801/s and F90/x. Thats the N8008/s and N90 for you mericans and those who live in the far northern canadian part of the states.

    There is no little raised wedge by the shutter release as my D300’s have so it was definitely started with a D200 skeleton which is another reason it shows it is FAKE – Nikon is not going to return to an older design with a new product.

    There’s no doubt in my opinion this is fake. The red nikon swoosh too has been made too large and doesn’t fit with the usually Guigario design for this model range and upwards.

    • Swiss Made

      You actually made a serious comment on it. Wow.

  • Does it have the most prominent Hubble Space Telescope Feature, that is, all the images are fuzzy and out of focus due to manufacturing errors and the Space Shuttle has to stop by and install a big contact lens?

  • David

    The fuzzy images on Hubble were so that the One World Government – the top of the pyramid that is the New World Order but which only ever meets in secret at night inside a tunneled out mountain in Switzerland (no its all very swish and you wouldn’t think you were in a mountain as you were about to poo poo this saying why would they meet in a mountain) – could make sure that nobody could say “point it at the moon and check for the lunar module” and then they would have to explain why it wasn’t there.

    Cue a lot of awkward questions about events 40 years ago.

    About a small handful of people have access to a switch that makes the images perfectly clear. You are slightly right about the contact lens because in laymans terms that is what happens when they flick the switch.

  • Nikon Ultra Fan

    I think is very very real I will wait until 2012 and won’t buy any camera today….. jajajajja

  • Jon

    Sold mine for the much better Nikon F8xs.

  • Ralf

    Well rumours have been pretty boring since the D3x was released, this is great. But where is the new 70-200 and the new 80-400?

  • Nikon Pro

    Well since the 70 – 200 VR 2.8 works perfectly for everything I shoot and everyone I know says the same – and I only really know people that shoot for a living – no amateurs who read too many results of lab tests shooting coloured boxes, grey cards and brick walls – I don’t think you will see a replacement this side of 2010. If you are looking for a serious window, I’d be looking very late 2010/early 2011.

    The 80 – 400 is more likely to be replaced but all this now depends on… the economy. We already know that not all the camera companies are going to make it through this one – like every other industry this time round. There will be a big slow down on releases over the next 5 years – not on R&D but on releases until the money is out there again and being spent.

    • Anonymous

      I agree – no 70-200, probable 80-400.


      “We already know…”

      Please don’t include everyone in an assumption which you state as fact.

  • Ken Elliott

    I contacted the seller to buy one, and we met downtown next to the subway. I don’t remember much of the evening. I woke up this morning in an alley, and noticed the camera was missing, along with one of my kidneys.

  • ChrisL

    Love the tiny command dial on the bottom. Very funny.

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