Nikon Coolpix 3M concept camera

Nikon Cpolpix 3M concepts : all-weather + all-terrain":




and two short videos:

Via Yankodesign

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  • Christian

    i love it !

  • Scott

    /takes out his wallet.

  • Caprea


  • Caprea

    Sorry, didn’t see the Yanko Design link…

  • bcoll

    I’d rather get that Nikon D90 NikonRumors advertises for $29.70 ! ( Seems to be a much better deal than this P&S.

  • Start a poll asking who would / wouldn’t buy one (does Nikon see / read / act?) … forget the pixel count, I would buy it just for the modern styling statement it makes.

  • wow!!! rightdown style!!! superrrr

  • rhlpetrus

    Great design, who cares for IQ!?

  • Fashionista

    wow, this is just perfect for me..
    fashionista + nikonista = me

  • Numos Bufez

    It has no flash…

    • Koray Ustuner

      It seems it has a flash. There is a flash symbol on back side. So it could be has a ring flash !!

  • sk

    think it would really come with an HDR button, on a fashion camera?

  • CJ

    This isn’t an automobile. It does not cost hundreds of millions to take from R&D to production.

    For Nikon to take back ANY of their lost market-share in the compact camera segment, they have to put this type of camera into production. “Concepts” don’t pay the bills or build market-share.

  • Mikael Willberg

    Heh, looks like it’s going to have at least two pretty advanced “features”: fingerprint magnet and slippery surface =)

    • just like thw iPhone… which has been very popular

  • Ernst

    Another scratch/scuff/fingerprint-prone shiny consumer product with tiny buttons. A dinged-up D3 looks distinguished. A dinged-up glossy-black P+S just looks crappy.

  • I’d buy it as a skiing/beach/backup/beater camera. And, it’s a statement, as someone pointed out. Depending on price/features I might buy several – everyone wants/should have a decent camera with them at all times (sorry, cellphones really don’t cut it)

  • RobJ

    I personally wouldn’t buy it, but I bet a lot of people would just on appearance alone. The design is a nice departure from your typical compact camera, though I’m guessing that curved front would not be very practical (in terms of squeezing electronics inside).

  • R Munn

    Is this FX or DX? Bit of a newbie to all this but already decided I only want FX gear – everyone here seems to think it is the way, but I’d want my point and shoot to be same standard so that I can keep kit straightforward.

    • Aaron

      Sorry to disappoint, but there are no digital FX point and shoots, and probably won’t be for a while.

    • AIZ

      @ Aaron – he’s obviously joking. Or maybe not… this FX – DX thing is beginning to turn into all out warfare

  • Boris

    hehe, looks really nice. i would buy it – would be perfect to have all the time with me. and if they really want to surprise me, it should be waterproof to 25 metres – so one doesn’t need to buy one of these expensive water-proof cases for diving. but i think this is just me dreaming… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This looks very cool!

  • LordBug



    I hope it’s real. There needs to be more waterproof cameras on the market.

    • I just happened to be looking for a Canon D10 earlier this afternoon. Salespeeps hadn’t heard of it, but they eventually found it in the Canon catalog. $500 over here in Japan. Ouch 🙁 Sounded like some of the other big names had already gotten into the waterproof business, so maybe Canon & Nikon are a little late to the party.

      Canon’s D10 comes out in 5/2009. Anyone have an idea when this slick lil Coolpix’ll come out?

  • PabloV

    well, while writing this (hours ago) my system crashed, so here it goes agian:

    I didn’t understan the post (although I barely read it for a matter of time), but I like the 1st photography

    -how was it taken?

  • Jim

    I am almost sold. It would be perfect for all those little ods and end trips when the D700 seems a bit much. One small thing the design team needs to work on. Camera strap. With a durable camera that is also weather resistant, lets make something we can hold on to a bit more – yeah? I’m not knocking the design – I’m saying that if we had an improved strap for it, it would be easier for us to take it into places where it can be used.


  • Zoetmb

    Actually, I think this is exactly the kind of thing Nikon should be doing. Almost all P&S cameras are pretty much the same tiny rectangular boxes and it’s hard to distinguish one from another.

    Regardless of whether the IQ of this camera is better than what’s already out there, this camera design certainly distinguishes itself from everything else currently available and that’s aside from the supposed waterproof abilities.

    Now I know it’s just a 3D mockup that didn’t come from Nikon, so it could be nothing more than a designer’s fantasy, but a camera like this, if reasonably priced, could certainly gain Nikon some points of market share, in my opinion.

    Imagine if Nikon’s P&S line had at least one camera like this and one camera that managed to fit a DX sensor.


    It does not look to ergonomic, but its nice

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