Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX now in the US

Confirmed: Adorama started shipping the pre-ordered 35 mm Dx lenses today.

Update: Adorama will be shipping the 35mm f/1.8G DX pre-orders before the end of this week (today they got 500 pieces and have 575 pre-orders).

I received many emails today from US readers who already got their Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX and everyone seems to be very happy with the results so far. For everyone waiting for B&H: they are now accepting orders for the new 35mm DX lens.

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  • Willis

    Excellent… when is amazon going to ship one to me?

  • Nikkoryan

    Wow, this must have JUST shown up. I was on B&H and other sites just a few hours ago and there was not listing for it. Super cool. I am leery about ordering from Cameta Camera, the Amazon shipper.

    • MattM

      I’ve ordered a few things from them off amazon and they were pretty quick about getting things to me.

  • johnny

    Mine shipped today in Canada!

  • Luke

    I just ordered mine from Arlington Camera, a Texas-based company. So far, they seem to be the only online store who has the lens listed as ‘in stock’ (excluding pre-orders). I also ordered the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 with a Nikon mount from them last week when virtually no one else had that lens in stock either. I hate to give away my go-to secret, but I must recommend them. Their service is top-notch as well.

    • Marc W

      Arlington Camera, eh? My favorite local DFW store. You in the DFW neighborhood?

      • No, I live in Washington, DC. But if you do a Google Shopping search for the 35mm f/1.8 Arlington is the second store on the list. I discovered them last week when I was desperately searching for the Tokina 11-16mm and they were the only store that had the lens in stock (aside from the usual price gougers on eBay). So I think they’re going to be my new go-to store.

        • Chris

          Thanks for the tip! I just ordered from them and canceled my Amazon pre-order. Hopefully I won’t regret it.

          • I don’t think you will be disappointed. I ordered mine at 3:15 pm eastern standard time and I already got an email confirming that the lens has been shipped, with a tracking number and all! (It only took them less than two hours!)

          • Bob

            I agree, Arlington camera provided me with excellent service when everyone was out of stock on the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 They got one to me before all the big name shops listed them as being available. The internet sales woman was very helpful. I’d buy again from them no problem.

          • Marc W

            I drive about 40-45 minutes just to go to the store. Even my girlfriend doesn’t hate going into there! The people are great. If B&H is for some reason not an option, Arlington Camera is.

        • cencio

          you will love the tokina 11-16mm. great lense.

  • UF

    How ’bout a story how it’s jacked up another $80 plus 13% tax in Canada? Your $199 US wonder quickly becomes over $300 bucks once Nikon Canada get their hands on it.

    • Well, if it makes you feel any better, Henry’s (admittedly I don’t know much about Canadian photography stores) has it for $279.99CAD, which equates to about $219.00US. If I puchase locally, instead of over the Internet, I’ll be paying around $217 after tax.

      I know you still end up paying more, but hopefully that takes a little of the sting out of it,

      • David Hsieh

        Centre Japonais de la Photo in Montreal, QC and MostlyDigital in London, ON sell it for $259.99, the latter have it on sale for $252.99

        Neither has it yet though

    • David Hsieh

      One more thing, you get 5 years warranty (for whatever it’s worth) instead of 1 with Nikon Canada

      I did the math, ordering from Adorama with shipping and exchange rate (plus, possible tax/brokerage fees), it would have cost about the same, if not more, than getting it in Canada.

  • Got mine in Rochester, NY today. I also pre-ordered from Amazon but canceled that.

  • D300 Owner

    Just got the last one from Arlington Camera. She said they got 12 this morning, and had two while I was on the phone. Someone grabbed 1, and she grabbed the other for me.

    • Chris

      I hope I was the one that grabbed the other one! I ordered at 3:48.

    • Snapper Turtleneck

      Why are people grabbing DX lenses? Whats the point? $200 for what will be a doorstop in a few months.

      • Chris

        Will I be able to buy a FX camera for $300 in a few months? I think not. I paid $275 for my D40 and I guarantee you that they will not be “dead” in a few months. I work as a PC tech. Floppy drive and Zip drives have been “dead” for years but people still use them because they still work for what they need them for. Will FX become the standard someday? I hope so. But I know I won’t be able to afford one anytime soon. People will still be using DX lenses for years. Count on it.

        • Anonymous

          I bought an 18-200Vr two years ago. I just sold it for 80% of what I paid for it. There’s solid demand for DX stuff, and with DX cameras outnumbering FX cameras 20 to 1, I can’t see that changing for a very long time. Both FX and DX lenses actually seem to have very low depreciation. It’s the bodies that lose their value and that again seems to be true for both DX and FX.

          Do some searches for completed listings on Ebay and you’ll see the proof.

          However, I suspect you already know this and are just trying to stir things up. If that’s the case, may I ask how old you are ?

          • Tomasz

            Remember though the 18-200 lens is still popular. I still have one and most – except for my 17-55 2.8 DX – of my kit is geared towards FX now.

      • Gustav

        I don’t plan on buying a new camera for at least a year, and even then, it’ll be a DX unless there’s a sub-$1000 FX camera. If that happens (which I do NOT believe), I’ll sell the lens on eBay. Meanwhile, $200 will get me great pictures.

        These snobbish FX posts are getting annoying. Not everyone needs FX – get over it.

      • JP White

        The DX lenses will work on FX cameras, they are smart enough to know what the lens is and only uses the usable portion of the image from the FX sensor. Lower resolution of course, but not not exactly a doorstop.

  • JC

    Hopefully Adorama will ship mine out soon.

  • gonz

    what happened to the 50mm AF-S f/1.4? I mean, it is still out of stock ath BH photo…

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if it has stayed popular after the initial excitement ? It seems most testers think the cheaper Sigma actually gives better results.

      • The Sigma lens is more expensive:

        • The Sigma is AWFUL!

          SIGMA = Slightly Inferior Glass Made for Amateurs (SIGMA) See, its an acronym.

        • Anonymous

          The OP was referring to the AF-S 50, not the new 35 DX. The AF-S 50 is selling for around US$500 and the Sigma for around US$400 where I am.

          • sorry, I thought he was referring to the new 35 mm DX lens

  • yrsued

    Roberts got a big shipment yesterday!!

    I got an E-Mail in the AM, even before UPS Delivered their shipment, they shpped mine out yesterday!! I’ll be putting it through it’s paces this weekend!!

  • The Hamster

    The 50mm I can see the point. I got one weeks ago but this 35mm DX lens is like damp hay in a leaky barn. Why buy?

    • Anonymous

      Hey admin – can you please delete these stupid posts ? They just post to wind people up and it’s really childish.

  • PabloV


    I’m missing posting in this site 🙂

    There weren’t many news lately… How are things going?

    • PabloV

      Dear Admin (one appreciate more something when sees how the world “outside” is 🙂 ),

      No problem at all to post now. Thanks a lot for your message 🙂
      I just received it.

      I will keep coming indeed !
      I hope we get some news soon on the D400 we suposed to be at PMA, keep us informed us always 😀

  • Natalie

    Benjamin, I’m in Rochester too. Where did you get yours from?

    • Natalie: I called about a month ago and asked them to call me the day they got it in stock. They might not have any in stock anymore but give them a call first thing in the morning!

  • Zoetmb

    IMO, it’s ridiculous that B&H doesn’t have these in stock yet. I don’t know whether this is a B&H screwup or a Nikon USA screwup, but it seems to me that B&H is probably the #1 independent photo dealer in the country and Nikon should be making sure that they (as well as other high-quality photo specialty stores) have Nikon’s complete range of offerings in stock. Anecdotally, it seemed like Nikon treated stores like the now defunct Circuit City better than stores like B&H, J&R, Adorama, etc. I know that Wolf’s also didn’t work out well for Nikon, but I still think Nikon should be giving precedence to stores like B&H.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you think B+H is number one ? I’d be very interested to see some figures for who sells the most Nikon stuff. These are obviously the ones Nikon likes the most right ?

  • Syncros

    I got my 35mm 1.8 at Aden Camera in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday night for $279cdn. It is quick to focus and sharp as heck but I miss the focus window and DoF markings..

    I got the last one in the store, the rest were sold as pre-orders.

  • Eli

    Can’t wait to get mine. Do any of you think it will be possible to get before next Friday if I haven’t ordered it yet?

    As for the annoying FX posts… well that maybe partially true, it’s already been proven on the FM forums that this lens is perfectly usable on FX cameras if you’re focusing close up and you aren’t wide open. I’ll probably get a D700 after it’s replaced but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy this lens, which seems like the perfect mate for my D40.

  • Weston

    I just picked one up at National Camera Exchange in Minneapolis, with no preorder, they luckily had fulfilled everybody’s back orders, not sure how many more they have on hand tho.

  • AIZ

    Received an email on Monday from Roberts that they had arrived and would be going quick – I popped in today during lunch to pick it up. Unfortunately, I was late this morning and forgot to bring my camera to work.

    Maybe it wasn’t that unfortunate – cause I would probably be annoying my colleagues by firing off test shots around my office right now. Oh well… back to work

  • Dave

    Just called Adorama. Customer service said they got a shipment of 500 units today and will be shipping before the weekend.

    p.s. he said there were 575 people waiting.

    • Shawn

      I just contacted Adorama about my pre-order and they told me they didn’t have any in stock and had no ETA. I guess I’m not special enough to get any info. I hope you are right and they do ship this week.

  • Also, to the FX snobs, I remember seeing some rumors back that on a 35mm full frame, these lenses have marginal blackening.

    • FX Snob

      Maybe that’s because its a toy lens?

      • Anonymous

        Yet more evidence that some FX users here are unpleasant people. Snobs is absolutely right. This lens works on both DX and FX cameras, so why make disrepectful posts about it ? It’s as if FX users didn’t get an FX lens so they are sulking. Really, is there any other reason to dismiss this lens as a toy except to say “I’m childish and a snob” ?

        • Tomasz

          I have to say that the original poster was the one who made the remark about FX users being snobs. Can’t really blame the other chap for responding to the proverbial ‘red rag’ I use both – for different purposes – but don’t think either is WAY better than the other.

          • Anonymous

            You are obviously one of the sane FX users. I wish there were more like you here.

          • Tomasz

            Though the viewfinder is the thing I do LOVE about FX. Sometimes I think I am going to fall into my own camera!

  • sam

    FYI: Adorama just shipped mine, ordered Feb 14.

  • Kevin

    Picked up my Nikkor 35mm f.1.8 at Service Photo today. I did a bunch of test shots to check sharpness at f.1.8. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it performs. By f.2.0 it’s tack sharp with good contrast. Bokeh is nice and soft with no detectable harshness on my D300 at ISO 200. Focus is amazingly fast. For $199 you can’t beat it!

    • FX Snob

      If I am buying a f1.8 lens then I would want it “tack sharp” at f1.8, otherwise I am being mugged – akin to sticking an AMG badge on their base level 1.8 Mercedes sedan.

      • Tomasz

        I am inclined to agree. Not got one to test but I stopped using Sigma glass for that reason. You buy a f2.8 macro lens and you expect it to be the sharpest glass in your kit bag, then it turns out its only sharp @f4 and after. That really p***** me off and I changed it for the Nikkor 105 VR Micro lens which can slice the very air itself its so sharp even @2.8. Sharpness and contrast is everything to me in my images and I need them to be perfect.

        • Anonymous

          Have you tried the AF-S 50 F1.4 at f1.4 ? It is neither sharp nor has even acceptable contrast. I wanted to get one but it really isn’t worth the money. Check out Photozone’s test. Nikon really dropped the ball with this update. It is a relief to see they didn’t mess up with the 35DX.

          • Tomasz

            I haven’t tried that – still got an old 50mm – which is great. I am wary of ‘test’ shots and subsequent ‘reports’ though as they often have no bearing on real life usage which is critical for myself.

            In the field is where the real results are found – and thats where my previous Sigmas have always let me down and – to date – my Nikkors have not… especially my 105VR!

        • rjm

          All lenses fall off to some extent at max aperture. For the most part it’s a non issue.

          A macro lens is designed to work well small apertures, for example, because to get a depth of field at close working distances you end up at F11-16 far more often than with normal optics.

          Some lenses are designed for low light and use at or near max aperture. Most are not, and are all the better for it.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, every lens has a “sweet spot” of sharpness at a given aperture/focal length.

            But if you pay a premium for an f1.4 lens over an f1.8 lens then you’d hope the f1.4 is useable at f1.4 and better at its best than the f1.8. Of course, there’s more to lens quality than sharpness but I wonder sometimes if the wow factor of fast glass somehow makes people more forgiving of a lens’ deficiencies. “It’s an f1.4 and twice the price so it must be better than an f1.8”. I’m just saying, “perhaps not.”

  • Jason

    Note to self: Next time preorder from Adorama, not Amazon. (Unless it turns out Amazon is shipping too eh?)

    • Natalie

      I preordered from Amazon, and just got an e-mail that mine has shipped. Woohoo!

      • Jason

        Ahhhh lucky!! I preordered on the morning after the announcement (before Adorama’s preorders) and no shipping email yet :/

        • Jason

          Got the Amazon shipping notice today.

      • Dan

        I pre-ordered from Amazon Feb. 9 and got this email today (after seeing something from Amazon and getting excited, haha): “We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on February 09 2009. Still want it? We’ll keep on trying…” etc. Is your order coming directly from Amazon or from Cameta?

        • Natalie

          Mine is coming directly from Amazon. I ordered on Feb. 9th, too.

  • Guan Yang

    I emailed Adorama customer service about this (ordered online a while back), and they told me that they will ship mine tomorrow.

  • JC

    I got an Email today saying mine from Adomara is shipped. Well actually UPS said billing info received at this point. It’s 3 day select UPS, and I really hope that I can get it during the weekend.

    I ordered around Feb 20.

  • Pre-ordered from
    Planning to pick up in person since I live in London, but where is my lens?
    Anyone in Ontario still waiting for this?

    • Just in case anyone cares, I cancelled my order from because another store in town, Forest City Imaging had it in stock since Wednesday, and mostlydigital was still waiting to get it in. I believe they were done dishing out their pre-orders and had 1 or 2 left. Their website is They price-matched for me so I still got the lens for $253 CAD.

      Also on, got mixed reviews, especially when it had to do with backordered items.

      Am loving the lens, got some nice shots of my cat in my apartment this afternoon, up on my website

  • I just got an email from that it has been shipped.

    March 12, 2009 07:09:29 AM Campbellsville KY US Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit to Seattle Wa.

  • Anonymous

    Pre Ordered last week on7th March at Adorama.
    I had low expectations of getting in on the first batch of shipment.
    Sent them an email and they are shipping mine today.
    Awesome store.

    • Ben

      Shoot, I pre-ordered from Adorama on 3rd March, and this is the reply I got:

      We did receive a delivery today, but not enough to fulfill all the back orders. At present, our CS staff are calling the first customers going down the list to see if they are still required – the problem is that some customers place orders at multiple locations and cancel those that are not required; when they have finished calling, we will know how many more we can offer.

      Unfortunately, we don’t yet have an ETA on the next delivery.

  • phil

    I pre-ordered from Amazon the day they started taking orders. My order status now says “We are preparing these items for shipment and this portion of your order cannot be canceled or changed”. No shipment email yet, though. Maybe later on today?

  • Satisfied

    Got mine in the mail today from Adorama. So far, it’s amazing! I had purchased a 50 1.8 about a week before this was announced and ended up returning it to purchase this one and I’m glad I did. Focal length is perfect compared to the slightly too-tele 50mm. Very nice sharpness straight from 1.8 and is a beast if stopped down past f/2. Contrast is nice and the bokeh is smooth and creamy. Specular highlights are nicely rounded like they should be! All in all, quite happy already, this lens is a steal at $200.

    • Ricardo

      The 50mm is not “too-tele” on FX. You might have been better for long term getting a D700/D3/D3x rather than returning the 50mm for a 35mm. Just my two cents but I can see a few upset people in 12 or 18 months.

      • phil

        Um, I don’t know about you but I didn’t have an extra $2000 burning a hole in my pocket that I could have spent on the D700 (over the cost of my D40). Besides, the D700 is aimed at experienced photographers, which I am not. People are going to be upset if the 35mm image quality is not up to par, and not because of the focal length of the 35mm.

      • Satisfied

        I’m sorry, a $200 lens vs upgrading to an FX body? I’m sorry but I don’t have that kind of money. Even if I do upgrade to FX in a couple of years, I will still have a DX body for a back-up I’m sure. At that time, I can spend the dough to get a 50mm without shedding too much of a tear. However, to sacrifice the focal length and bokeh performance I want NOW to save $200 in a few years is ludicrous.

  • Anonymous

    did anyone notice that this thing is going at 240-300 on amazon? so, is that the real market value of this thing?

    • North75

      I’m not sure what those resellers are up to.
      I think one of them was trying to get over $900 for the 50 F1.4 G, and that was before Nikon raised the price.

      I had back ordered the 50G from J and R when it was $399. It took about 5 weeks to get, but they honored the price. Its currently $499.

  • Arael

    35 nikkor AF-S DX is being sold in Spain at local stores at 200€; very reasonable.

  • Anonymous

    Seems to be delivered in Sweden to inWarehouse 2009-03-19.

  • Got mine yesterday. Took some quick shots to compare it side by side with 50mm f/1.8

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