AF-S Zoom-NIKKOR 17-35mm f/2.8D IF-ED comes back in Europe

nikkor17-35From a reader in Europe (working in a photo store):

"Yesterday we received an email from Nikon headquarters that the AF-S Zoom-NIKKOR 17-35mm f/2.8D IF-ED will be available again at least here in Europe starting at the end of March."

The rumor was that this lens was discontinued and was not present on many of the latest price lists. Not sure what is going on - maybe Nikon is just pushing its final stock.

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  • anony

    yes i would buy one.

  • Nicolas

    This lens had never been removed from (Nikon Switzerland)…

  • Very good lens! My greatest monetary madness up until today.

  • den

    propably removed it from EU stores becaus it was not recycable? maybe they have made some changes and can now restock them in europe. that lens is my dreamlens….unfortunatly to expensive, so i bought the 35mm f2.

  • johnnybottoms

    for 1700 euros here, no thanks.

  • shivas

    it was $1100 US at one point, I should’ve bought it then. . .at $1700, I’ll pass and wait for the prices to drop or a remix of the original. . .

  • olidie

    Yes!! Mine just started giving me troubles today. The zoomring blocked and wouldn’t move. Until then it really took some beating.
    Just hope that it will be sold at an reasonable price.

    • Anonymous

      send it in for repairing? saves you more than a whole new lens.

      • olidie

        I will sendit in for repair but the AF-S motor also sound bad sometimes. That might get too expensive for a really heavily used lens. It’s depending on how much they will be selling the new ones.

        • rlanthier

          I just sent one in to Nikon USA (Melville). They estimated over $450 to repair a squeaky lens.

  • Jason

    I very briefly considered getting one of these a couple of years ago, but went for the 17-55mm/f2.8 instead. Since it’s this choice that would make the switch to FX ruinously expensive for me, I’m very glad I did it: I’ll be a DX loyalist until I either find a genie in a bottle or sell my house and don’t need another one . . .

  • Robert

    I think that Nikon believed 17-35/2.8D and 28-70/2.8D owners would jump onto the 14-24/2.8G and 24-70/2.8G lenses, but the demand wasn’t as high for the superwide as they anticipated. The 17-35/2.8 does a very good job at the overlapping focal length of 22-28mm and while the two newer ones are fantastic designs there still are areas of use (plus filter ability) where the substantially less expensive 17-35 can take on both of the newer designs. I’ve heard this from two camera store owners who say the 24-70/2.8G sells way better than the 14-24/2.8G which seems to appeal to only superwide fans and not replace the 17-35.

  • Why would Nikon go and replace such a good lens? I think this rumor is busted.

    • hmmm

      the same could be said about many other lenses which were discontinued. every lens runs this fate eventually. I don’t see a replacement in the works. Nikon’s 2.8 zoom line looks like this: 14-24-70-200.

      anything else is a bonus at this point.

  • Europe’s Laws

    Stupid ‘enviromental laws’ in Europe! It has become the land of ‘red-tape’. Is there not something so ironic that the birthplace of democracy is now one of the most undemocratic places on earth? MEP’s elected on tiny % of votes, unelected Commissioners passing judgment on the recyclability of products and on and on it goes…. and my goodness, you had better not upset any of the minorities in our communities! Its like you have stepped into Ray Bradbury’s ‘Farenheit 451’.

    Soon, unless Nikon cameras are made from recycled toilet paper, with a minimum of 35% of the pre-recycling organic waste included in the body shell, it will be illegal to import them! Naturally, when this happens you will be able to have them in any color you like… so long as its egg carton brown.

  • Zoetmb

    I can understand trying to manufacture products as environmentally green as possible and the associated laws/regulations around them (freedom doesn’t give you the right to give my kids cancer), but it’s not like DSLR lenses (especially expensive ones) are throwaway items that people will discard in a few years (like a phone or cheap P&S). Lenses like these will probably still be around 30 years from now.

    But the fact is that we don’t know why it was supposedly discontinued. It could simply have been that Nikon didn’t have the resources to produce enough of them (which is true for many of their lenses) and was using the manufacturing line for something else and now the line has been freed. We don’t know that EU regulations had anything to do with it. The lens has always been available in the U.S. and last time I looked, was in-stock at B&H. I had always doubted that it was truly discontinued.

    • Anonymous

      they put environment policy on every item they sell. remember the 28mm f/1.4D AF? it became discontinued shortly after its introduction because it have lead metal and glass, which could be harmful to your health. what they did is right.

  • Listen to you all!

    Listen to yourselves… living in this cotton wool world where no bad things are allowed to happen… wake up folks! Giving your kids cancer??? Let me assure you, as a medical professional and a child psychologist, we do infinitely more harm to children by having them ‘protected’ from everything and away from all the ‘bad’ people and health and safety legislation preventing them from playing running games in break times (yes, several UK education authorities have implemented this). You have no idea the damage this does to youngsters and it inhibits their social and mental growth… where as the likelihood of them coming into contact with the lead from a lens is very remote. Grow up people… if you live in Europe (incl UK) and have those attitudes, you are the reason the sane amongst us are going to emigrate! All my friends – equally intelligent – are all leaving… which means the UK and Europe will be left with some sort of wretched population of half-men, half-caterpillar creatures.

    I think it is time to head back and live in New Zealand again for a bit of sanity. They are so much more truly conscious of their environment and people WITHOUT the need to legislate ever after!

    I, for one, don’t want my camera product choice and availability dictated to me by someone who was not democratically elected.

    Europe is on the edge of the abyss anyway – it is the socio-economic experiment that went horribly wrong… you just need to see the chaos and horrendous problems caused by having free borders – particularly in relation to the newbie states…. their criminals can wander into the western european nations without let or hindrance. There are no checks done and even if there were, east european criminal records consist of pieces of paper in manilla files. There is no computer record to cross check.

    Yes, I think I will be taking myself and family to New Zealand as soon as possible… Europe is done for… get out while you can and forget being able to buy anything there that is not made entirely from recycled cabbages within 6 months.

    • Anonymous

      umm… environment in new zealand is much better? no wonder they don’t have ozone layer because of the smoke coming from SUV’s ruined the environment. thats why a lot of stores sell sunscreen for you to use.

      • Anonymous

        Anonymous above – what nonsense you wrote my friend.

        I left the UK and won’t go back. A Lord recently killed someone accidentally while driving and got 3 months in prison. A motorcyclist did no harm to anyone and didn’t have an accident, but he overtook another car at high speed with his son on the back of the bike and got 6 months in prison.

        The UK has become a bad joke to many expats. A bad joke that breaks my heart. Many countries in Europe are having problems but they are much saner that the Police and courts in the UK and often just ignore stupid laws.

        I doubt this lens was anything to do with Euro laws and just simply Nikon’s supply decisions.

      • Withnail

        Rubbish. I lived there for four years up to 2007 and want to get back asap. Totally agree with the guy above about how bad Europe and especially UK has become.

        Incidentally, the HOLE in the OZONE layer above Australia and New Zealand was NOT caused by the gases from those countries but by the world’s output of greenhouse gasses (allegedly). I say allegedly because there is increasing doubt amongst scientists about the causes of both global warming and the hole in the ozone layer, which latterly has been ‘repairing’ itself and shrinking – YES!!! IT HAS, READ UP ON IT FOLKS.)

        There is not enough people in or cars in New Zealand for it to be possible for them to create global warming on their own. Its empty, roughly, the two islands are the size of the UK but only just over 4 million people live there – almost half of that it Auckland. Compare with UK’s 60 million people! QUICK, CALL AIR NEW ZEALAND FOR ME TOO!

  • Big-G

    Where are Nikon’s PMA announcements? I’m glad the F-mount is doing well but I was really hoping for some new lens or software announcements!!! 🙁

    • Anonymous

      nikon already made an announcement before PMA with 35mm 1.8G AF-S DX and a couple of point & shoots. haven’t you paid any attention?

    • Anonymous

      And we may have a long wait before the next set of announcements – perhaps in early April, more likely in June.

  • Ian Dudley

    This is all about FX effect. DX users would be less than enthusiastic about buying a 25-52 zoom, which is what this lens becomes on DX, and is why I sold mine. Nikon knew this, produced the 17-55 f2.8, which becomes 25-82 – much more interesting, but DX only. Now FX has emerged, with three bodies and lots of interest, the 17-35 range is back in fashion. 14-24 is a bit wide for some users, even at the long end. I predict the 17-35 will sell well again, and be replaced in due course by a similar but updated version.

  • GT

    I’m waiting for the 16-40 f2.8 Nikkor!!


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