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Weekend reading:
  • Nikon captured the #1 share position in compact digital cameras unit sales in December 2008 (source). In the same article (quote from Nikon's UK general manager Simon Coleman in an interview at PMA): "Nikon plans to launch new DSLRs later this year", so we are expecting more than one DSLR despite the economic situation.
  • Nikon UK camera gear sales have soared 23% in the past year (source).
  • Tamron to raise prices on March 20th: 5%-11%.
  • Another free Nikon camera control software and another one for bracketing plus instructional video.
  • Bluetooth GPS for Nikon Cameras (source):


  • Another new GPS product: di-GPS Pro L - it comes now with 8MB built-in logger. The logger allows you to log your trip and see it on your computer (google earth, for instance). In addition it power consumption reduced from ~50-60mA to ~36mA):



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  • Pablov

    – Good new about ”Nikon plans to launch new DSLRs later this year”
    I suppose that would include D5000 and D400, and who knows, maybe a D700x ? 🙂

    – Be aware that the Lexar SDHC 8GB is “Class 2”, that means it’s not very fast (minimum sustained transfer speed of 2MB/s. There are Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, and some other even faster although they are included in C6)

    – After PMA wich didn’t bring us a new DSLR, what date do you think is more plausible for an announcement of a new one? Maybe May ?

  • anony

    with a great sigma lens!

    • Are you high?

      My friend you should never put together a sentence that includes the words Sigma and great unless following it thus… Sigma are a great pile of (insert your own expletive).

      If there was more room on the tablet, this would have been the eleventh commandment!

      • DNHJR

        Not all Sigma lenses are a pile of (….). I have the Sigma 150mm macro lens and it’s by far one of the best and sharpest macro lenses out there.

  • jsa

    I wonder what GPS capable mobile phone it will work with ?

  • Ravell

    Good to hear they plan to release a few new DSLRs through the year at some point. Though I guess it would be a very weird year if they didn’t release at least one! :p

    • Standard Marketing

      They would say this regardless. Standard practice in business. That way even if you don’t have anything and your competitors do, you keep you customer base and potential new customers hanging on until you can come up with something and they don’t jump ship.

      Any new product launches will be determined by the world economy over the next year or three. FACT!

    • They didn’t even say that, according to the article:

      “Overall, the company is expecting to see industrywide declines in compact camera sales this year but still expects to see growth in digital SLRs, Lee noted.”

      Growth could mean, well, just growth in sales or more saturation from compact buyers to dslr upgrades.

      I have no idea where admin got the promise of new bodies this year from the article he cited.

  • NPD Group can’t count (shown to be true in the past). There’s no way on this earth Nikon sold more compacts than anyone else! They’re a horrible line of cameras!

  • ben

    Another one here and they are saying it has a best battery solution.

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