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Feedburned (the RSS feeds handler) was purchased by Google and I had to switch the RSS feeds to their new home @ Google. Please update our RSS feeds to point to:

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NR comments:

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If you want to know more about RSS feeds and how they work click here.

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  • lblaod


  • I know this is important for your site, but couldn’t you compact it some? It takes up the entire first page of your site, and since you appear to be keeping it first, it is not readily obvious if something new has been posted without scrolling down (or subscribing to your RSS).

  • low

    id have to agree with what john said. i missed the article below for a few days till i decided to scroll and was surprised i missed something.

  • I will push it down – there was only one misplaced post – I just wanted to make sure everyone got the new RSS feed

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