Two more free Nikon apps

I created a new category - Free Nikon software. Those free apps are based on the Nikon SDK (available for free download).

The first app is an improved version of the D300/D700/D3 video recording application: the new nkvid is available now.

The second app is similar to the one above: video capture with Nikon D300. Two sample clips:

I am very excited that Nikon fans can create their own software solutions for Nikon hardware based on the Nikon SDK. I will continue to post & support such applications, so if you have one - send me an email. Thanks to both developers for their effort.

If you have missed the Nikon Control Beta 1 app, you can get it here.

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  • SteMa

    I have a D90, but gave up using the video mode, because you get that flicker like on the second video indoors, and the whole pictures is very blurred (like an upscaled 320×240), and you always get the rolling shutter (jello), 24fps is not enough for hand holding (it’s okay for movies when the cam is fixed or on a stabilizer, but not from hand), and when shooting outdoors, the video has some kind of stairstepping, like it’s being upscaled from a lower resolution. And 3mb/sec isn’t enough for a 720p24 video with motion jpeg codec… Except for the last one all the above are issues as well in other nikons live view, so this is all pointless. And the videos I seen so far were like they had a few skipped frames. Not just the ones posted earlier, but in one of the nikon reviews on, when it focuses on the nikon sign in live view mode. And that was recorded using the hdmi output AFAIK.

    • Tom

      I was in Tokyo this New Year, and found myself in a huge crowd of impeccably patient, quiet, considerate and slow moving locals. It was one of those things that a photo just can’t capture. Thankfully, I had a D90.

      Yes, the video has its limitations, but no video is even more limited.

    • C++

      The stairstepping is because they don’t use every pixel in the sensor. They pick some of the pixels, completely ignoring others. That’s like the “nearest neighbor” resizing in Photoshop. For a better quality, pixels cannot be just thrown away, they must all be included in the calculation. LiveView was designed as a quick and dirty preview, it’s not as great as a real video camera. The rolling shutter is also a tough problem, because it’s an inherent property of the sensor being used, designed for still images. Hopefully it’s going to improve in the next generation.

  • I have a D300. I think this software, as Beta as it is, is perfect for me.

    I think that any time I’ll want to record video, I’ll be inside. I do wish it was 720p though.

    All I need is a Mac version. Not bad for something that Nikon surely never intended.

  • rqpl

    yeah yeah cool app. what about PMA? 😉

  • Niloy

    As far as I think I know, the D90 has a 5 min cap for each video. Couldn’t this be to stop the sensor from overheating? If these software are just saving the live-view footage as video, I’d be ok. Otherwise, I’d be mighty worried if it’s gonna ruin my sensor.

    • Tom

      My D90 will do multiple videos back to back with no heat issues.

  • ingenue

    The name of the software is “nkvid”. “Mutable Conclusions 2.0” is the name of the blog.

    • sorry – I pasted the wrong text, fixed now.

  • Anonymous

    you can’t expect the videos to come out ama-a-a-azing out of a DSLR. if you want great quality videos, buy sony FX1000, canon GL2, or RED-one with leica lenses.

  • Pat

    What is the difference between the two versions?

  • hmmm

    I hope they fix the rolling shutter problem one day. It is one of the reasons the D90 and the 5DMII do not really interest me.

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