PMA 09

I don't have any new rumors for PMA and this concerns me. Maybe this time Nikon is really doing a good job of keeping a secret till the very end. I noticed a lot of online chatter for the potential release of the D700x next week, but I think those are just opinions of famous online personalities. I have not received a single tip for D700x and I will stay with my previous selection: D5000 + D400 (the D400 may be released after PMA, but before July 2009). At that point I will have to drop the D5000 next week release probability to 75% - so far I have received info from only one source.

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  • Yes i is strange thath no rumors has leaked yet, now thath we are soo close to PMA…

  • rwpl

    was it also so quiet before PMA 2008?

    • rhlpetrus

      Around PMA, 2-3 days before D60 was announced, specs circulated. They’re alwyas leaked, not sure if not by Nikon themselves.

  • Not like this… schhh… 🙂

  • rwpl

    then it will be either a great surprise or big disappointment.

    • Martin

      I’d say “big disappointment” Just like Photokina last year. Nikon will probably just present this single pathetic little lens: AF-S 35mm 1.8 blablabla as if this was an innovation!

  • Chris P

    Unless Nikon are being very close lipped it looks like the DX 35mm f1.8 is going to be the only lens relaese connected with PMA. Perhaps I should have bought a D300 instead of my D700.

    • Niloy

      You kid, right?

      • Anonymous

        nah, it’s a good idea so he can save money and invest another half of D700’s money on good lenses.

        • what?

          why would you buy a d300 just before the d400 is announced? that’s be silly. wait a few months and get a better deal. the d700x won’t show up for a long time so you can’t go wrong with a d700 today.

      • Chris P

        Yes I was kidding. I will keep my D700 for one reason above all else, I bought one secondhand Ais lens and I saw what the results were like with the D700, I have since bought two more and any money I spend will be used to buy more manual lenses. The only two lenses Nikon could introduce that would interest me would be an updated 80-400, nobody but Nikon could ignore the pent up consumer demand for such a lens, and a f2.8 or f4 40-120 zoom lens to the same standard as the f2.8 24-70.

  • Anonymous

    just a FYI, nikon already make a formal announcement during pre-PMA. doesn’t mean they will have another announcement to make during PMA next week.

    35mm f/1.8G AFS DX and a couple of coolpix’s and that’s it.

  • Cin

    Maybe the guy who was in charge of ‘spilling the beans’ was made redundant recently.

  • Stephen

    I am pretty new here, but I have been eyeing a few ‘entry’ level DSLR cameras for a couple weeks now. I would describe myself as a n00b when it comes to them but have been looking as I really would like to make a jump from a point and shoot to a ‘cheaper’ DSLR camera so that I can learn more obviously. But I guess I should wait another week and see what comes out of PMA.

    • Wait another week and then look at either a D40/D40x/D60 while they last, or a new D5000 if it is really announced at PMA.

      • Stephen

        Yeah the one I am leaning towards as of right now is this one:

        • DNHJR

          The D60 is a awesome little DSLR. I have one for my super light kit.

          • Stephen

            Yeah I figured it would be a nice camera to start learning some stuff on and I figure I gotta start somewhere right!

            Was also looking at taking a class possibly at the local college too. You pros out there have some good things to start with, books or take a class? Any suggestions.

    • Niloy

      I know it’s a long shot, but Best Buy is selling off D200 bodies for only $600. That’s a full pro body! Anyways, whatever you do, my humble advice is to skip the bottom lineup of the D40s and get a D80 or better. That way, if you keep learning, you won’t outgrow your first DSLR within six months.

      • Anonymous

        are you (bleep)ing serious?

        there are millionaire landscape wedding photographers who use a D40 or D60 on the task. no need to upgrade from a perfectly fine camera.

        • Niloy

          Mine’s a D40x. I know. Theoritically anything’s possible with my trusty D40x, and I don’t NEED a better camera. But you can’t ignore just how much faster and nicer having a pro D200 instead is gonna be. Plus it can AF with all AF lenses, got more AF points, can trigger flashlights – three things I’m really missing. So now that the D200 can be had for about what the D40s were initially priced, why not just go for it?

      • AZ

        Yup, totally agree with You, get a D200 and for the spare 1k over d300 get a decent lens – and unless You are shooting in some low light condition (high iso) You would be more than pleased with the results, not to mention the fact that You’ll spare some bucks.

      • Yes the D200 is a pro body (I have one, along with a D300), however, the you will see far less noise with a D40, D90, or hopefully the new D5000. The D40 sensor, 6 MP is much less dense than the D200. While the D200 is a very good camera, it can’t match up for noise with newer sensors.

  • RJ

    I am off on safari in may, so PMA is my last hope for a release of a new 70-200mm, if it’s going to be in the shops in time….

    Let’s hope it’s not as disappointing as Apple’s event in january, hopefully they’d have designed it before the recession set in?! :-S

    • AZ

      If You up to safari, than instead of buying nikon 70-200 get sigma 100-300 with TC, or something even longer, as 200 is just a waste on safari, as most of the animals are not comming too close to You.

      • RJ

        Yeah I was going for the 2x tele as well – I’ve tried the 80-400 and it’s a bit of a shambles… is the Sigma good? Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Nathan Shane

    I just came from my local camera store and the Nikon rep was there and I talked about the reported price increase in the UK and Japan and asked about whether or not a second price increase would hit the States – he said funny I should ask, because he had had a conference call with his boss and several other Nikon reps and that question was asked by another rep – because he too was concerned about another US price increase – the boss’ answer was a definite “NO – there will be no further price increase in the US” – however, the rep I spoke with said that anything is always possible and that reps are typically the last to know.

    I asked the rep about the upcoming PMA show and if Nikon was going to announce any new lenses – and his answer was “No I haven’t heard of any new lenses” but he went on to explain how Nikon really strives to keep knowledge of any new products a complete secret from all reps until the very last moments before they make an official public announcement or press release. He said that those in upper-management who would know about new products are not allowed to discuss anything with the reps until Nikon is ready to tell the rest of the world. So bottom line was…the rep said he sincerely did not know if there were going to be any new lenses announced or not and that he and the other reps would typically find out about the same time as the rest of the world.

  • Dan

    There were a bunch of Nikon rangefinder rumors a while ago. Do you think that any of them might pan out for PMA 2009?

    • DNHJR

      I would love to see a Nikon RF and would get one as long is it’s under $1000. But I’m sure it would cost as much as the over priced Leica RF.

  • I just hope that because of your previous announcement, “Nikon Corp. President Michio Kariya was named to PMA Hall of Fame”, that perhaps Nikon wants to make a big splash at the show itself with announcements there! I really hope this PMA is not a dud for Pro’s & Prosumers!

    • Cin

      I hope its not a dud too, but cast your thoughts back to the BIG event that Nikon promised a few months ago…

  • hmmm

    the d400 is a given as well as that d5000. I was hoping for a couple of FX lenses but I guess we’ll have to wait more.

  • MB

    D5000 and a lens or two (definitely one wide DX zoom), for what it counts really.
    Place your bets gentleman!

  • Weston

    D400 and D5000 are givens. Now, what about their new kit lenses. the 18-55 VR is hard to improve upon, as is the 18-200 VR

  • Pablov

    Either Nikon has kept the secret very well, or there is no new announcement for PMA…

    I guess the major expected announcement would be the D400, but I’m getting sceptical…..

    A D700x would be really a surprise not even expected (by me)

    I find that PMA is not likely for big announcements from big manufacturers (I mean Nikon and Canon)…. maybe I’m wrong. They announce their new stuff (that want to be announced and keep the rest on secret) before PMA

  • JOhn DOsy-Doe

    Does anyone know what announcements has Nikon made in past during PMA? I’ve been searching for this information and I can’t find it.

    • Tom

      I can’t recall any announcements during a show of a ready product. Normally, there have been announcements in the lead up and the products appear at the show for the first time so people come to the show to try out the new stuff.

      A little after Sony buying Minolta, they presented mock-ups in cases at a show almost a whole year before the product (A900) came to market, if I remember right, but that was a rare case because they were not updates but wholly products.

      Generally mannufacturers want to maintain sales of old products right up until the replacement is ready but Nikon have already deleted the D40 and all the old stock is being cleared before a replacement has been announced.

      So really, it’s hard to see any particular pattern from all this. As always, it’s a case of waiting for Nikon. But hey ho, I still have a great camera and lenses to get out and shoot with, so I can wait. And the new 35 will be fun to use and evaluate I think.

  • anonymous

    i just pulled the trigger on an used d300 yesterday.. got it at USD 1250(converted), 4 months old, SC 5k-ish.., very mint. couldn’t wait anymore for another new one(D400). i hope it’s the right decision.

    my old d80 has served me well, it’s a very capable camera and i’m very happy to have learned a lot of things with it. now i have a whole lot of things to learn from the d300 with all the bells and whistles not available in d80.., it’s an awesome camera in a whole different league alltogether. from what i see probably i won’t have to worry change it until the next successor to d400 later, just like back in the days when i hold off from pulling the trigger for the d200 and waited to pull it for the d300 instead.

    PMA announcement interests me, but any new bodies nikon has to offer probably wouldn’t interest me to buy. knowing nikon with their prices lately, i probably won’t be able to afford the d400, let alone the d700x. d5000 sounds interesting for a backup body though(after selling off the d80). cheers!

  • Otis

    I called my NPS rep and asked if PMA was worth going to since I was going to be near Vegas. I was told not to bother since this year would be a waste of time.

  • Tom

    I’ve lost hope for anything more at PMA. When’s the next likely announcement time ? April 1st ?

  • Mar

    Nikon never showed big announcement at PMA.

  • Jack

    Guys, we’re in a global economic crisis, I wouldn’t expect many new products from any manufacturer. Consumers aren’t buying anything. All bets are off.

    • Tom

      The last I heard camera sales were down 30%. That’s still a huge market with some strong competition. Why would Nikon go to sleep on development ? So Canon take their market share ?

  • RJ

    When exactly is PMA? As in what date if any should a Nikon announcement come?

    • “Moment of the truth” coming soon…

      • RJ

        Haha thanks, but that decidedly doesn’t answer my question!

    • PMA is March 1-4 in Las Vegas.

      • Tom

        And the pre-PMA announcements were at the beginning of Feb.

        A low-key PMA in hard times ?

  • Kiki

    The D700x will resolve some of the bugs that plague the D700:

    * The electronics on many units cause a variety of metering problems, from otherwise inexplicable intermittent overexpose to underexpose to a slow shifting oscillation that causes a series of the same scene to change exposure each item in a gradual shift from “normal” to overexposure (too light). The solution is NOT the same as the workaround that others suggest. The work-around is to shoot RAW (NEF) to try your best to make adjustments for the D700’s unreliable exposure metering.

    * The rubbery cover for the ports always falls off. This cover will be replaced with something a bit more secure.

    * BTW, the door cover for the flash card works fine and will not be replaced.

    Of course these vast improvements will obscure the new price rise.

  • Timo
  • ronin

    I’ll go out on a limb here. We are rumor free because there will be no major introductions. We will be forced to return to the longer product cycles of film days.

    R&D, promotion and positioning and marketing of new products is not cheap. Why spend millions to develop new product when the competition is not doing so? Why do that when the possibility of recovering those product development costs is years and years away, given the declining market together with our silly decision to raise prices at the same time?

    Big photo makers will be in a hunker-down mode the next few years. Let’s hope they all survive. But don’t expect a lot of new products with the frequency we have seen so far in the 21st century- that approach is no longer sustainable.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree. Who says “the others” are not developing products ? These are hard times but the market still exists and it is still huge. Nikon has not laid off any of it’s Japanese R&D staff. Do you think they’ll just sit about drinking sake ?

      What will change for Nikon is a scaling exercise so that production matches the new market size. Lower end DSLR products will continue with modest price rises due to slightly lower production runs, and higher end development will continue but with higher price rises because of the even smaller production runs. We’re already seeing this happen.

      No-one yet knows how deep this recession is going to be. If Nikon starts laying off it’s local technical expertise, then yes, the sh!t has hit the fan. Until then, we’re just looking at paying more for the top end stuff.

    • Tom

      To quote bythom, “If I had to read the tea leaves, though, I’d say this: Nikon will certainly have more DSLR models and lenses coming, probably in spring. (Okay, I’ll go further: we’ll see a low-end DSLR to replace the D40 and eventually D60, and a high-megapixel FX DSLR to compete with the 5DII better in spring, along with three more lenses; later in the year we’ll see a D400 to replace the D300.) I don’t see Nikon stopping the product stream or even slowing product cycles. If anything, recessions reward companies that can innovate in downturns and that don’t turn off their product pipeline.”

  • Alex


    • MB


  • Where can I check the PMAI announcements? is there a specific site that will announce all of the new nikons?

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