Sea & Sea MDX-D700 underwater housing for the Nikon D700 coming soon

Very nice and very expensive:

  • MDX-D700 will be available first week in March.
  • Part # SS-06148
  • MSRP: $3995
  • Details: 60m/200ft
  • 2 Fiber Optic Cable Ports, 1 YS Converter Sync Port, 1 5-Pin Nikonos Sync Port


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  • Trey

    Why wouldnt this work for the D300? Why does it cost as much as a D700?

    • it costs more than the D700…

    • kern.justin

      These are extraordinarily expensive to produce from a technical standpoint because they absolutely cannot fail at anywhere near the rate that a typical electronics (or other) product fails. Not only that, but they are for a smaller audience whose demands (and budget) are extremely high. The D700 has different dimensions than the D300 (subtle but significant). I would guess that the contacts simply wouldn’t line up with the D300 – besides if you needed to spend $4000 for a housing, you could afford to spend $2500 to put the camera inside.

      This and a phase one back are the ultimate “lottery” items for me – well that and the Repro-Nikkor 85mm f/1.0.

  • Anonymous

    why is this site slowly becoming something like “nikon’s daily update” rather than “nikon rumors”?

    looks like admin can post an international weather forecast and stock markets for us to check out while being on here?

    • NikonMan

      personally I like the rumours and the news all rolled into one!
      keep up the good work admin.

      of course this is not the only UW housing for D700
      (and its only $1600)

    • Chris

      I do not agree with you. This website is a fun place to check out daily for new updates on things, rumor or not. I wouldn’t mind a stock quote for Nikon either. Kinda cool.

    • torax

      Well why dont you just quit reading this site.

  • B3

    I like the daily updates. I’d rather read about something than nothing, and rumors don’t appear every day.

  • Anonymous


    “why is this site slowly becoming something like “nikon’s daily update” rather than “nikon rumors”?
    looks like admin can post an international weather forecast and stock markets for us to check out while being on here?”

    End quote.

    Piss off!! I for one like the daily “this is what’s new in the nikon world” Rumor or Fact. Best place to keep updated on the latest stuff.

  • Alex

    i agree, Anonymous unhappy about the fact-news – piss off

  • There’s already a lot of housings for the D700 announced. Sea&sea makes midprice underwaterwaterhoudings (although they’re getting more expensive because the bad japanese situation) Check out this link:

    and you basically can see what’s available for the D700. If you see the prices you’ll understand why we, underwater photographers don’t want Nikon to make slight modifications with their camerabodies. I’m still stuck to my D200 and looking forward to see the D400 announced. I’d most likely upgrade and get a new Hugyfot housing.

  • Kay Burn Lim

    I have a Sea & Sea housing for my D300. It’s great and I love using it. Its great that the new D700 housing from Sea & Sea has fiber optic connection too to allow for TTL via the camera’s own flash as a commander. On the D300 housing (MDX-D300), you could only have TTL if you bought a Sea & Sea TTL converter and sync cables…the cable and TTL converter set would set you back between $400-$500!

    Nice step forward! Sadly, the new prices are also very high….probably reflecting the high value of the Yen.

  • burgerman

    Whats wrong with a plastic bag with a knot tied in it? Squeeze to make sure no air leaks out and off you go!

    Did it with a cheap Ricoh film camera years ago. Works fine and is a bit cheaper?

    • Nothing wrong… just the physics of pressure underwater… but you can also try to dive without a dive certificate, nothing wrong with it… just wish you good luck.

    • Fred

      Yeah ok. You should try the same thing on yourself next time you dive.

  • Tom

    Wow, the new price is certainly a bit steep! It’s as much as the D3 housing which wouldn’t have been all that terrible had it not been for the fact that the MDX-700 comes without any handles if I’ve understood things correctly. I sincerely hope this RRP is with the handles included.

    I’ve already toyed with the notion of picking up a D60 and the RDX-60 housing instead of housing my D700 as it would be cheaper. If they don’t even include the handles in this price I most certainly will do so.

    • Kay Burn Lim

      Heck….no handles??! Come on Sea & Sea!!

      Tom, the handles were nothing too special anyway. I am sure that many other after market options would even be better…..I have even considered using a strap once in order to manipulate shutter and both dials quickly without letting go of the handle…

      • Tom

        It’s not necessarily a bad thing. With the MDX-700, they offer the option of either using the ergo hand grips or whatever they’re called (the ones used on other MDX housings) or the new grip stay L that’s sold separately.

        I wouldn’t recommend using just a hand strap as it’s still very hard to get to all controls without moving your hand quite a bit.

        I actually assume that the MSRP includes one form of handles, otiherwise it’s a bit of a rip-off indeed.

  • Anonymous

    did they gave you money to place this ad here, or why you don’t make a link to other underwater housings for the D700?

    • No, they did not pay me (I wish) – this product is not yet officially released, which makes it a rumor, right? That’s why it’s here. I checked sea&sea site and I could not find. If you know of another upcoming underwater housing, let me know and I will write about it.
      Should I start writing a small paragraph for every single post to justify it?

      • Anonymous

        for me it didn’t look like a rumor.

        • Well, if it is not official I consider it a rumor.

        • Don’t like it, don’t read it. Easy enough.

          What’s the point in crying about something as silly as this?

          Guess it’s a bit of a double-standard there, tho’. Why am I wasting my time trying to convince you not to waste yours (and ours)?

  • torax

    What is the problem here. If you find this site no suitable for your need of information you can as well gather the information yourself. Why is it always me me me. NRAdmin is providing all this information in a neat little package. Let´s thank him for doing that. And what´s so great about this is that if you dont like it you dont have to read it. And if you think that there´s a need for a “rumor only site” you are free to make one yourself.

  • Tom

    It’s not a rumor, the housing was officially presented by S&S in a press release several months ago, but they are desperately slow on updating their site. The production starts in a week or so, but the housing has certainly been official for some time.

    For the sake of fairness:





    I think the pricepoint of the S&S housing is the biggest issue. Aquatica housings are supposedly very nice and their housing is $3000. Subal and Hugyfot have traditionally been far more expensive but they’re now much closer in price at about $4500-5000. Ikelite, OTOH, are very cheap as usual.

    I honestly find the FO ports to be a huge benefit of the S&S housing, both because FO is rumored to be very accurate (haven’t used myself) and because it eliminates a potential flood source.

  • What are FO ports?

  • I bought the D700 last year and have been waiting for the Sea&Sea housing as I have been using SEA&SEA for a while and have loads of ports etc. I am however horrified at the price! Why is this housing so much more expensive than the housing say for the D200? I only paid $2000 for the D700 while the housing I see is going for around $3600-4000 – please can someone explain, or have I got my facts mixed up? Thanks

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