New Nikonians Lighting book now in stock

New book from NikoniansPress is now in stock @ Amazon The Nikon Creative Lighting System: Using the SB-600, SB-800, SB-900, and R1C1 Flashes:


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  • fotosniper

    i say its a myth, no way nikon will release this now! that gradiant is on nikons style. and you can see some clone stamp artifacts around the sb-800 near the pc connector.

    • freedolin

      This is a Nikonians book, not a Nikon book.

      • I said this in the post

        • Maximus

          Yes, but people read too fast and don’t like to admit they were wrong.

      • fotosniper

        nikonians are pulling our leg!

  • fxed


    Mr. Administrator. What’s up with the spooky add’s like a D90 for $29.00.

    • I just blocked sonic camera ads – they were blocked before, but my black list got reset. Let me know if you see other scam-ads.

      • Ravell

        BUT BUT BUT, I want a D90 for $29!!!


        • RThomas

          Give it a few years.

  • Where rumours? last posts – only news… this rumours resource or news?:)

  • What about leaks from PMA? (particularly D400)

    • nothing for now – I am waiting too, there is not much else I can do. I am monitoring few sites and waiting on some sources.

  • As this seems to become a “rumour wishlist” thread:
    I would *love* to get more rumours about Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Cosina lenses. Hearing about 10-18mm lenses for $2k might be fun, but I am afraid they are not for me 😉

    Are “third party rumours” harder? OTOH you could pool resources with 😉

    • I am looking into other lenses rumors, there is just not enough info out there.

  • Raul

    and I would *love* to get some rumors about Nikon SU-800 update.
    SU-900 would be so cool!

  • Anonymous

    ummm… it’s nothing new, this book have been out for months now. saw it at a local bookstore back in december.

    • This book was just released online – I have been waiting for it and you could not buy it before (online at least).

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