Nikon ViewNX 1.2.1 now available for Mac

Download link

The latest Windows version is 1.2.2.. Apple & Nikon relationship is just fine - a reader noted that on Macworld back in January, Apple used a Nikon P6000 in their iLife 09 presentation (because of GPS tagging).

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  • They’ve got huge problems with Camera Control and D3x on Mac. After ~115 pictures shot in thethered mode the program can’t find the d3x anymore, and you have to reboot.
    I’ve talked to the Danish Nikon Support, and they have acknowledged the problem, and says it has something to do with way Apple interprets the PTP protocol.

  • Considering that both brands use an intuitive interface as their competitive advantage, they should start getting along much much better. If they somehow choose not to support each other I would be very lost about which side to support since I am not a professional photographer. I could technically install windows on mac but the point would be lost.

  • Freehawk

    Thanks for posting this NR! I prefer facts to rumors jimmy! For the record- I am very happy with my mac/nikon combo, works flawlessly for me every day and it is speedy if you don’t open too many images at once. I have pretty much scrapped bridge at this point and NX2 is simply amazing. I get a sick feeling when I see raw nikon shots people have run through lightroom, they are usually so flat & dull.

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