Second price increase from Nikon UK now official

What was a rumor over a week ago is now official:

Press Release

"Nikon UK will be introducing a second price increase on the 1st March 2009 which will affect Nikon’s Imaging and Optics products.
The price increase is due to the relative weakness of Sterling and the continued strength of the Yen. A range of product groups will be affected however the Coolpix series and selected digital SLRs will not see an increase.
An updated Recommended Retail Price (RRP) list will be available to view on the 
Nikon website from 1st March 2009. Nikon will continue to review its pricing structures."

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  • had already got wind of this – grays sent an email out last week – d3’s are going up to around 4 grand according to their recent mailing – if you’re planning to buy, go for it before 1st march

    • Tim Catchall

      And did it say whether the D3X would go up a well?

  • Zabbu

    not good… not good…

    • Tom

      Good to be selling second-hand this summer….bad to be an upgrader, new buyer, or British traveller.

      And if the BoE drops interest rates again expect the £ to drop to US$1.2.

      The worst may not yet be upon us.

  • Chris

    Jeeez. Never mind shares and gold – Nikkors seem to offer the best return at the moment!

  • Chris

    Question is, if the Yen weakens, will prices drop back to 2008 levels? Bet you a couple of D3x’s and a Sigma 200-500 they don’t.

    • Of course not, they will milk it for as long as possible…. but as Japan is sinking into one of their worst depressions, I don’t see how long the yen can stay up vs the rest of the world…

      • Tom

        They’re not milking it – they have to hedge FX just as the airlines have to for fuel so adjustments lag real changes. Nikon are not trying to rip people off. It’s bankers who do that.

  • Anyone know if D300 prizes will go up as well?

    • David

      From what I have been told by resellers no it is not going up ..

      If as expected the D400 comes out in march the D300 should go down

  • Willis

    I wonder when we will get some relief in the US. The dollar is up from the recent low of 89 yin per dollar to about 94.2 yin per dollar. for reference, the recent high was about 110 y/$.

    Still not a complete recovery, but Japan’s export heavy economy is being wrecked by the strong yin. I have to think their government will take steps to weaken the currency if this persists. I’d love to see prices back at Christmas levels.

  • wow

    the way things are going I may just be able to afford a vacation in england. poor guys.

    • Ravell

      Tell me about it! We have practically nothing to export, so the weak curency is doing nothing but make everything we imort massively expensive. And forget going abroad! 🙁

      All very depressing.

  • Anonymous

    this price increase thing makes me feel so happy knowing gearheads can’t always buy greatest, latest, and newest toys very often anymore, party’s on!

  • Gary L

    Nikon suits are making fools of themselves. As best as I know, they are the only ones employing such biz practices, hiking prices once per month in the face on economic conditions least favorable to their product lines. IF indeed the yen is the true cause, they could VERY SIMPLY hedge their currency exposure.

    I don’t believe any of the automakers, Nintendo, or the others have behaved like this.

    Perhaps they should list their products on the financial markets, where buyers and sellers could display BIDS and OFFERS.

    This creates a negative impressions. Also, as another poster noted, there are shortages of many of their products, which I am starting to wonder if Nikon is not deliberately manipulating the markets, causing customers to rush to place orders for fear of price hikes and product shortages.

    If you know of any other company behaving like nikon, please let me know – and am not speaking of ONE price hike.


  • tl

    i am now twice as glad i bought my D3 on the 8th of January for GBP2574… thanks NR for the tip.

  • shivas

    If this is price setting, couldn’t we all file a civil suit against Nikon of America? I could swear this is illegal, and it is forcing me to put in orders as soon as products are released so I don’t have to worry about price hikes: I have done that on the 35mm and 50mm new primes that were just released.

    I waited on the 14-24mm hoping it would dip below $1469 (price as of Jan 2009), but instead, it WENT UP!!

    Are there any lawyers on these boards or are they working too hard?!

    • Gary L

      I posted something along those lines a while back, when I felt some price jigging going on. Some State Attorney should be able to take a look at it, as would some politician on one of the trade related committees – depending on how much you trust those crooks.

      To ME it the whole scheme has a (strong) whiff of price fixing and/or manipulation. Of course, there is no law against idiotic business practices, but I don’t believe that to be the case.

      The irony to it all is that, they announced their first price hike, damn near on the day the yen bottomed, and its been weakening ever since – again, going based on their strong yen excuse.

      I am curious to see if they will drop prices when the yen looses 10% vs the USD, EUR or GBP???? Yeah ……. sure.

      A letter campaign to Nikon’s Marketing Department should not hurt any. What can they go? Hike prices again?


      This is all very interesting, when this lens came out it was $1,799.95 and over the months it did drop to $1,469.95 and as everyone knows it then went back up.

      When it dropped you should have bought, I did at $1,489.95. This is like anything else, you have to gamble a bit as to know when to buy.

      There is no price fixing here, if it is who are they price fixing with. If the majority of people feel that there prices are too high, then they won’t buy and then Nikon will have to adjust as they then feel necessary. I believe that this is called the Free Market, if you don’t think it is worth it then don’t buy it if you do, then buy it.

      The last thing we need on top of everything else is lawyers and government now saying a camera manufacturer is charging too much.

  • Chris

    I have a pdf of Nikon prices from 2007. It will be interesting to compare. They can’t seriously be thinking this will do anything but obliterate sales.

    Unless Canon are following the same script, this is going to hurt Nikon. The gap is coming down that made Nikkors better value. That levelling of white v black at pro sports events we’ve seen of late is going to go into reverse. Crazy to throw that away.

  • reverse logic

    2nd March, still no March price list. Price list on the Nikon UK site links to January 2009!

  • Peter Smith

    Uk retailers will have to be as price to customer keen as in New York

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