Rumor from Korea: entry level Nikon D5000 @ PMA

According to Slrclub the next entry level Nikon DLSR will be the D5000: near D90 quality pictures, no AF motor just like D40/60, more than 3 points AF.

Is this going to be Nikon's solution for the next entry level model number - D5000?

Update: here is better translation of the above text (thanks k):

"Nikon plans to announce a new D5000, which would follow the D40, D60 line of entry level DSLR. Specific details are to be revealed on the day of the announcement, however, it is said to have improvements on the 3 focus points (i think 9 would be just fine), and the performance in terms of image would be almost identical to D90. This is according to a person he/she know in Nikon headquarters, who claims to have received an official document mentioning the above. Also, like D40 and D60, restrictions on AF motor will stay."

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  • jons

    yay first!!! yay new dslr…

  • Tony M

    Have Nikon not already released a D5000 P&S some time back?

    • Anonymous

      a P5000 you mean?

  • Weston

    sounds believable, reminds me of the N4004 or whatever it was called. Hope it has video as well, that would be killer for hooking people into Nikon. I know the D40 is what hooked me on Nikon originally.

  • Justin

    Makes some sense towards rationalizing the product numbers
    D(1 digit) = top of the line
    D(3 digit) = next tier down
    D(4 digit) = entry level … plus sounds more impressive, “ie. my D3000 is 1000x better than your D3, right?”

    D(2 digit) will be retired, having used all of those numbers

    Maybe D5000 was picked because they can go both up and down ie. D4000 and D6000 could be next

    • plee

      So where would you put the D90 level of camera’s?

      • Zaphod

        Perhaps you skimmed over “D(2 digit) will be retired, having used all of those numbers” in your rush to ask a smart question

    • Anonymous

      “D(2 digit) will be retired, having used all of those numbers”

      How about D10, D20, D30…?

    • ‘D(2 digit) will be retired, having used all of those numbers’

      No they haven’t, they could do the same as Canon and change more than the first digit. So the D60 could be replaced with a ‘D65’ for example.

  • Anonymous

    they should stick with D60x , D5000 sounds kinda ‘cheap’ (aka P&S model no.)

  • Pablov

    but why 5000 for an entry level?
    they would miss all the numbers between 1000 and 4999…
    if it is an entry level I wouldn’t expect an even lower version, so they woulnd’t use lower number either….

    Maybe the 5000 sounds more than just 1000 to people, and nearer to 40 (D40) or 60 (D60)…

    well…. I hope the numbering method don’t become a mess and keep logical and easy to follow….

    • Tony M


      • Tom

        How about Ferrari’s system ? Start at 1 and add 1 for each new model. To differentiate lines they could use double letter suffixes – DA, DB, DC, DD. A few years from now I could be handling a 36 DD for the first time in my life……. πŸ™‚

        Sorry, but it’s Friday afternoon here…

        • Marc W

          36 DD, damn

        • bro


        • David


  • Tony M

    Would be more logical to start at D1000 as I doubt they would bring out a lower tech model in the future.
    Nikon have jumped around with their numbers. Maybe they’re trying to not use the same numbers as opposition companies?
    What did we have before?
    Suppose this translates to two ranges of DXX
    One numbering system for beginner and ‘enthusiast’ models.
    So DXXXX sounds logical but Nikon have worked themselves into a corner having DXXXX, DXXX and DX and no DXX.

    Would have been better to drop the ‘D’ prefix and start again ….

    • Jessica

      You missed the D50, and got the D80/D40 in the wrong order:

      D70 -> D50 -> D80 -> D40 -> D40x -> D60 -> D90


      • Tony M

        Thanks for pointing that out.
        Nikon seem to stick to 4 basic lines:
        Pro (e.g. D3)
        Semi Pro (e.g. D300)
        Enthusiast (e.g. D90)
        Beginner (e.g. D60)
        Therefore they need 4 ‘numbering’ sytems
        They will merge the semi pro and enthusiats lines.

        D5000 just sounds so wrong.

        • Jessica

          Indeed. I’m much more expecting either revision letters again (D60s/D90s) or 5’s appearing again (D65, D75, etc, etc). Nikon have done it before once they ran out of numbers.

          Anyone remember the order of the ‘Fxx’ film series? (AFAICR)
          F90 -> F50 -> F60 -> F65 -> F70 -> F80 -> F55 -> F75

          Look familiar? πŸ™‚


          • rhlpetrus

            The lifelines above are wrong. They should look more like:


            When you go down it measn body gets simpler, horizontally you get line updates.

            The D50 has no successor (it had in-camera AF engine, the D40 line doesn’t have it).

            Then the numbering makes sense.

            The D5000, otoh, seems to be an update of D60, better AF, not AF engine, so I’d put it in the last lifeline, not a new one.

        • “They will merge the semi pro and enthusiats lines.’

          That kind of makes sense for APS-C, the D700 FF kind of takes over as semi pro and so the D400 level camera replaces D90/D300 and is the lowest level with in body motor..

        • Canon’s is much easier to follow (in Europe at least):

          EOS xD – pro
          EOS xxD – high end enthusiast/semi-pro
          EOS xxxD – consumer

          Of course what Canon will do in 10 years after they’ve released the EOS 9D is anyone’s guess πŸ˜›

  • D666

    Who cares what number Nikon puts on the camera? D40, D5000 – whatever. If a new entry level unit with near D90 quality is in the pipeline, fantastic! More Nikon users will come on board.
    RIP D40 – an instant classic and a camera that turned countless people onto DSLR’s.

    • Tom

      How about a D44themissus ? Sure to sell well……hmmmm……how about a D1 Calvin Klein ? Oh no wait,…. D1CK ….so I guess it does matter what they call them πŸ™‚


    I hope this has a jog wheel on the front also.

    • rhlpetrus

      It won’t, double dials are for D90 line.

  • MattM

    If this is true I don’t think this will be a base entry level SLR. There would be no one buying the d60 and I don’t think Nikon is discontinuing the d60 for at least another half a year to a year. IF this is true, I stand by my original prediction that it will be placed between the d60 and d90 in price, coinciding with a price cut on the d60 thus placing the d60 into the d40’s price point. If it is going to be the most affordable entry level SLR I think they will be cutting some serious features, d-Lighting, notching down the flash sync even more, no sensor cleaning, frame rate etc.

    • rhlpetrus

      They will drop D40, D60 will go down in price to under 500USD, this will be like 750USD (12mP, LV, video, etc, basically a stripped down D90).

  • Chinese Nerd


    • Tom

      D888 just for Chinese market ?

  • kidfromkor

    a brief translation, since google did such a terrible job πŸ™‚

    Nikon plans to announce a new D5000, which would follow the D40, D60 line of entry level DSLR. Specific details are to be revealed on the day of the announcement, however, it is said to have improvements on the 3 focus points (i think 9 would be just fine), and the performance in terms of image would be almost identical to D90. This is according to a person he/she know in Nikon headquarters, who claims to have recieved an official document mentioning the above. Also, like D40 and D60, restrictions on AF motor will stay.

    • Tom

      Thank you – that seems likely. We have just over a week to wait to find out….

  • Crabby

    Will this camera be my “P&S” for travel, with my 16-85mm on it? (Or will Nikon eventually make a proper Coolpix?)

  • Mike


  • Looks as irritating fun…
    GIVE me – D400!

    • Eli

      I know…I so want to see the D300 replacement! If it’s a big change, I’ll buy one, and if it isn’t, I’ll get a great deal on a new D300!

  • v

    The D5000 is a LIE !!!

  • Hosomo

    D5000 isn’t a nice number. It sounds terrible in my ears.
    BTW: When comes the D400!? It’s the most expected cam at this time..

  • Auder Lisboa

    Why not D500?
    D5000 has too much zeros!

  • Stephen

    Nikon needs to get a handle on its naming scheme! It’s all over the map.

    • RThomas

      It has been ever since they brought out the N series in the mid-1980s. When they only brought out a new model once every couple years, they didn’t run out of names, but now we get several models a year on average… the Coolpix cameras are even worse. Maybe they should take a note from Apple and start naming their cameras (Panther, Tiger, Leopard, etc)…? But, Canon tried that and ended up with numerous numbered versions of the same camera: Rebel this, Elan that… sheesh. Maybe Nikon SHOULD start over, but it’s like the proverbial genie, not going back into the bottle anytime soon.

  • rhlpetrus

    I makes sense. They can then move up or down, if needed. I want to see what they’ll do with successor fo D90.

    Is this supposed t o be out soon? My guess was around PMA.

    • that was only released in Aug 2008, it has ages to go.. The D80 was August 2006, so best guess is August 2010.. πŸ˜‰

  • Lance

    D30 to replace D40, and D65 to replace D60. That’s my thoughts anyway…

  • start over

    they should start from scratch.

    D3x successor -> FX1
    D700 successor -> FX10
    D300 sucessor -> DX1
    D90 sucessor -> DX10
    D60 sucessor -> DX100

    • rhlpetrus

      I had guessed the D700 name would be FX100, in the F100 tradition, then APS-C would go DXnn, etc.

      They didn’t listen, now they have a camera with 4 digits and one letter, like Canon.

    • Jeff


    • Mike

      I so agree.
      Probably the D3 should be FX1, and the D3x should be FX1x (probably too much Xes, but makes sense and keeps it clean).

  • Will they use the same stile-names of Canon 1000d ?

  • Leandro

    start over,

    I liked your proposal!!!! Perfect

  • Tony M

    Let’s face it, Nikon will not release any camera with an ‘R’ in the name.

  • grubernd

    the D5000 will soon be the D5k anyway.

  • Anonymous

    why won’t nikon name it…

    nikon Duturama ((like TV show futurama))
    nikon Detsons ((jetsons))
    nikon Dtar Trek ((star trek))
    nikon Dtar Voyager ((star voyager))
    nikon Demolition Man ((as himself))
    nikon Dtar Wars ((star wars))

    or even a custom text with your name on like nikon john smith

  • opoo


  • Danny Bergsma

    Who cares what’s it called? As long as it produces great images I don’t care whether it’s called D5000, D65, B52, 007 or anything else you can think of. I don’t buy a name, I buy the product I want/need!!

    • rhlpetrus

      Since this is basically vapourware at this point, why not debate the name then? It’s fun. Besides, it’ll be just a D90’s sensor in a D60 body, so not much to be talked about.

  • Magistos

    D5000 seems a little odd. I don’t doubt the rumor of a new entry level DSLR with the stats given, but I wonder about the label.

    Maybe (tounge in cheek here) Nikon will actually show a little emotion and label it as a Nikon DGR8. (To spell it out for some the “De Great”)

    Of course there are countless things they can call it. They could restart the entry line with D1** couldn’t they? Maybe make the D40 replacement the D140? My favorite suggestion is similar to what was suggested above: Start the calling the DX line by the DX name. DX1, DX2, DX3, etc. and so on. (Or even DX10, DX20…you get the idea.) Then the FFs can be called FX*** from now on.

  • rhlpetrus

    To Admin, where does it say PMA?

  • Anonymous

    99.9999% of the time when a rumor comes up with shit like this “my friend who is dating a girl who is a friend to a friend’s grandpa whose grandson who is dating a guy who knows a guy at a camera store who just broke up with someone who works for nikon” never come true.

    it’s like saying president obama is my friend’s brother’s boyfriend’s uncle.

    • Tom

      Is he ? That would mean one of Barack’s kids have got married and their son is gay and dating your friend’s brother right ? Sorry, that I don’t believe.

      But a D60 replacement with an unexpected name and entirely predictable specs; that is entirely believable.

      And this is a rumor site – of course the stuff here is not straight from the horse’s mouth.

  • Willis

    I’d like to see them make it as small & light as possible. Ditch the viewfinder all together (micro 4/3’s style). Make it compatible with Nikon’s current lenses and maybe put together a pancake prime (that new 33mm is small already, so it would do). 2 Inch LCD.

    Keep the D40 as a traditional SLR (maybe w/ a spec bump if they can keep the 1/500 flash sync).

    • I wouldn’t buy one. I don’t need a digitalized Pronea S (with no finder) I like the viewfinder.

      Put it in a different product line.

  • MB

    D5000 will be exactly like D90 in everything, except it will have tilt-able LCD screen just like Coolpix P90 (or Sony Ξ±3×0).
    The only things it will be missing will be some control buttons, AF motor and commander mode in built-in flash.
    This is old news by the way …

    • Got a picture? How about the flash – is it going to be something new&special?

      • MB

        Sorry no picture, though I am sure there are brochures ready by now.
        As for new & specials, LCD will be new generation, best ever used in any camera not only in terms of tilting but also in resolution and picture quality.
        What more do you want really from an entry level model, D90 brains in a D40 sized body with brand new LCD screen. Nikon will continue to sell D90 as a camera of choice for more serous amateurs, so D5000 is targeted just bellow it. There will of course be no top info LCD, but that is not expected from an entry level camera of this size.

        • shivas

          well let’s hope then that the price of the D90 will tumble a little, if the sensors are somewhat similar. . .i for one would like to toss the D40x aside!!

          Or I’ll wait for the D700 tumble after the D700x is released. . .all speculation though. .

    • They need the swivel LCD on higher models too, like oly has done for their entire current range.. E3, E30 and E620

      I’m a D90 user who only really misses that LCD from my previous e3…

      • alex

        you miss a low res display instead of the highest res available today?
        that’s so smart.

  • Anonymous

    MB you have right. The name is crazy, the camera is fantastic. Little D90 brother in D40/D60 size. 11 AF, 12.2 CMOS. LV. Movie. Thank’s Nikon

    • RThomas

      I do like the idea of a tilting screen – with live view – on an actual F-mount SLR. There are situations where that would be great, and would be reason enough to have a D5000 (or whatever it is called – if it’s a 12 MP DX body with D300 IQ, I’ll buy it).

  • gonz

    I totally agree that they should start from scratch.

  • anon

    Come on, the name doesn’t matter – now I’d like to see some pictures of it instead!



      Me too !!!

  • Ken Elliott

    I bet Nikon will keep the “D” prefix, as long as they have film cameras (F = film). Once film goes away, and they get low on numbers, we will see a new prefix. That’s what they did before they ran out of digits for film. Maybe there is an E1 in our future.

    Still, the camera sounds logical – D90 parts in a lower cost body seems consistent with what they did in the past (D70 parts -> D50/D40, D200->D80->D40x/D60). So if we are about to see D300 -> D90 -> D5000, then it stands to reason that the D400 is near. I’m hoping we see a D700x, and a D400 based on the current D700 body and controls (info button, 4-way selector and CF hatch). Likely a new sensor based on a Sony design.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of the naming schemes, a D69 would be SEXY!! πŸ˜€

  • i work at a catering hall and the other night i was talking to a photographer who had a D3x and a D3, one with a 70-200 f/2.8, the other a 14-24 f/2.8. He mentioned the D5000 and i thought the use of the 1000’s digit in the D series by nikon was weird because they only had DSLRs with model names that contained at most 3 digits, but I guess he was right. He said something about ISO 6400 capabilities and Nikon pushing the technology to make shooting at ISO 6400 a possibility in a clear and correct fashion….we’ll see I guess.

  • I like the names proposed by Start Over n_n

  • sip

    Bought a D40 + 18-55mm + 55-200mm mid-December 2008 and upgraded D90 body two weeks ago. Why?

    I have three “old” quality lenses. I missed the internal AF motor on the D40 and I don’t really fancy manual focusing all the time with “old” AF lenses and I can’t afford the AF-S lens prices (in some cases you can get two AF-D lenses for one AF-S lens). I also prefer to have an aperture ring, which the “G” lenses lack.

    If the new entry-level Nikon, whatever it’s called, offers the same level of functions but without the multi-function buttons of the D90, one command dial and no top LCD, I would only really consider buying one if the AF motor was in the body.

  • camdesigns

    Has anyone seen Olympus’s new entry-level DSLR, E-620 with 12.3MP? I think the Nikon D5000 will look something similar to it. I don’t think that the swivel LCD is a good move but that’s just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    There will be eleven focus points…

  • P.O.

    I hope to see D5000 soon.

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