Nikon’s “Look Good in Pictures” goes 30 episodes strong

Strong enough for an official Nikon press release. All episodes can be found here - I am sure everyone will be trilled to see them all. Here, for example, is a very educational video named "Bravery in Bathing Suits".

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  • Look Gay In Pictures

    Amazing! This is just amazing!!

  • Nikon needs to get a host that most users can relate to….
    This “guy” is not the one I want to watch and he can hold his own ball. lol

  • wtf???

    Nikon needs to through away whoever else thought of this….

  • Rad

    I think this was a good idea, but poorly executed.

  • Ken Elliott

    Suddenly the D3X price makes a lot of sense! Can’t wait to see Carmen Electra showing us how to use depth-of-field for better backgrounds.

  • KT

    This looks like a so-so skit right out of SNL, The flamboyant gay guy with a hot couple on the beach. Is Nikon really serious, you couldn’t even sell an ice cream like that

  • Adam



    Silly Americans..

    It’s NICK-ON

  • Actually it’s a Japanese word so it’s Ni-Ko-N

    • Adam

      Looks pretty similar to Nick-on!
      Maybe Nee-Kon would be closer.

      “Nike-on” though… way off.

  • Anonymous

    Well they’ve got Ashton, Carson, and Kate Moss so far. I think Arnold the terminator will the next for their D400 advert 😀

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