Nikon D400 specs – 24MP, touchscreen?

Model     D400 (single)
Time to market     2009
Digital camera type     SLR Digital Cameras
Effective Pixels     24,400,000 pixels
Optical zoom multiples     Depending on the lens may be
Operating mode     With full manual functions
Sensor type     CMOS sensor
LCD screen size     3.5 inches
LCD screen features     Touch Screen
Viewfinder type     Optical viewfinder
Lens Type     Lenses
Exposure mode     Manual exposure
Exposure compensation     To 1 / 3, 1 / 2 or 1EV step adjust
ISO Sensitivity     ISO 200-3200
Remote control function     Support
Flash mode     Front-Curtain Sync (standard), anti-Red, Red-eye Reduction + Slow Sync, Slow Sync, Rear-Curtain Sync
External flash     Support for external flash
Storage medium     SD card, CF card
Photo format     RAW, JPEG + RAW, TIFF
Data Interface     USB 2.0 interface
Battery     Dedicated rechargeable lithium batteries
Battery life     About 1600 (CIPA standard)
External power supply     AC adapter
Random Software     Software Suite CD-ROM
Color     Black
Menu Language     Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish
Print mode     Direct Print
Other properties     Standard screw (tripod)


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  • Maxime

    Crazy, a touch screen on an SLR. So many noses would erase pictures.

    • HA!

      I’d be the first….

    • Not to mention there could be no protective cover over the LCD.

    • Jon Paul

      Exactly what I was thinking. I have enough trouble with the directional keypad where it is (I’m left-eye dominant).

  • Adomas

    FX or DX? Sound like bulls**t to me.

  • WaitingfortheD400

    Very cool, if you click on “I have to pick right or wrong…” you can enter your own specs.

    • Oh, I did not see that – BUSTED! I agree touchscreen is stupid – try to put an iPhone on your face – the touchscreen will go crazy.

      • Pete C

        Actually, the iPhone has no problem as soon as you cover the two face detectors at the top left of the screen.

      • cv

        An ip-hone is crazy anyway

    • the translation was not correct after all –
      “I have to pick right or wrong, win points, get awards”
      scroll down for a translation from a native

  • markdphotoguy

    Looks like the source is a speculation site. There is a link called “I have to pick right or wrong, win points, get awards” where visitors to the site can input competing specs on the camera.
    Doesn’t make any sense to be legit as a touch screen would be slower than a button interface and much more frustrating.
    24.4 Mp seems to be an attempt to match the D3x resolution. Not likely anyone else could make a QUALITY 24.4 Mp APS sized sensor at this point, maybe after some new technologies mature (i.e. black silicone)
    Hope no one gets too excited over this, or passes out from holding their breath.
    We’ll probably see a D700x/D800 before we see a D400.
    The D300 still sells extremely well and there’s not much that could be really improved upon except adding an HD video mode for those who care (I know a budget film maker who is hoping for just that) and perhaps a slight increase to resolution but hopefully not at the expense of low light high ISO performance.

    • WaitingfortheD400

      Hehe, it must be seconds that I was faster.

    • Cache

      I have to say, this “I have to pick right or wrong, win points, get awards” is obviously a bad translation from Chinese to English by Google Translation. The correct meaning of that text in the origional website is to allow readers to pickup the mistakes made by the website editors so they can improve their accuracy and quality. And once a reader found a mistake and corrected it, the reader could win points or awards from the website. It’s a good QC strategy.

      I read this webpage two days ago. However, I do not think this specs are CORRECT. I think they are too obvious fake ones. And now, the origional page was deleted from the website.

  • Rob

    And only 3200ISO? don;t think so


    I’ll stick with my D300 and D700. Have no need for 24mp or a touch screen. Everything else looks the same.

  • steve

    I’m calling BS. 24MP on DX? Not very likely, and I agree that touchscreen ides is nonsense (unless they found a way to make it nose-proof).

    Notice the lens type? It’s lenses 🙂


  • HDZ

    Oh man it’ still use Standard screw (tripod), very bad!!!

  • Zabbu

    I hope Nikon doesn’t include that garbage Movie Mode in the D400, I don’t care if they’ll include 1080p in their next P&S lineup, but leave the DSLRs for taking pictures alone. I’m not paying extra just for that feature.

    • SteMa

      LOL 😀 You really think that a feature is changing the price? 😀 There is a cam, for a certain market, and there’s a certain price, and no matter what they put in it, it’s the same price 🙂 So for the same price I welcome the more features 🙂 Just look at processors: every cpu with the same amount of cache and acrhitecture, like core2duo e8xxx for example cost exactly the same to make, and you can see one costs twice as much in stores, that’s the same with everything 🙂 So don’t think if they cancel video mode would make it a cent cheaper 🙂

      • SteMa

        For my example, compare the price of a e8200 and a e8600, same fsb, same amount of transistors, same amount of cache, and same manufacturing technology. So IT IS THE SAME! They just switch it to be slower/faster (multiplicator) So the price almost never reflect the cost of making, it costs as much as they can get the most income with.

        • Stephen

          Actually there is a difference. Due to natural effects beyond their ability to reasonably control each CPU is different. This effects the speed a processor can run at. Once the die is cut each CPU is tested to see at what speed it can run. Once that is determined they put it into a product line.

          Now this is not always true. There have been a very few times when they just put a different speed on it, or so people tend to think. In those cases people bought the cheaper one and overclocked it.

  • Haruni Nakahana

    Yes, there WILL be a D400.
    No, it won’t have an FX sensor.
    No, the D400 will only be a successor of the D300.
    No, it won’t have 24 MP.

    • Juergen

      THAT sounds realistic – in contrast to the nonsense from the Chinese website…

  • D400? I think the next FX for advanced amateurs would be a D800; the D400 will be a 16 Mp DX crop sensor…but we’ll see at the end of this year what’ll happen-if the financial crisis doesn’t throw a spanner in the works.

  • haha, by the words and phrasing used, this sounds exactly like something the kid from youtube (npr “member”, “national geographic editor”, etc) would say. what’s his name!
    “Lenses used: lenses
    Exposure mode: manual”

  • lolo

    Nikon passe devant canon, c’est pas bien… M’enfou canon va sortir le 5DMKIII avec gourde intégrée, comme ça c’est elle qui tiendra l’appareil quand je ferais les photos…

    • PJS

      Le canon suce le temps grand

      • Anonymous


  • rhlpetrus

    Good joke!

  • Willis

    3.5 inch LCD? I’ll take itl.

    I don’t think I’d want a 24 MP DX sensor. My guess is that the successor to the D700 will be 24 MP’s, but I doubt we’ll see that this year (Definitely not until this summer). The D300 is still only about a year old. Considering the D200 was in circulation for about 3 years, I doubt we’ll see a meaningful update to the D300 in 2009. If there is, It will probably just be a D300s w/ dedicated live view button and video (just to put it on par w/ the D90 in terms of features).

    My hope is that Nikon will update the D40 \ D60 at PMA to the CMOS sensor, and spend the rest of their efforts fleshing out the holes in their lens line-up. Particularly, I’d like to see them release some lower end FX zooms, and possibly update the 70-200 f\2.8 which I’ve read can be soft on FX (considerable amount of debate on that item).

  • Jay

    Direct print????? I’m sure there will be a D400, not so sure this info is correct.

  • Will

    This seems more like a dream machine than a real SLR

  • Pablov

    I would Really like a 3.5″ screen

    I guess Canon will release that size first

  • ken rocky

    Hmmm touch screen, somebody must be dreaming hehehehe. But that could be the first again..

    Nikon first on Video
    Nikon first on Touch Screen
    Nikon first on 3.5″

    Nikon last on lenses … Ouch

    • DNHJR

      Well put ken rocky.
      Nikon needs to work on more lenses, like a f/4 line.

    • Pablov

      lol, that was a good one (although I doubt they will be first on 3.5″ screens)

  • Chris

    24 PM sensor? For what? DX or FX? I dont belive the D400 comes with a 24Mp Chip…

  • pretty boi

    This must be a joke…come on…24 mp on DX? 3.5 inch touch screen?

  • Ralf

    24MP on APS is beyond lens resolution – so pointless. Its bullshit.

  • JJ

    Yay, if it’s a DX then with 24MP then it will shut all those idiotic megapixel chasers ‘mouth off!

  • a reader

    at the bottom of the Chinese e-commerce site, it simply says it’s a wish-list.

  • Tracy Anne Hart

    Re:Touchscreen:Nikons have been a little off for lefteyed people-now they want us to have problems with our noses instead of just having the advance lever stuck in our right eye ala F,F2,F3,etc?I always had to buy MotorDrives I didn’t really need to deal with that.C’mon!

  • With an eye sensor like the D60 there would be no problems with nose-touchscreen-

  • unknown

    just found on german blog that online book trader amazon has announced first book for d400.
    release date: unknown.:-)

  • Huyu

    built in ND filter; 16:9 ratio; fixed pelicle mirror…ever coming to fruition?…that’ll be the day

  • Seems suspect, D400 should likely be a DX sensor, no?

  • I want a flash sync at 8000th/sec without shooting in the HS flash sync mode, so I can use my Dynalites or any other flash outside to beat the sun. At 200 ISO you are really limited to 250 @ f/16.

  • Can anyone translate this? More info on the D400 –

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