Nikon US outsources tech support…

... from El Segundo to the Dominicans. The 24 hours support will be dropped.


Update: more info available here.

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  • David Aames


  • Nikon’s Support is horrible! Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

  • David Voss

    Does this mean El Segundo is closing for walk ins and repair too, or just that telphone support is moving???

  • Johnny Cash

    Thank God it isn’t some Calcutta call center where “Pete” and “Alice” take your calls.

    • Vlad

      Good One! :DDDD

  • yrsued

    They haven’t had a Tech Support Call Center in El Segundo for a couple of years now!! I thinkthey closed El Segundo back in 06!!

    I have spoken to the Dominican Team a couple of times already, since last year!!

  • Heckler

    Nikon, been berry berry good to me!!!

  • Anon

    From what I gather from the tech support reps, it was based in Ontario, Canada with 24/7 support after being initially outsourced over 5 years ago. As of March 1, it will be entirely served by another call center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with hours from 8am to 2am Eastern. Physical service locations will stay the same, this is just for customer service and technical support.

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