Nikon D400 and online privacy

Just run this google search and you will see a bunch of pictures with the Nikon D400 listed as the camera in the EXIF file. Not a big deal so far since we had a similar discussion few weeks ago and the EXIF files were manipulated. The interesting part here is that those pictures are private and you cannot access them, but if you click on the Google "cached" link you will have full access to the photos and EXIF data (on some of the pictures). Most probably those pictures were not really taken with a D400, but if someone wanted to trick us, they would not make them private. Some of the dates are from 2004 and 2006, but maybe the camera date was not setup correctly. Some of the EXIF data also looks weird. What do you guys think, bull or cool?

Here is a screenshot of one of the EXIF files:

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  • Zabgu

    this is very possible since it has been almost 2 years when they first released the D300, it’s time for an upgrade 😀

    • It hasn’t been 2 years. Unless you count 2 months’ worth of times as a year.

      D300 was released at the end of Nov. 2007. That gives you:
      1 month in 2007
      12 months in 2008
      1 month in 2009

      Refresh me on the *almost 2 years* part again. Maybe my English isn’t good enough to understand what “almost” really means.

  • I’m going to call this fake, due the the Photoshop CS2 info in the EXIF data. CS2 doesn’t support the D700, you need CS3/CS4 or Lightroom 2.xx If this was a test model, why not try out the “Matrix Metering?”

    I still say a D400 is plausible, will will just have to wait for PMA.

    • Jim Jim

      CS2 can work wonderfully on any yet unreleased camera until they shoot in JPEG. 😉

  • I think the 7.1mm focal length is a bit of a give away. Is it even possible to get a 7mm lens for a Nikon DSLR?

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say the photo was taken with a point & shoot and the EXIF was modified.

    • rhlpetrus

      Same opinion here, 7.1mm is out for a dslr, even APS-C.

      But a D400 is certainly in the works and likely ready to ship, not sure if Nikon will do it now or wait for the 2year cycle to be completed.

      My guess: it’s coming this semester, together with a new entry-level 12MP camera. D700x (D700 body with D3x’s sensor) later in the year.

    • Jason

      Not only is 7.1mm way out for a dSLR, it’s way in for a P&S – I’ve seen a few that mention precisely this number on the lens somewhere, for example my pocket Fuji

  • Paul Tekvert

    I not native english so please sorry for languages but nikon make good d300 i believe and not much better how you say “lol”
    I need not new nikon as old nikon is with video now as i would like in new nikon
    does you think nikon does new lenses with new make rumors?

  • RThomas

    The EXIF data looks all wrong; there is a lot of missing information that shows up on my flickr page for my D300. I think it’s safe to assume that EXIF data for a D400 wouldn’t be that different. Plus, as jazz noted, 7.1mm sounds like a P&S focal length and the maximum aperture from the given lens data calculates as f/2.97… Not saying that a D400 isn’t likely at some point in the near future, but this isn’t it.

  • Johnny Cash

    The word is cache, not cash. Big difference.

  • Jack

    I find it so funny that people post comments complaining that a post on a rumor site was not legitimate. How dare Nikon Rumors post this! Blah blah. Give me a break. It’s like these people don’t realize how pathetic they are. Don’t get me started on the Canon/Nikon/Sony fanboys who blasted each other on which system is far superior.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is entertaining, but pathetic nonetheless.

    I say keep these rumors and posts going, Admin.

    • Thank you

      It be almost as bad as complaining about it, no? lolers!

      • Jack

        Oh, I’m not complaining -as I said it’s entertaining. But yes, I am pathetic too.

        • I will continue posting -trust me. As I mentioned already – it is the same persons complaining all the time under different names.

          • Thank you

            I like the postings. I like website. I come here everyday. I was not complaining about website. I was commentering on Jacks post about complainting. 🙂

            • Jack

              So, you were complaining about the people complaining about the complainers of which I am one of the complainers? Whoa, I just blew my mind. 😛

            • Thank you


  • Orik13

    Looks like a fake. Or EXIF reading error.
    Just look at “taken on” date. It can vary from 2004 to 2008. I don’t think Nikon tests D400 since 2004!

  • Peter

    How do you get a 7.1 mm focal length?

    PS modified for BS?

  • Daf

    Have you tried to contact the owner ? (Kushik guy)

  • Lars

    Focal plane DPI close to 6,000, focal length of 7.1 mm. Sounds like a 3 MPx compact to me.

    • Due to the current economic situation, the Nikon D400 will be a 3mp P&S.

      Nikon: Reinventing the Digital Camera Market.

      • Nikkoryan

        Crap, I don’t think I can afford that. Back to pinholes.

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