Nikon D700x / Nikon D800 rumors

Today several sites reported about a D700x / D800 rumor. The problem is that the rumor was... just that - a model number (one of the sites didn't even know the model number of their rumor). At any point of time Nikon will be testing a new camera and if someone really had a "very reliable source" they would at least know the camera model and some specs. I get several emails a day with such a wild guesses, but decided not to post them -I can smell BS from a mile away 🙂

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  • R Biggs

    I’m sorry to say this. But you are sounding bitter that another website beat you to the post. Nothing personal but you have posted many rumors without knowing the exact model number of a camera

    • Beat me? With what? You are probably the owner of this site. I would never report something like that.

      • Sargasse

        Please back your claims up with evidence, just post some links. It won’t hurt anybody.

  • Links?

  • R Biggs

    On the front page news section here:

    • Actually this is not the only site I had in mind. I did not want to post any links because I do not want to make any enemies.

  • Daf

    If Nikon is readig this – this is the camera I’m waiting for – if you want a tester who does nightlife photography, please feel free to get in touch.
    Thankyou, please.

    • dan

      nighlife photography… yeah, I bet they jump all over that…

  • Thank you for any news on the next version of the D700. If the specs are right I plan to jump in.

  • Just add video

    OK Nikon, if you read this, just do a new version of the D700 that matches the improvements made by Canon on their 5D Mark II that is 21 MP and video. Add video to the D700 and increase the megapixel count.
    Or just create a new D700 with the D3X sensor but in a small form factor that is the grip only as optional.
    —video on ALL THE NIKON CAMERAS (pro and consumer cameras). Even on the pro cameras (those who do not want it do not use it!). Make sure to improve the video recording so that it can use better all the features of a DSLR such as Auto-focus, ISO, etc.
    Make sure also that the audio is excellent and also flexible for those who want better audio.
    —put a true 24 x 36 mm squared sensor (not 23.9 x 36 or similar) and make sure it has 100% viewfinder frame coverage. The Nikon D300 has 100% so must all the full frame DSLRs have 100% viewfinder coverage.
    —do 16 bits now instead of 14 bits. This is optional.
    —Make sure the viewfinder is excellent, really bright too.
    —increase the megapixel count. 21 MP or same as the D3X.

    • chevypower

      Is there any difference between 24mm and 23.9mm? Will you notice 0.1mm? Don’t people just round 23.9 up to 24 anyway, isn’t the D700 a true, full frame camera?

      • Markus

        If you look closer on the D3x specs you will see that the image has exactly a 3 x2 image ratio. (the D3 is not exactly 3 x 2 but close to)

        I have the impression, that the 23.9 are due to rounding from inches. In fact it is very close to 24.0

        • Jeff

          Why would there be a conversion from inches? sensors are designed by engineers, they don’t use anything so silly as inches, it would have have started life in tenths or hundredths of millimeters in a CAD program somewhere. It does not make a practical difference.

          • Jeff

            Also 1 inch =25.4mm, so where would there be rounding?


    The D700 is prefect just the way it is. Video from a DSLR is so lame and who really needs anything over 12mp anyway expect maybe Pros.

    • Micronikkor

      Please speak for yourself. A lot of people do. BTW, D700 is not perfect, think about sharpness that is sacrificed to get better ISO performance. I agree with the comments of ‘Just add video’.

      • JJ

        Maybe D700 is not perfect for you but perfect for others who want better ISO performance. This “I want higher pixel count” craziness need sto stop.

        Why not get a medium format camera and a decent scanner if you are so into ultra sharpness? It will take long long time before DSLR can catch up to that!

  • FotoTwerp

    Here’s my prediction – D400 with 21mp. A logical progression judging by previous Nikon form?

    • Jeff

      yes, jump from 6 to 10, then from 10 to 12, then to 21, quite logical indeed. especially given that high ISO performance is no practical issue, and that ALL Nikon lenses are more than sharp enough to support a 21MP DX sensor, since that’s the same pixel density of 36MP FX

  • Pablov

    At this time, I guess Canon and Nikon has already realized the importance of Movie/Video, so they will likely put it on alsmost every future DSLR.

    The question is if they already designed the next cameras with this feature, because all what we are going to see next months has been planned and designed some while ago.

    @Just add Video: “Make sure to improve the video recording so that it can use better all the features of a DSLR such as Auto-focus, ISO, etc.”
    – SO IMPORTANT that you can find THOUSANDS of People requesting FULL Manual Control Settings in Movie Mode for the Canon 5D Mark II…

    So IF Nikon is smart enough, they will enable FULL MANUAL Control in Movie mode allowing the Movie/Video mode to be used PROFESSIONALLY, wich has ENORMOUS potential. (Those who say “no need for video” are just still shooters that speak for themselves and don’t know other people needs and interests, wich are actually wider and the market for VIDEO on DSLR is growing day to day due to the HUGE Technical differences with a “video camcorder” -even costing 5K or more, and thus VERY different posibilities of use, much nearer to Filmmaking, or PRO VIDEOGRAPHY)

    NIKON has NOTHING to loose (and MUCH to win) adding Full manual control for Video.

    * BUT they have to improve the Quality and flexibility of the video Very Much:

    – FULL MANUAL Control in Movie mode (Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, WhiteBalance) for PROFESSSIONAL USE.
    Also Program or Auto mode.
    – Allow to CHANGE the Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, WhiteBalance WHILE Recording.
    – Full 1080p mode
    – 24p frame rate is NOT ENOUGH for many uses. The SMART choice would be allowing 24p to 30p fps, set by the user according the need of the project
    – MJPG codec is almost obsolete, consumes huge capacity, not efficient
    – MIC-IN Stereo (or even 5.1) input jacks, for better quality sound recording. The Built-in mic is useful to sync. the external Audio recording, not for Pro use since it will record the camera sounds too.
    – Allow MIC level manual setting too
    – AF system or Focus Assistance in Video Mode !! Sometimes is more than useful. (the Future DSLR will have improved AF tracking in LiveView)
    – Allow to enter Movie mode with 1 or 2 touches

    – SENSOR:
    . FASTER Readout to minimize “Rolling Shutter” issue (so important for video)
    . More MegaPixels are needed for many people, and Market (thus business) Demand it. BUT keep noise level good.
    16-20 MP would be good.
    . Sensor Cleaning System -and Improved one !! (no reason for not having it !!) This can be a VERY handy feature
    . MORE COMPLICATED but KILLING FEATURE: Allow to Unmount (or Disable if possible) the AA FILTER.

    – SHUTTER:
    . Improve it to last 200.000 cycles (for mid-level DSLRs)
    . Take care to AVOID the shutter chamber drops oil, dust or whatever to the sensor

    – In the VIEWFINDER:
    . ADD a Vertical side bar for light metering
    . ENLARGE the INFO displayed at bottom. (too much tiny is not good). USE THE FULL horizontal Space available!
    .Use RED lighting bracket to show when an AF point catch Focus. Gray ones are not very visible in many situations
    . MAGNIFICATION to 0.8x (there were SLR with such big magnification)

    – In the Main MODE/CONTROL Dial:
    ADD Custom Mode dial option to automatically restore Full User saved settings with one (or two) touches

    – DISPLAY:
    . Add 3.5″ LCD VGA screen. (I know it’s more expensive, but so far no DSLR has such a big screen. AND for Movie Mode it will become a common spec in upcoming cameras)
    . Add a “Shooting Simulation Display” option to show how the Movie / Still will be

    – At MENUS:
    . Put the MOST used features at TOP of the Menus !!

    . Allow Self Timer to be used with Mirror Lock-up feature !! (Mirror locks up, then self timer count)
    . Etc., etc.

    • Just add video

      Yes, Pablov, you got it right I have to say.

      Points I like to emphasize:
      —For video, 24 fps should be there but Nikon should also offer 30 and 60 fps.
      Same for 1080p, Nikon should offer 720p, etc.
      —100% viewfinder coverage should be there. And yes, magnification at 0.80x.
      —AF and fps should be the same as for the D700 but this new version will have more megapixels so it would be an improvement.
      —The time video will be on every single P&S and DSLRs is coming very soon. Nikon, do it now instead of waiting for Canon and Company to do it before you. It is a huge sale incentive for many would be buyers, no matter the purists who do not want video.

      • Gerrit

        Adding 1080p with 24 or 30 fps AND the ability to record 720p with 60 fps would be a killer feature. This would enable us to record slowmotion footage in HD. I know that it is a D-SLR first but this would be much appreciated by filmes as HD camcorder with slowmotion (and the rest of the advantages of the big sensor) aren’t cheap to get.

        If they add the option to use auto-focus (filming sports with manual focus is really hard) and a mic-in jack i’ll buy one 🙂

  • Paul Tekvert

    I don’t really understand this site. You post complete nonsense and your rumors are only even remotely accurate the night before something is released. Everything else is either just filler or you’re horribly gullible. I think it might be the second. Why not sell this domain to someone who knows something about anything? Oh, wait. I get it. You’re going to censor my comment right? Where there’s smoke there’s a pointless post. Oh ok, I forgot. Thanks dad.

    • No, I will not delete your post – I was very clear in which cases posts will get deleted, criticizing the site was not one of them.

    • Pablov

      You still don’t understand the site.

      Lots of rumors are just rumors, many are plausible to become a reality, and some are in fact leaks and become totally true.

      Besides of that, some posts are just to inform about something, others also start a “conversation” where people can exchange opinions, some information and knowledge.

      But, if you don’t like the site, the logical action is not to visit it.

  • Jo

    Paul, let’s chill a bit. A dose of civility wouldn’t hurt either. Constructive criticism can be helpful but salving your ego by trashing the admin’s efforts, probably far less so. Please post a link when you host your own site. Until then, can we learn to appreciate the time and effort other people expend to provide an online resource? Cheers.

    • Thanks Jo – I am not concern at all, because most of those comments are made by the same person and given the fact that we have few thousand people visiting this site every day, I am actually surprised that we don’t get more of this.

  • Good to know, Nikon is improoving his offer… and the quality is growing up… but not in my [name] pocket 🙁

  • Daf

    Yikes, why are people getting up tight all of a sudden……

    Mpx wise…. I have a D200 which is ~10Mpx. If you’re shooting stock then this really is scraping the bottom of the barrel as most traditional libraries prefer A3+ i.e. 50Mb files these days.
    With the D700 being 12Mpx, you could possibly fall below this if cropping.
    So although I don’t think 21/24Mpx+ is necessary, it would be good to get up to the mid-high teens e.g. ~16Mpx

  • Setnom


    • Pablov

      This Ken makes me smile…

      In the top of his article he estimates $3,299.
      At the bottom he says: $4,399

      Also here is something I wonder:
      “The D3X was announced on 01 July 2008, meaning I’d expect the D700x to be announced in the summer of 2009 and ship at the end of 2009.”
      – D3X announced on 01 July 2008 ???
      Did I miss something ???

      It was announced on 01 December 2008, and almost inmediately available.

  • CS

    How do you people have the nerve to come to someone’s blog and then complain about what the man has to write. The name of the blog is “nikonrumors”, not Nikon information I’ve researched and confirmed. Most rumors have some merit. Post them all and let us readers decide what’s real and what’s not.

    Ignore the sour pusses that always have something negative to say. Let them get their own blog.

  • Thank CS – those actually are 2-3 readers that use different names and post the same crab. Sometimes they even lead a conversations between their different avatars. Hilarious! They do not bother me, neither will they change the way I run this blog.
    Thanks for the support.

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