New 8 (yes eight) Nikon p&s cameras announced

Imagine, just imagine if those were 8 lenses...

If Nikon released their "garbage" now, that means they have plenty of ammunition for PMA in a month - otherwise they would have kept those p&s for PMA release in order to make more noise.

Nikon Coolpix P90 24X superzoom:

Four Nikon Coolpix S-series compacts:

Three Nikon L-series budget cameras:

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  • d

    What do you think we can predict for other releases from this?
    I haven’t been following this site for too long, do you think they’ll still release more lenses/cameras or will that many releases be all?

  • If they released their garbage now, that means Nikon has plenty of ammunition for PMA in a a month – otherwise they would have kept those p&s for PMA release.

    • d

      Ah, that’s good to know.
      I wish they’d start doing some fast lenses like Canon though.
      What I’d do for an auto focus 50/1.2 or an 85/1.2

    • Pablov

      good point. It makes sense (unless Nikon became “insanely crazy” (or fool) 😀 )

      I hope Nikon has a good arsenal 🙂

      • Pablov

        BTW my new avatar doesn’t appear when I reply… (just show the sad one 🙁 )

    • JC

      “Garbage”?? Sometimes I wonder why the admin of this site bothers with Nikon rumors 🙁 I very much doubt that he tested these cameras before posting his “garbage” comment.

      • RThomas

        Most reviewers aren’t kind to the Coolpix line; having owned two top-of-the-line Coolpix cameras (5700 and 5400) I don’t disagree (although I am excited to get my 5400 back from LifePixel with the IR filter installed). People reading this site mostly want DSLR cameras… and more lenses.

        Basically, when Nikon has brought out yet another gaggle of slightly boring P&S cameras, the response for years has been something like this:

        !MORE! Coolpix cameras?!?!?! WTF?!?
        (think of that Capitol One ad with the Dr. Frankenstein and MORE KITTENS…)

        • Nikkoryan

          I wholeheartedly agree. I am an enthusiastic DSLR Nikonian (I own 3). My Nikon P&S (and my sister’s) were the worst P&S. Last year I needed a new, good p&s for compact travel vacation, and I bought I Canon G9 and I love it to pieces. Nikon’s “competing” model outright stinks in comparison.

      • JC, did you notice that the word garbage is in quotations? Just for the record, I do own a Coolpix 3700 and it is still working after 8 years.

      • Jos

        You are correct JC. It’s a pity some people just can’t wait for a new product to be tested before rubbishing it. It was a silly comment, even if the guy did use quotes.

  • Pablov

    I like the compacts too. But I wish (hope) Nikon put as much efforts on making LENSES AND DSLRs as they do in P&S

    Note this features:
    “o Enhanced Face-Priority AF, which can detect up to 12 faces from a variety of angles, including straight on, from the side, or even in a multitude of three-quarter positions.
    o Smile Mode, which automatically detects when your subject smiles and releases the shutter.
    o Blink Proof, which automatically takes two shots and saves the one in which the subject’s eyes are open”

    – It seems Nikon is putting efforts on AI AF and sophisticated features
    Thar are nice features that atract massive consumers.
    The P&S market is one of the most selling for Nikon (and other brands), and also less expensive to design and build than DSLRs.

    I wish Nikon think better what specs and features are the new DSLRs packed with.
    I prefer to pay more and have a better camera, rather than keep waiting for new model that include what other cameras already have, or improves what already should have been improved.

    It seems that sometimes the period of design-test-build for DSLR is too long as compared to the speed that technological improvements are achieved. So when a DSLR is finally released there are some technical possibilities (that even some other cheaper devices include) that are available but were not implemented on the DSLR.

    – And what about the Lenses (new ones, and updated ones) ??
    I am watching Canon L line more tempting than ever. They even have f4 lines that are really good and “affordable”. I wich Nikon had them too.

  • Jack

    Wow, it seems Nikon releases 8 coolpix cameras every few months. I would think they would have 70 different models by now.

  • ken rocky

    Well I;m thinking if this blog existed long time ago … maybe they will know what we need…. but then even now that Nikon is reading this blog they still comes up with this..

    So I hoped really that finally they will have a good lens release this time just like the times when they released 14-24 2.8 and 24-70 2.8.

    I’m still waiting those fast primes and 70-200 N 2.8 VR II

    • Thank you

      i don’t think comment made by you was fun. i think was rude and not nice.

      • bigmouth

        Yeah, stop picking on the poor Ken. He makes outrageous statements, he pretend to be professional but never actually claimed to be one (his site itself looks like a college freshman’s class project – and he actually admitted it was his night class project). But, But, But, he probably single-handedly rescued Nikon from total decimation because his shameless promotion of the Nikon D40 got sh1tload of first time loyalists going the Nikon way. Without these new blood, the existing Nikon loyalists will continue living in agony and bigotry of Thom Hogan…

  • Has anyone confirmed Nikon as a PMA participant? Worst case scenario, they don’t participate this year and the yearly crop of coolpixes is all we’re going to get.

  • S10

    i like the design of s10 for long zoom, easy to carry

  • DS

    lol, Nikon not participate in PMA? — come back to earth, a company that is currently controlling 50% of the dslr market in the world will be 100% participating in PMA, with or without a big dslr announcement

  • My thoughts exactly- bring on PMA!!!

    Either that or, they’ll wait until WPPI, if they *think* they can make a smash-hit in the wedding photography scene. But my money is on PMA mostly, it’s too big for them to pass up. Let’s go Nikon!


  • Pablov

    Canon is likely to announcements on 17/18th this month.

    Nikon has already made some.

    I hope PMA bring us Really interesting things…
    I like the flip screen on the new compact Nikon, and its sophisticated A.I. features too.
    BUT …. we are all waiting for higher products, let’s hope they will come soon

    We don’t have new big full frame lenses since long ago (just a 50 “normal” update), not even a good rumor !!

    I honestly, don’t know why but, don’t expect too much about lenses from Nikon…
    maybe I’m wrong, but I feel it so calm like the sleeping beauty…

  • Jim Jim

    I just hope they all come with Ashton Kutcher on the packaging, lol 😀

    • RThomas

      Would those be collectible someday? (just kidding).

  • GT

    NIKON – give me an equiv 28mm f2.0 compact body P&S Camera with a magnesium body and takes EN-EL3e Batteries the same as the d300 / d700 and I’ll be happy… I want something as a pocket backup – thats not the Ricoh GRD-1.. I think you’ll sell 1000 on this site alone..

    • hm… sadly i doubt you will see anytime soon a pocketable camera with that kind of lens and takes the EN-EL3e battery… they would have to re-design a new battery (smaller with more power) like Canon has been doing in their recent models. the EN-EL3e is FAR to large to make a “Pocketable” camera around.

      • RThomas

        The D40’s battery is probably small enough for a full-frame body with a fixed lens like a 28/2.0. However, I’d settle for this as a DX-format camera – an 18mm f/2.0 about the size of the old LiteTouch 28/3.5 film camera? I’d buy that.

        Just as long as they don’t call it a Coolpix.

        • the D40(x) and D60 run off the EN-EL9 battery, which while yes, i do believe would be size sufficient for the camera you say, i honestly dont believe would be “Power” sufficient for the current user of these camera’s, especially when you begin incorperating video, and electronic viewfinder (if any viewfinder at all) and constant use of the LCD screen like most p&s camera’s. no… Nikon would ultimatly have to release this type of camera with a brand new design battery.

  • im rather curious… has anybody torn a Nikon 50 1.4 lens apart? the only reason i can think of in my wildest dreams that Nikon doesn’t make a high end professional line of faster lenses (IE: 50 1.2, etc.) is that the Nikon Autofocus Lens mount simply wont allow for that wide of an opening… Nikon has had 1.2 lenses in the past, but only with the MF Lenses. is it possible that the AF contacts take up too much room on the inside of the lens mount to allow for anything faster than a 1.4? i could be completely off my rocker and way off basis, but it seems the only logical explenation after the success that Canon has had with its much faster line of lenses that Nikon wouldn’t produce an equivilent line-up…

    • NikonMan

      most comentators lament that Canons AF system is unreliable with the lenses that are faster than f1.4

      the DOF is so small that ANY shift from perfect focus is very noticable.

      I wonder if Nikons engineers want to ensure the AF (or AF tune) is up to the job of extremely small DOF’s before introducing the ultra fast lenses.

      I too am waiting for the ultra fast lenses, but I want them to work perfectly first.

      • quite frankly, i feel that the Canon AF system is unreliable to begin with… let alone with the extreme depth of field of the 1.2 lenses… this is part of why i chose to shoot Nikon over Canon. although the point is duely noted.

    • markdphotoguy

      I work in a camera store and have had allot of customers have AF issues with the 1.2 canon lenses. I’ll personally take 1.4 over 1.2 any day, as the AF would be more reliable and easier to MF in crappy lighting wrt having some DoF as opposed to almost no DoF.
      My fingers are crossed for an AF-S 35mm f/1.4 G, or AF-S 28mm f/2.0 G and something like an AF-S 400mm f/4.0 or 5.6G VR that’s affordable.

      • Bret

        I’ll second that AF-S 35mm f/1.4, that would be awesome. Wouldn’t mind a AF-S 24mm prime either, f/1.8 too. (And not over $1K)

        • Bret

          and maybe a marginally updated 300mm f/4.0 with VR.

  • Name Change?

    does anyone else think Coolpix is such a stupid name. It sounds cheesy and cheap – like something you’d buy in the dollar store.

    I shoot with Nikon DSLRs but my compact for snaps in a Canon IXUS 80IS – IXUS, now there is a cool counding name… really think Nikon need to ditch Coolpix – its so kindergarden sounding.

    • RThomas

      I remember when the first Coolpix cameras came out… the 100, I think? My very first thought was: “Coolpix? What a dumb name.” I think Nikon should have stuck to the “touch” motif for their point and shoot cameras (LiteTouch, OneTouch, etc). It at least made sense.

    • Pablov

      I still have a Coolpix 3200 🙂

  • Antoinb

    As an avid user of a superzoom camera, enjoying the HUGE flexibility it gives me (small, light, not sensitive to weather, in a pocket so much faster out than any DSLR), I’m a bit disappointed that you should call Superzooms “garbage”! 😉

    Maybe you should try one for a day, and then only judge?

    So far the existing models (such as the P80) were / are slow, but maybe the newer ones will prove fast, and beat the competition.

  • John

    I hope there is a new Tele Zoom to the same standard and image quality to match the 14-24 and 24-70 that I already have because the 70 – 200 VR is not good on my D700 and I sold it. Its soft at 200mm everywhere exept the centre area close up. And “close up” is too far! It needs to focus closer. There is a third of the picture thats not acceptable at “close” focus at 5.6 or higher and the corners are never sharp at any aperture..

    • Richard Brookes

      Think you are forgetting that this is normal in a tele-zoom.

      What we have at the moment are a generation that has forgotten or never know what it was to shoot 35mm (Full Frame) and have only known DX – which, by its very nature, uses only the best part of the imaging area from the lens.

      The behaviours that you are experiencing are perfectly normal – if you had shot 35mm film with the lens and never had a DX digital camera you wouldn’t be any the wiser.

      I have the lens and use it in my work, day in day out without probs – unless you start looking for them based on your previous experience with DX.

      Any replacement will have similar ‘issues’, if you want to call them that. Get over it.

      • John

        I dont agree. Its an unacceptable performance. I am 48 and shot film since 1970 and lenses keep getting better. Especially as the new 14 24 and 24 70 lens family are a quantum leap better than what went before them I know because I bought them and sold the old ones…

        This kind of sharpness and performance is needed for 12 million pixels on my D700 never mind the D3X as its sensor already out resolves all the earlier zooms even at ther best aperture. . Thats why those two were brought out at the same time. The third family member is conspicuous by its absense, DP review said the same thing. The 70 200 looks and feels dated and image quality is just not up to the standards of the other two new full frame zooms.
        Read these real world reviews by Bjørn Rørslett that has a few lenses to see what he says about those 3 lenses. Because I find exactly the same thing in real photos.

        • Balderdash

          This is balderdash. I too am using this lens day in day out and it takes a real beating too. You really need to think about what you are saying. The image quality is awesome – with my D3 and even with my D3x – though I am not sure I will keep that as it doesn’t fulfil my needs really.

          All these people that post ‘reports’ on lenses all over the web but don’t really use a lens day to day for commercial purposes. They base their conclusions purely on numbers and scientific data which, though valid, is often interpreted in a way that is not representative of the facts, and certainly not in any way relating to day to day usage.

          Often in everyday real use – that it to say not photographing optical charts or plain brick walls – are negligible.

          The trouble with the digital age in photography is that it introduced photography to alot of people in padded cells and introduced some people to photography that I, for one, would rather had stayed sleeping.

          If your 70 – 200 is SO bad, then I suggest it is a flawed lens and you might want to speak to Nikon about a replacement, rather than telling everyone how bad it is.




          • John

            So all the reviews are wrong, all the people like me that have already sold theirs (yes I had 2 its not a “sample” issue) are wrong and just because you get paid to use yours that makes you right?

            I never said it wasnt insanely sharp in the middle. But it was obviously optimised for the DX cameras that were the “future” at the time… With a nod to full frame on film.

            Trust me they will replace it with a lens that matches tha nano coated previous 2 zooms. And it wont have the edge/corner sharpness issues. Full frame is now the future and this lens isnt great on full frame no matter how much it earns you.

            • Balderdash

              Well, yes, full frame is the future. It was always going to be.

              Clever marketing sold the DX (poorer format) in a positive light. Stupid people and those that HAD to move to digital bought into it.

              I HAD to do DX but sold everything DX the moment I got my hands on a D3 before the bottom falls out of that market.

              Er, yes, all the reviews are wrong. Like I say these are people that should either never have picked up a digital camera – because they never picked up a 35mm one or have simply forgotten how a zoom lens performed on 35mm. I have little time for most digital ‘photographers’ as they tend not to know what real photographty is about and usually thier lack of grasp is apparent in about three minutes tops!

              Of course they will replace it – eventually – that’s like me stating that my current M5 will be replaced by BMW at some point.

  • Thank you

    YAY! I love Nikon camera!

  • Madias

    Where is our lenses Nikon ?! Who buy`s these cameras ? They should spend more time developing lenses than compact cameras…

    • madias the great

      You should be in charge of running Nikon with all of your ideas. You would probably be better at that then your 12.50 no bennies at Best Buy

  • fdhw

    I hope, Nikon hear us and send in march this FX lenses:

    AF-S 2,8/18mm – AF-S 2,0/24mm – AF-S 1,4/35mm and AF-S 1,4/85mm

    All incl. Nano …

    and for thenew consumerlenses a 4/24-135mm VR Nikkor for the new D800 😉

  • Juergen

    Best satiric comment about Ken The Liar I read this week!

  • denz

    i’m a canon guy. i think nikon is now racing with canon on P&S, not just on DSLR (mega pixel war). why does nikon didn’t make a 2/3″ sensor P&S (super zoom like Canon Pro 1, Fuji FS100D if i am not mistaken and Sony R1), they can use R1 sensor since they always use sensor made by Sony ( that is why Nikon digicam has default image name of DSC which stands for Digital Sony Camera).

  • David

    DSC = Digital Still Camera and the default filename is not something that comes out of the sensor.

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