Nikon D400 again

PS or real? Full frame? Small body? It does look like the D700, but there are few differences. The back is different too. Maybe a PS combination of several different bodies? Maybe the real deal? So many questions - what say you?

I added the D700 for comparison - I have marked the areas that are different (I am sure I have missed some):

Nikon D400?

Nikon D700 for comparison

Nikon D400?

Nikon D700 for comparison

and the poll:

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  • Sorry, but it is a fake. The 4 in 400 looks completely pasted in (and not a good job at that). I wish it were real , but… (yet another camera I would not be able to afford)

  • Ken Elliott

    I call fake. On the back, it looks like a D700 card door (the sliding kind). But where the D700 has an info button, I see a D300 style door latch release. Unless we have a new style door, then it would be fake.

  • joe

    You can tell the 400 was photoshoped in there, because the D is slightly larger than the 400. For comparison On the D700 and D200 it is not like that.

  • Anonymous

    The hotshoe looks different in the front view than it does in the rear view. Lousy fake.

  • Diogo

    This is completely fake!
    And it’s a horrible fake… 30s in PS and I would do a better job. :S

    • Magnus

      Actually, I´m quite impressed by the PS work. Some parts look very much like a D700 but others look a lot different.
      By the way, is that Pac-Man next to the switch at the bottom right of the LCD? Awesome feature. I bet you can´t beat that Canon!

  • Which body is it then?

    • Jason

      Well, if you add a D300 and a D700 and divide by two, I suppose you’d call it a D500


  • Daf

    Think it’s fake as there do certainly seema few messy bits e.g. D + 4.

    There are a few details that don’t look like either the D700 not the D300, but these are the messiest e.g. the part you highlighted where the PC-sync + remote shutter cover is attached to the body.

  • Daf

    He he, images are 400x400px too! Or was that you’re doing….

  • Daf

    Ah – sorry about that. Browser went strange!

  • Nemo

    obviously a fake, didn’t you see that?

  • Thank you

    I vote fake! am I right?

  • Juergen


    Absolutely no doubt it’s a fake – simply enlarge the photo from the front in any photo viewer to 400 percent and look at the “400” and the upper part of the prism (from D300 btw.), it screams “FAKE!!”

  • flk

    It’s retouched.
    and it’s BAD job 🙁


  • Jack

    I’d say fake.

    On another note, prices finally went up on Nikon lenses at B&H. The Nikon 200-400 USA lens was 4999.99 and it’s now $5599.99, a 12% increase.

  • Lance

    Am I the only one who noticed the DX sized reflex mirror?

    • good point – did not think about that

  • Definitely a fake. I see a combination of a D700 and a D300. That’s all.

  • Caprea

    Well, I don’t think it’s real. Butchery photoshopping.

    And I sure hope that Nikon put the OK button in the center of the multi selector, on all models from now on. That OK button on left side is just so stupid.

  • Pablov

    I wonder who are wasting his/her time to make fakes pictures ? just to get attention from people ? Sad, indeed.

    Fake to me too, the D400 looks horrible.

  • bo

    viewfinder from d2x series…fake

  • pretty boi

    fake…very obvious. look at the messy gap line above nikon logo in front…lousy job

  • Will

    Look at the 4 in D400, it looks SOOOOOO pasted in there.


  • Nikon Fan

    I am sure that there will be tons of speculation on a D400 or whatever and if it will be a DX or FX body. This too will create tons of speculation.

    Will this be the end of Semi Pro / Pro Summer DX bodies or will they live on for one (1) more model. Anyones guess is better than mine.

    Let the fun begin!

  • Johnny Cash

    Definitely a fake. Obviously a terrible photoshop job on first glance. There are a number of issues with it. Amateur job.

  • the pop up flash was totally off from the front view and rear view! didnt u see tht?

  • D

    No “FX” square in the first image. Bad !

  • burak

    too ugly to be a D400

  • Bruno

    i don’t get it.
    guys PS a entire camera using a lot of parts, perspectives and stuff, but they always screw up on the Dxxx badge. is it that hard to make?


    it’s a D300.

  • Ron

    Not only is it fake, it is amazing to me how people doing these obviously staged “spy” shots can’t seem to get a still object in focus…

  • kalle olsson

    Rear side from a D300, eyepiece fake, and front from a D700

  • Stereohans

    Faked nonsense, amateur made. But there WILL be a real D400 to be introduced in a few weeks. Presumably an upgraded D300 with a marginally modified body, better high ISO abilities (6400 part of the normal ISO range as it is in D700) and improved image quality. But it will be for sure a DX camera and I have serious doubts if we see a body in D700 size with this marvellous 24 mpix sensor before autumn. They would cannibalize D3X sales introducing a D800 just one month after D3X.
    More interesting for me are new lenses similar to that stunning AFS 50/1,4. I got mine last week (fine piece of glass!) and hope now that we’ll soon can wait for AF-S 1,8/35, AF-S 1,4/85, 2,0/135…

    Greetz, Hans

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