While Nikon prices are going up (no official word from Nikon yet), Ritz has a clearance on Nikon products - mainly old stuff like Nikon WT-1A Wireless Transmitter, Nikon D1-H, Nikon SB-30 and a bunch of p&s.

Some example of the new prices in B&H:

Nikon AF-S Zoom Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF Lens - $ 1,649.95

Nikon Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto AF-S Zoom Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Autofocus Lens - $ 1,699.95

Nikon Zoom Telephoto AF VR Zoom Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 G-AFS ED-IF Autofocus Lens - $ 1,729.95

Nikon Telephoto AF Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR - $ 889.95

For the latest prices on camera bodies check the Nikon Price Watch section.

You may be still able to get some lenses for the old prices @ Adorama or Amazon.

We now know also the prices of the new Coolpix cameras released yesterday - all available for pre-order:

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  • Nikon Fan

    As a result of this site providing the correct speculation of the future price increases of Nikon lenses, I purchased within the past month two (2) new lenses.

    $1,489.95 – AF-S 14-24mm
    $1,429,95 – AF-S 24-70mm

    Both from B&H with free shipping. AS a result of this, this site saved me $430.00 for which I am very happy about.

    So I would like to give a big thank you to the Administrator of this site and to all others who also provided information.

    Good luck to all.

    • Very welcome – I am glad that I was able to help.

  • Jack

    Hey! I helped with this story. I’m famous now.

    • Nikon Fan

      Then I do thank you!

    • Actually someone emailed me the pictures before I saw your post, but thanks again!

      • Jack

        Oh man! I was so close to being famous!

  • Pablov

    Too bad that Nikon lenses prices are raising 🙁

    At B&H there is no stock for 24-70 f2.8 for instance, and they say there is no estimated time for arrival.
    It sounds weird to me, what happen … ?

    • Nikon Fan

      I think that B&H had a pretty good size stock on this lens prior to the holidays. That is when there was a pretty significant price drop by them that lasted for several weeks. I would suspect that is when there sales of this lens went up.

      At the same time they probably received the notification from Nikon of the price increase and was told that all prior back orders would be cancelled until the price increase went into effect.

      Now that the price increase has gone into effect and they have sold there back stock on this lens. They are out of stock and will have to wait until they receive more at the new price.

      I would even speculate that the price may even go up as much as another $100.00, but that is just a guess of mine.

  • Jack

    Oh I forgot, it looks like you can still order some lenses at the old prices on Amazon.

    • Jack

      Oops, nevermind, you mentioned that already. I’m not very observant. 🙁

  • Chris

    Decided to take the plunge tonight and ordered from Amazon (OneCall) on the 24-70mm. Will be posting my 18-200mm this weekend on Ebay. Thanks Nikon Rumors… you saved me about $200…. 😉

  • Nikon Fan

    From what I have been seeing tonight on Amazon and other sites, they are quoting the thre suggested retail prices of these lenses for significantly higher than B&H. Again, I think that once all other’s back stock are depleted, B&H prices may go up more.

  • RobJ

    BH is now selling the 16-85mm for $599.00. This is awesome because I bought it last week for $550.00. It appears the 18-200mm has also gone up in price, now selling for $699.00. I think it used to be $629.00?

  • Ouch, this really bites. Missing out on the ~$1400 24-70 is going to hurt, but I have no choice with my own wedding coming up here. Such a shame… Just 6 months ago I thought I would soon be paying $2000 for a used D700 and $1400 for a new 24-70. Now it looks like that day may literally NEVER come, period…


  • Scott

    Yes I want to thank Nikon Rumors as well. Prices is Canada are slowly going up as retailers sell off their old stock. I payed $1769 CAD for my 70-200 at vistek and their new price is $2050. I’m expecting the other two major camera stores in Edmonton to hike their prices ASAP as well. Now I only wish I had the cash to buy a 200-400 🙂

  • Pablov

    For someone thinking on an investment in equipment of Camera And Lenses this might represent a problem.

    He/She might have to choose from buying a Nikon DSLR with few lenses, or a Canon DSLR with more lenses, because Canon lenses use to be cheaper and have wider options to choose from (without taking in account 3rd party lenses) and they are good too.

  • James

    Ofcourse I would like to thank this site as I benefited also by buying the 14-24 2.8 and 24-70 2.8 (and also my colleague bought this lens) so I saved alot of money.

    Too bad 70-200 2.8 is not such a good buy for D3 otherwise I would have got it.

    I guess the only thing I really want to see is the 70-200 as my arsenal is almost complete now.

    I hoped that NiKON is reading this?

  • Trevor Nelmes

    An interesting (although relevant to an impoverished soul like me) observation on the pricing of the D3x in the UK. The list on launch was £5499, then on 1 Jan 08 it went up to £5999. Just after launch, I saw one dealer already discounting to £4999. Warehouse Express are now down to under £5300 and you get an 8gb SanDisk Extreme. But one dealer (it comes up on the UK Google Shopping Search), is well under £5000. Before tax DNA Audio are selling them for £4339, that’s USS$6,269, for UK stock.

    I wonder how long before other product falls as the UK economy nose dives?

  • eyrieowl

    who pays $1,640.24 for a D1-H?? crazy.

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