How come Apple always gets the best rumors?

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Apple Online Store

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  • FS Gilbert

    Sorry, but I don’t think this is about to do away with the keyboard just yet. Too difficult to write with and it requires a learning process that has many more keystokes/finger touches than a keyboard. Nice idea, though.

    • It’s a joke.

      • FS Gilbert

        Great Joke! and I still think it’s a good idea that one day may work.

    • yadda

      it seriously amazes me that anyone could take this as an actual product.

    • yadda

      it seriously amazes me that anyone could take this as an actual product.

      Wait….you actually think it’s a nice idea? Wow.

      • FS Gilbert

        I worked in R & D for a number of years making things for DARPA. This is not that unusual. You should see some of the things I made that won’t see the light of day, but then I’d have to kill you.

        • yadda

          lol. whatever.

  • cs

    the onion? seriously? rumors from the onion?

  • Dave

    eh? “He spent 45 minutes typing an e-mail to his friends”??? Are they joking? I don’t like keyboards, but I definitely don’t like spending more than 2 minutes typing an e-mail at all….

    • It’s a joke by The Onion.

  • cameronboyle

    guys…its the onion…they do this all the time. its a joke haha

  • bishop27

    lol! i love how many people actually think this is real! common sense ppl! common sense!!!!… gotta love The Onion. mad props to them.

  • Well done. It’s brilliant!

  • don’t know if that is going to work

    • yadda


  • markdphotoguy

    Bah-ha-ha-ha-ha BRILLIANT!

  • Anonymous

    The Onion.

  • Zoetmb

    This just proves that some people will accept anything if it comes from Apple. (And I’m an Apple fan.) IT’S A JOKE PEOPLE!!!! A JOKE. A JOKE. IT’s CALLED SATIRE. IT’s THE ONION…..a FUNNY, SATIRIC NEWSPAPER.

    But it was a very well done one. It had to of cost a lot money to have those prop computers, prepare the software, the posters on the walls, etc. And it all looked so real. Hopefully, Steve Jobs won’t see this. He might actually think it’s a good idea.

  • k

    that was entertaining its obvious fake if one truly think and analyze whats going on. Wiki THe onion network, its a fake newspaper organization founded in 1988. it just makes you wonder how they did it. it loooks really convincing

  • Yes, a really good one – that’s why I posted it – can someone make such Nikon rumor?

  • Daf

    Ha ha – got 2 sets of looks in the office when I laughed out loud.
    1 – to the video – “anything is only a few hundered clicks away”
    2 – to some of the comments here taking it seriously!

  • Dee3Exx

    “It remains to be seen if the wheel will catch on in the business world, where people use computers for actual work and not just dicking around”.


    • Amen! But that’s what “Apple’ people do with technology… they mostly just dick around. That’s why Apple produces mostly toys. However, they’re “normal” laptops are quite nice.

      • Zoetmb

        That’s absurd. I’ve been using both Macs (and the Apple II line before 1984) and PCs since the advent of personal computing and the Mac has ALWAYS been more productive (for me) than any PC I’ve ever used.

        I can’t believe how much time is wasted just waiting for my Lenovo/IBM laptop to boot Vista. When I go to a client, I have to boot the laptop before I leave my office, otherwise I lose at least 15 minutes of the meeting when I get there. It even takes a long time to shut down. My Mac boots up and shuts down in seconds.

        Having said that Apple is not beyond criticism. Their reluctance to release a 2-button mouse was absurd (even though their software supported it.) The iPhone and now the new 17″ MacBook Pro not having a removable battery places an extremely unfair burden on the user. The removal of FireWire on the recent MacBooks is bad. They never should have chosen AT&T as the iPhone provider in the U.S. – they should have convinced Verizon to partner. They played some game with taking features out of the last version of iMovie as compared with earlier versions. Etc.

        But overall, I would always prefer to be on any Mac than any PC. They just work. I recently retired my 8-year-old Mac tower which still worked perfectly. It just wasn’t robust enough for HD movie editing. Most PCs I’ve used haven’t lasted more than 2-years, tops.

  • Over Rated

    I’ve had one of these for almost a year now. They are alright but nothing to write home about.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha. It looked really convincing too, until they started actually using it..
    Seriously though, if anyone devised an alternative solution to using a keyboard, I think it’d be Apple.

  • Experimental

    ‘Over Rated’, how did you get yours? Apple told me that mine was the only pre-production model being tested until mid 2009.

    Have they upgraded yours yet with the provisionally named iWaves keystroke thought technology? Big improvement isn’t it? The little suckers that you need to stick on your forehead can be a bit embarrassing in public though eh?

    It is hysterical that all these people on here think this is just a joke. The joke is so on them. I am using mine right now.

    Guys – this is for real. Wake up and smell the coffee beans.

  • That’s awesome! The best line in there was “Anything is just a few hundred clicks away” lol.

    Thanks for sharing this, you just made my day!

  • That’s just garbage and it won’t replace the keyboard.

    Did you happen to notice at 1:04 in the video that the “predicitive sentence technology” threw out the phrase, “The abortion went well”. I’m actually disturbed that we have reached a level of acceptance of abortion that approaches having your eyes checked! And how did that phrase come to make into the “common phases” list? Do people have them weekly and then turn around and email their friends and family about the process?! !

    • yadda

      What a great idea: discussing abortion on a camera rumors forum thread devoted to a fake consumer electronics product.

    • yadda

      It won’t replace the keyboard? You mean the same way the Onion won’t replace the New York Times? Whodathunkit?

  • Chevypower

    I love how people can dismiss something so quickly without even trying it out. I would love to try it out – then I will make up my mind if it’s worth having over a keyboard. No doubt if it works, PC users will have access to it 10 years later, and then they will love it.

    • oh my

      29 comments in, and some people still think this is real. Hilarious.

    • lol

      >No doubt if it works, PC users will have access to it 10 years later, and then they will love it.

      dude the entire thing is mocking apple products and their advertisement.

      this video is fantastic.

      • Chevypower

        Well i fell for it then didn’t I? lol It looked real to me, even though I sensed the sarcasm in the report – i thought the product was a real prototype.

        • oh my

          In Chevypower’s defence, it is *by far* the best fake Apple video I’ve ever seen…..

          • Chevypower

            Yeah the iRack one was pretty funny too, but not so real!

  • for your friends

    can I get this on dvd? I’d like to send it to a few of my apple obsessed fellows.

    “does not break unless dropped” hahaha that’s sooo apple.

  • Jørgen

    I guess this will synergize perfect with the iRack

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