Nikon prices around the world

Nikon prices are falling in... Saudi Arabia. According to a NR reader, Nikon prices in Saudi Arabia were recently reduced. A Nikon D90, for example, sells for SR 4,949 = USD 1,321, Nikon D3: SR 18,749 = USD 5,007:

FYI, Nikon D90 prices around the world:

Nikon D3:

What are the Nikon D90 and D3 prices in your country? Please add the equvalent in USD or EUR for better comparisson.

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  • Anonymous

    Hong Kong: HKD 9,180 = USD 1,184

    Hong Kong: HKD 31,000 = USD 3,999

  • D90 body 800 euros over here in the netherlands.

  • sonololo


    D90 kit – 37 690 rur – 1240 usd
    D90 body – 31 500 rur – 1035 usd
    D3 body – 132 000 rur – 4340 usd

  • Finland:

    D3 – 3995 eur = USD 5390

  • Tore Hund


    D3: $4365
    D90: $1015

  • canapédemondongo

    Buenos Aires, Argentina (official prices from

    D3: $ 21162 = usd 6098
    D90: $ 5490 = usd 1582
    D90 kit: $ 7590 = usd 2187

  • Shame on me…

    These are the prices in Brazil:

    D90 (body only) = R$ 5,150 = US$ 2,309

    D3 (body only) = R$ 20,800 = US$ 9,327


    Note: ok, this usually is not the best priced shop in Brazil. But other don’t vary very much (less than 10%)

  • Thailand

    D90 kit – 49,990 Bath or 1,428 USD.
    D90 body – 37,900 Bath or 1,082 USD.
    D3 – 145,000 Bath or 4,142 USD.

  • Lester

    somebody wake me when the D700 body drops below US$2K

  • Juergen

    STREET PRICES here in Germany are 789,– Euro (1079,– USD) for the D90 and the D3 is 3849,– Euro (5267,– USD).
    These prices include German VAT at 19 percent, non-graymarket, valid Nikon Europe warranty, reputable dealers, items for immediate shipping,.

  • Tony M

    D300 Body: $2074
    D90 + 18-55: $1966 (comes with ‘free’ Nikon 8 MP compact)

  • Trevor Nelmes

    Not sure where you got those UK Prices from!

    This UK Price tool shows the real prices:

    D90 body only £549 = $835
    D3 body £2489 = $3785

    Sales tax included at 15%

  • Why are we listing the D90 for that price? It is $869 body only from beach camera. I buy all my stuff from beach and I live in Manhattan. No shipping, no tax and they are usually cheaper than B&H and just as reliable. Although they don’t get the new stuff in as fast. Thats a great price for body only D90

  • Mark

    Actually B&H has it for 859 no kit lens. I don’t think the D80 fell this fast

    • The Future Is FX

      That’s because no one wants DX any more – those that can’t afford a D700 are waiting for FX in a D90 body type.

    • Why why why?

      Why is everyone posting the prices of cameras in their own countries – this is madness…

      Surely there must be rumors of SOMETHING new from Nikon so that we can read and comment on that instead. Seriously folks, LOOK UP… an entire page of Nikon product prices.

      • Pablov

        …If you read the topic of this page, and see the Admin request….. maybe you get your answer 😀

  • D700 at just jumped up from 1331 to 1505 pounds (excluding VAT).

  • Lasse


    Nikon D90 = 859.90 € = 1146,41 USD

  • Fede

    Grande Canapédemondongo!

    In Argentina we buy the most expensive Nikon of the world, and not because we earn in Swiss salaries…. It´s a shame.

    • Pablov

      Uruguay seems to be more expensive at this moment…

  • psyked


    D90 Kit: ~SG$1700 = ~US$1155
    D90 Body Only: ~SG$1400 = ~US$950

  • trad

    Saudi Arabia:

    D90 Kit……… 1170 $
    D90 body …. 880 $
    D3 body …… 4270 $

  • Lenard


    D90 Kit 18mm-105mm = MYR4,200 USD$1,200

    Malaysia Online Camera Shop
    D90 Kit 18mm-105mm = MYR3,995 USD$1,141

  • Ketil S.

    Japan Photo in Norway has very good prices. (

    D90 6799,- 973 USD 720 Euro
    D700 15990,- 2288 USD 1693 Euro
    D3 24999,- 3576 USD 2647 Euro
    D3x 59999,- 8584 USD 6352 Euro

    All prices are inclusive TAX and all items are in stock, except for D3X.

  • Pini

    In Israel:

    D90 Body – 4300 NIS = $1100 USD
    D3 Body – On average 20,000 NIS = $5150 USD

  • Stepan

    Czech Republic:
    D90: 1250 USD
    D3: 6113 USD


    d3 $5950 at ecs gladsville australias best nikon prices covered by nikon aust wty
    check it out..

  • Alex

    In Romania:
    Nikon D90 body: 3399 Lei = 835 Euro = 1137 USD
    Nikon D90 kit (18-105mm): 3999 Lei = 982 Euro = 1338 USD
    Nikon D3 body: 14999 Lei = 3683 Euro = 5017 USD
    These prices include TVA (Romanian VAT) at 19 percent, non-graymarket, valid Nikon warranty (2 years), reputable dealer (Nikon Platinum Partner), items for immediate shipping.

  • Cryo

    Romania (all taxes included):

    D90 body only: ~1.132 USD (825 EUR)
    D90 kit: ~ 1.331 USD (971 EUR)

    D700 body only: ~2930 USD (2138 EUR)
    D3 body only: ~4.995 USD (3644 EUR)

  • JIW

    D700 Body; 15995NOK = 1624EUR
    D300 Body; 9349NOK = 949EUR
    D 90 Body; 6995NOK = 710EUR
    D 3 Body; 29995NOK = 3047EUR
    D 3x Body; 67995NOK = 6906EUR
    All prices including Norwegian sales tax

    • giz

      wow – D700 and D300 sound like quite a deal. Wish i would live in Norway 🙁

  • Pablov

    AMAZING, now we can clearly see that NikonRumors is viewed all around the world.
    Congratulations Admin !!!

  • Thank you all – I guess Brazil is the most expensive place in the world to buy a Nikon.

    • Bruno Quiocca

      yeah. that Bruno up there is not me, but i also live in Brazil, those prices are true.

      the main problem here are taxes. the base price is the US pricing.
      then there is about 50% on taxes, and then another 50% profit (is that the word?) to the stores.

      if you remember, i’m the guy that was talking about how hard it is to buy photo gear in Brazil.

      • Pablov

        I do remember you, here is the same problem…

  • Jeremy

    D90 – AUS$1385 = US$1002

    D3 – AUS$5950 = US$4305

    I’m holidaying in Hong Kong at the moment and the prices here are much more expensive than Australia.

  • Danny


    D90 Body only: MXP $14,899 = USD $1097.93
    D90 18-105 KIT: MXP $18,999 = USD $1400.07

    D3 (hard to find in any store) = $4,757 USD

    All prices plus Tax + Shipping

  • Daniel Arlends Karta

    got no price on D90
    but for D3 is around 42.300.000 Rupiah = 3850 USD

  • Jim Mills

    D90 is 82,900 yen in Japan

  • Pablov

    Prices in a region of South America:
    Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Perú, Uruguay can be found here:
    This is the official distributor for these countries.

    Some of these prices are set in their own regional currency.

    The dollar equivalent can change (in fact it really did) since the fluctuation of the dollar’s value
    Since some months ago (Wall Street unstability, etc) the dollar value has increased considerably (around 20-25%)

  • The less expensive D3 I could see here in Switzerland is about 5100 CHF = 4630 USD = 3406€.

  • Anonymous

    Street Price (USD) in HK
    D90: $877
    D3: $3742

    • Jeremy

      Where are you doing your photographic shopping in HK? Needing a good place to go to.

  • Fisch

    Switzerland (Bodies only)

    D90: USD 1’037
    D3: USD 5’033

  • j

    From Toronto Canada

    Nikon D90: 1049.99
    Nikon D3L: 5100.00

  • Anonymous

    Average price in Ukraine (Body)
    Nikon D90 – $1310
    Nikon D3 – $4532

  • Anonymous

    Germany & Austria

    D60 = ~355€ (Amazon)
    D90 = ~810€ (Amazon)

    3800€ (some well known Online-Shop)
    ~4000€ (Amazon)

    Price Check for Austria & Germany @

  • In Denmark a D3 costs 28500 Dkr = 5207 $ or 3824 €.
    A D700 costs 15830 Dkr = 2795 $ or 2052 €
    A D90 costs 5990 Dkr = 1994 $ or 804 €

    All prices is camera only including VAT and packaging and postage

  • Kaiser

    ATM the price for a D3 in Sweden are 29,900SEK = ~3,829 USD = ~2,800 EUR

  • Prices in Finland:

    D90 EUR 999 = USD 1364
    D3 EUR 3999 = USD 5462

  • mo

    Nikon D90 KIT 18-105mm

    Lithuania (eastern europe)
    LTL 3899 = USD 1130

    EUR 1059 = USD 1437

  • Orik

    Cheapest prices In Israel are like the following:
    D90: 4200 NIS = ~1076 USD
    D3: 17680 NIS = ~4533 USD

    Prices include VAT

  • Jay

    Don’t know where you people in Japan are getting your prices but you people are paying a hefty premium. It would be good for you people living in Japan to check out some of the metadata shopping search engines in japan like

    As of today: January 10th, the lowest prices in ALL of japan are listed below via

    D3: 379,800

    D700: 227, 999
    (NOTE: There is a cash rebate ending this week that gives people a 30,000 cash back)

    D300: 132:311

    D90: 78,015

    With the yen so strong it makes perfect sense for any people working and living in Japan to snatch up these camera’s right now. Back when the Yen/US$/Canadian$ were at parity, at these prices, you would have been able to get a D700 for basically 1950 dollars (with the rebate).

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