Nikon UK to raise prices next week

The initial report was that Nikon prices are going up this Spring. Now it seems that this may happen earlier,  way earlier... like in 5 days, on January 12, 2009 (Monday). The source is an email sent from a major shop in the UK. There is also similar thread on flickr.

If you are planning on buying any new equipment in the UK, I suggest you do it this weekend.

Here is the history of this rumor- it has been going on for a while.

Update: report from a reader: "D700 at just jumped up from 1331 to 1505 pounds (excluding VAT)."

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  • geir

    Interfoto in Norway will increase their prices on January 15th.

  • Ravell

    Great, I was saving up to buy a D90 kit. Now I’ll need to make a snap decision if I should buy it this week and risk beig short of money later this month or pay more and have to save longer if I wait. 🙁

  • Hulk

    Hi, can someone name a good inexpensive UK camera shop with European shipping in order for me to buy a D700? Thanks.

    • Daf

      Believe it or not – is amongst the cheapest online retailers for the D700! They should have cheap postage as long as you’re not in Sweden (or some other countries).

      • Hulk

        unfortunately, Amazon updated its price : £1,697.95 !

        • Daf

          wow. Amazon can and doo change their prices daily!!


          Not used them personally but my work has. Large seller should be Ok.

          • Daf

            Damn – out of stock – but you could back-order it.

            • ChrisL

              “with international shipping”

              Not Amazon, then. All their electronics stuff is “UK only” “France only” etc. Not possible to be in Europe and order electronics from Amazon UK. Books, yes.

        • Daf

          Back down again :


    • Sps ships to europe no problem

      • ColinH

        Beware – front page says VAT inclusive – checkout page says “Subtotal does not include shipping or taxes”

  • Lardinio

    Via a friend I have a contact in Nikon, who also tells me that prices will be going up in Jan 09, not sure of the exact date though. It was also mentioned it will by around 10%.

  • In Sweden Nikon’s prices has fallen alot, ( D60, D40 and D80 ).
    D80 costs around 700 $ with lens.
    D40 costs around 230 $ with lens.
    D60 costs around 270 $ with lens,

  • Daf

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the prices of the new 50mm 1.4/G AF-S.
    It wasn’t on the price comparison site I often link to.
    There were 2 sets of prices in Google shopping:

    Now most are ~£270/80+

  • ChrisL

    Price from Robert Whie on a D90 was GBP 524 yesterday, 577 now. Both prices are without UK VAT (15%).

    • M

      D700 was 1331£ ,since Tuesday is 1505£ (no vat)

  • Niklas

    I can confirm this. I was in at Jacobs in London today, and they said they couldn’t back order stuff for the same price since they got a memo today form Nikon that prices will go up on the 12th of January due to the pound devaluation.

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