First review of Nikon GP-1 – looks good

Several readers asked me about the Nikon GP-1 since it is still not available for sale online. Here is a review I came across - it seems that the GPS is working very well. Read the whole (short) review here:

"I have to admit, I’m impressed by the GP-1’s speed of acquisition as well as ability. I’m sitting at my desk in the corner of our office and while the other GPS units I have cannot find a signal, the GP-1 has blinking green light in 5secs, a solid green light within 15secs."

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  • Does anybody know how to read out the position on a mac?

    • One way to do it is to use this free software for the Mac called GPS-Info CMM. You can download it here:

      Other than that Abobe Bridge that comes with Photoshop should work as well as Lightroom.

    • chris

      iphoto 09 does some pretty cool things with geotagged photos.

  • Kevin

    I got one of these from my local store ( and it works great. Locks on quick and reaquires easily. In Lightroom you can scroll down to the metadata and click on the little arrow next to the coordinates and it pops open Google Maps and locates your photo. Couldn’t be easier. The only draw back is the lack of a 10 pin connector but the MC-DC2 is only $20 from Amazon.

  • Kiki

    Thank you for posting the review. I don’t feel so charitable toward this review.

    Some issues left me feeling dubious about the review, however short it was. The reviewer’s last statement was, “Even with this little goofy, the GP-1 is by far the best GPS unit I’ve have for my cameras in 30yrs so I’m quite pleased to finally have it.”

    For how long have GPS units even been available for cameras, and for how long has that reviewer actually used GPS units on cameras? From 1979???

    The reviewer failed to mention which other GPS units that he has reviewed or used (“while the other GPS units I have cannot find a signal”), which makes any point of context or reference of his or her statement useless.

    And, although I have absolutely nothing against Adorama, “my friends at Adorama” sounds more like a commercial blurb or pandering, which is not appropriate for a credible “review”.

    • alain

      Hi Kiki
      l agree with you regarding camera shops doing reviews,According to them it is all good.l only trust user’s reviews, more credible.
      shops reviews sound commercial blurb as you say.
      Alain from australia

  • alex

    there are other reviews on decent sites. this isn’t the first review at all.
    see my posts on previous news related to this gadget, i don’t have the link anymore.

    the only issue was the price but performance and speed was good.
    sure if you’ve got a small gps logger you can sync that log with pictures’ date and hour.

  • Cell phones with built in cameras come with GPS capabilities and they are much smaller than even point and shoot cameras. So it can leave you wondering why they aren’t built into all cameras, especially larger DSLR models.

    This is probably a very useful and worthwhile device for those who require geo-tagging but it just seems like an unnecessary attachment that could have been built in all cameras. Just my two cents.

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